115th Year, Issue 11

Latitude: 48 Degrees 54" 18.148" North, Longitude: 95 Degrees 19'00.90" West, Elevation: 1069.76 Feet Above Sea Level. THE MEDIAN ... affordable and does not require a person to have a device to read it. .... The Pioneer began its online.
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115th Year, Issue 11

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TUESDAY, March 14, 2017 Warroad, MN

I’m a reflection of the community. ~ Tupac Shakur

Without YOU, There is NO Newspaper!

Community newspapers keep us aware of what is happening in our local government, schools and our community as a whole. Without the community’s financial support, NONE of this is possible.

The median elevation of Lake of the Woods as of March 8, 2017, was 1058.27 feet above sea level. Latitude: 48 Degrees 54" 18.148" North, Longitude: 95 Degrees 19'00.90" West, Elevation: 1069.76 Feet Above Sea Level

Warroad Pioneer

2 In this age of technology, some may think that social media is the only way to connect with people. I disagree. There is a whole population of people who get their information from the newspaper, and don’t really know what Facebook is. In general, these are the same people who have less direct contact with our school. Young and old can read a newspaper. Any way we can keep all members of our community informed of what’s happening at the school, and around the area, contributes to the strength of each entity. Each week, I look forward to reading the Pioneer, and learn things I would not know any other way. Cindy Sandahl Warroad


I appreciate the willingness to allow a wide variety of community groups the opportunity to update the community on their goings on throughout the year! David Pederson Roosevelt

Did you know? When the Pioneer was founded, Calamity Jane was still alive. The value of our local newspaper is to learn about and celebrate the significant contributions that people of all ages are making within our community. It is a venue to showcase our hometown pride. The Warroad Pioneer keeps our citizens abreast of opportunities that arise both locally and with outside partners. The newspaper is affordable and does not require a person to have a device to read it. Heidi Schaum Warroad

Did you know? Almost 40 years of Pioneer archives can be found at the Pioneer office on Lake Street (1978 to present). All years prior are housed at the Warroad Heritage Center and Museum. It’s important to have a local paper. It gives you the news of the area, past and present. Sports coverage is important. Personal interviews with local, interesting people are enjoyed by all. John R. Heneman Warroad

The Value of a Community Newspaper Warren Buffet said it best when he wrote: “There is no substitue for a local newspaper that is doing its job.” Community newspapers connect with readers by providing the news they need and the advertising they rely on. Where else can readers find an article about their local high school’s prom, the high school and youth sports scores or an ad for the church pancake breakfast? Because of this narrow focus on the communities people identify themselves with, local readers regard community newspapers as highly valuable and as an important source of information. A survey of community newspaper readers concluded that community newspapers are: • EDUCATIONAL: 92% of readers think local newspapers are informative • HELPFUL: 69% of readers believe community newspapers provide valuable shopping and advertising information • ENGAGING:75% of readers are entertained by local newspapers • ENJOYABLE: 84% of readers look forward to reading community newspapers • ADDICTIVE: Readers spend nearly 40 minutes with their local paper • ENLIGHTENING: 83% of readers said they and their families rely on community newspapers for local news and information • COMPELLING: 75% of readers read all or most of their community newspaper • SHARED: Community newspapers average 2.18 readers per copy • DESIRABLE: 98% of readers pay for their community newspaper Sources: NAA Readership Study; American Opinion Research Study


Having a local paper is great. I use it to find out what is going on in our community. Game schedules, local events, game details, editorial column (can