1 PhD Research Position

Raphael Phan ([email protected]). Source of funding: MOHE FRGS Scheme. Monthly salary of RM 2,800-3,600. (inclusive of top-up allowance depending.
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Nick Babich

1 PhD Research Position Micro-Expression Analysis from Naturalistic Scenarios (Project MENSA) A micro-expression is a brief and involuntary facial movement which reveals a genuine emotion that a person tries to hide. Psychologists have been studying facial micro-expressions since the 1960’s. But in the last few years, computer scientists are beginning explore the possibility of spotting and identifying these microexpressions using machine vision and learning algorithms. The analysis of spontaneous micro-expressions has many potential applications; clinical diagnosis of psychological conditions such as autism and depression, and also criminal interrogation and lie detection. This is a contemporary field of research; we are among three leading institutions in this new field of research. This position is available from August 2016 until filled.


Source of funding: MOHE FRGS Scheme

Candidates are expected to conduct research in the related topic, and a fair bit of tutoring & administrative tasks.

Monthly salary of RM 2,800-3,600 (inclusive of top-up allowance depending on previous academic/research achievements)

Location: Visual Processing Lab, Faculty of Computing and Informatics, MMU Cyberjaya Requirements  A Malaysian  A Master’s Degree in Computer Science/IT or Engineering or related areas  Strong problem-solving skills

Terms and Benefits    

Pursue PhD Tuition fees waived 2 year appointment* Vibrant research group and lab environment

* There might be future avenues to extend or continue on to other related projects

Interested candidates can fill in the online application form at http://goo.gl/SaNP3H. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. For further enquiries, please contact Dr. John See ([email protected]) or Prof. Raphael Phan ([email protected])