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Jan 30, 2017 - E-mail: [email protected] 25th January 2017. COUNCIL OFFICES. 5 HIGH STREET. MARLBOROUGH. WILTSHIRE. SNS 1AA.
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Marlborough Town Council Tel: 01672 512487 Fax No: 01672 512116


VAT No: 195 5986 93


Town Clerk: Mrs. S A Parker, MILCM




E-mail: enqu [email protected]

25th January 2017 (To: Councillors serving on the Amenities & Open Spaces Committee - Councillors L. Farrell, (Chairman), A. Kirk Wilson (Vice-Chairman), Mrs E.M. Hannaford-Dobson, B. Castle, A Ross, B. Lam, A. Light, Mrs M. Rose and N Barrett-Morton (Town Mayor) Dear Councillor You are summoned to attend the next meeting of the Amenities and Open Spaces Committee, which will be held on Monday, 30th January 2017 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Marlborough immediately following the meeting of the Planning Committee and not before 7.30pm Yours faithfully



0~~ ~i.e.v

Mrs SA Parker, Town Clerk



Public Question Time - In accordance with Standing Order 3 (f), members of the public may ask questions of the Amenities & Open Spaces Committee. The time allocated for this should not exceed 1O minutes and be limited to 1 question per person unless directed otherwise by the Chairman. A full response may not be possible without further research and the Chairman may direct that a written or oral response be given.

AGENDA 1. 2.

Apologies for Absence Declarations of Interest To receive any declarations of interest or requests for dispensations

3. 4.

Chairman's Announcements Minutes To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 31st October 2016 as a correct record


Town Clerk's Report To note the contents of the Town Clerk's report


Grounds Manager's Report To note a report and consider any recommendations by the Grounds Manager


Marlborough Common Members to: i) Note a report by the Grounds Manager and consider recommendations about the plan for replacement trees along Frees Avenue, feedback on the walkabout on The Common to look at suitable areas for event parking and new barrier lock-up arrangements ii) To note the minutes of the most recent Common Users Group meeting and consider its recommendations


Cooper's Meadow To note a report by the Town Clerk and consider the re-issue of the grazing licence for 2017 and consider future recreational use of the meadow


Stonebridge Meadow To note a report by the Grounds Manager and feedback following a walkabout at the site by members of the A&OS Committee and consider any recommendations relating to the meadow and the draft minutes of the Stonebridge Management Committee which met on 11th January 2017


Cemeteries i) ii)

iii) iv)


To note the meeting minutes of the Cemetery Working Party and consider its recommendations about improvements and a review of Cemetery Regulations To note a report by the Town Clerk and consider proposed improvements and Health & Safety issues at the Old Victorian Cemetery and a request by the Women's Institute for a historical talk at the site To note any Grants of Exclusive Rights of Burial issued To note any memorials and inscriptions approved

Meeting between the Elcot Lane Residents Group and Marlborough Town Football Club (MTFC) To note a report by the Grounds Manager following a meeting between the Elcot Lane Residents Group and MTFC to discuss use of the Village Green and consider a way forward


Plume of Feathers Garden To note a report by the Town Clerk and consider a request from the Richmond Fellowship for various activities and changes at the garden over the coming year


Allotment Association To note a report by the Town Clerk and consider recommendations based on