092415_The Float

Sep 24, 2015 - A big table for beer pong in the corner of the living room. Sitting on a ratty couch, we find NOEL (20s) and REESE (20s). They're a little too old ...
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THE FLOAT by Kara Cutruzzula


INT. COLLEGE PARTY - MORNING AFTER The aftermath of the kind of party where everyone’s shoes probably left sticky. Red Solo cups everywhere. A big table for beer pong in the corner of the living room. Sitting on a ratty couch, we find NOEL (20s) and REESE (20s). They’re a little too old for this. REESE (pointing to the disgusting coffee table full of empties) Remember when we didn’t notice how gross everything was? NOEL Those were the glory days. REESE (correcting) Filthy days. Those were the filthy days. NOEL One and the same. REESE Want something to drink? No. Yes.

NOEL (beat)

(beat) Maybe. (beat, to himself) Am I thirsty? I think I’m getting a little dehydrated. He checks his pulse. REESE What does it matter if you’re thirsty? If you want a beer, take a beer. (beat) Also, what does this-(mimes taking her pulse) --have to do with hydration? NOEL I dunno. It’s comforting.

2. REESE Reminder that your heart’s still there? NOEL We could all use a reminder sometimes. A little shot fired. REESE Uh huh. So, no hair of the dog then? No.


(beat) Unless you get one. REESE I’m fine. (beat) What are you doing today? NOEL I hadn’t thought about it. (beat) What are you doing? REESE (looking at him sideways) You know what your problem is, Noel? NOEL Here we go. I have a feeling you’ll tell me. REESE You’re a passenger in your own life. NOEL (slightly amused) What does that even mean? REESE All you do is come along for the ride. You don’t act. You don’t contribute. You don’t drive. Literally. Do you even have a license?

3. NOEL That’s unfair. You know my parents wouldn’t put me on their car insurance. REESE That was six years ago. Time to give up the noose. NOEL Yeah. Well. Cars are expensive. Gas is expensive. What am I supposed to do? REESE I’m not just talking about your inability to get your own ass to Whole Foods. It’s a metaphor. Reach with me. NOEL (growing exasperated) Fine. I see the picture you’re painting. And it sucks. How’s that for a metaphor. REESE That’s not very original. NOEL First, I don’t take action. Now I’m not original. How about I sit here and do this? (takes an exaggerated swallow of beer) Is that good enough for you? REESE I give it a six out of 10. NOEL You’re infuriating. Noel gets up, stands over her. NOEL (CONT’D) You have a messed up view of the world, you know that. He walks away, is daunted by the dirty living room, doubles back and runs into Reese. He heads towards the kitchen.

4. REESE (following him) This isn’t about me. Or driving. I’m talking about everything else. I’m talking about floating. NOEL Oh, here we go. They stand in the kitchen. He helplessly looks at all the empty bottles. REESE You just kinda...float. Don’t you see that you’re always reacting instead of choosing. Like your new job. You didn’t search for it, remember? NOEL (quietly) Yeah. I remember. REESE No wonder you’re unhappy. It was too easy. Now you resent it because you feel like you never even wanted it in the first place. (beat) Same with Christine, right? NOEL (beat) That’s different. I wanted her. REESE I remember her choosing you. And you going along with her plan. Uh huh.


REESE Remember that feeling of wanting something? Wanting it more than sleep, more than the hours in the day will let you have it, more than whether you could or should or whether it’s practical or terrifying. Wanting so much you take it?

5. NOEL Yeah. (beat) I mean, no. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way. REESE That’s the thing to move towards. That’s the opposite of the float. The mood shifts. He puts down his Solo cup. NOEL I like that idea. REESE I like that you like it. NOEL By the way...how did we get here? REESE I’m not sure. Maybe someone was sick of setting scenes in coffee shops and restaurants and New York street corners. NOEL Weird. (pause) This isn’t much better, is it? REESE Not really. But I’ll give her points for nostalgia. NOEL Six out of 10. They laugh. NOEL (CONT’D) Should we get out of here? REESE Where do you want to go? NOEL I don’t know yet. (pause) But I’ll figure it out. FADE TO BLACK.