15th HR Directors Summit - HRD Summit

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15th HR Directors Summit 31 January - 1 February 2017 The ICC Birmingham

Post Summit Report Building intelligent organisations: Creating meaning, guiding strategy & boosting prosperity

Acknowledgment to Contributors Summit Chairs

opening keynotes

Stream Chairs

Summit Chair: Jabbar Sardar

Global HR and Mobility: Kimberly Bradshaw

Talent: Tim Drake

Talent: Stuart Packham

HR Director

Managing Director

Head of Talent Management

Regional Director – Technology, Change and Digital Transformation

Summit Chair: Andrew Dodman Chief Operating Officer

Benefits, Engagement and Wellbeing: Alex Lock

Business Transformation: Mark Ellis Director

Partner, Employment & Pensions Group


Global Head of Leadership Development

Strategy, Leadership and Boardroom Relationships: Kathryn Austin

Digital HR and People Analytics: Mervyn Dinnen

People & Marketing Director

Social Media, Recruitment and HR Blogger


Organisational Development and Learning: Joel Casse

Benefits, Engagement and Wellbeing: Stephen Hempenstall

Lynda Gratton


Change Management & Organisational Design: Wendy Cartwright

Tammy Erickson

Head of HR - Restoration and Renewal Programme

Culture and Inclusion: Dr Melissa K. Hungerford VP, Global Talent Management and Inclusion

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Acknowledgment to Contributors HRD CONTENT TEAM In collaboration with Birmingham City University and University of Birmingham we provide an opportunity for students to learn from our senior leadership network by joining us as our HRD Content Team. We thank them for their valuable contributions.

Barbat Taghvai

Brodie Simmons

Contributing Sponsor

Faiza Ali

Jing Li

Tarlochan Dosanjh

In association with:

Tony Britton Head of Delegated DC Consulting



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INTRODUCTION Jabbar Sardar HR Director, BBC Television Andrew Dodman Chief Operating Officer, The University of Sheffield

The 15th HR Director Summit, held on 31 January and 1 February 2017 welcomed 700+ Senior HR and Business Leaders from across the globe from industries ranging from telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and finance. Leaders from companies, including Google, BBC, Facebook, Fitbit Group Health and Cisco, joined in Birmingham to address key challenges and disruptions re-shaping the industry. The Forum was opened by two of the world’s most reputable and influential Management Thinkers, Linda Gratton and Tammy Erickson who together uncovered the future challenges and opportunities that are drastically changing the way we think about work; equipping ourselves with the knowledge, tools and resources to create meaning, guide strategy and boost prosperity. Facilitating a series of panel discussions, thought exchange, case studies and keynotes the Summit also welcomed Jens Hofma, CEO UK, Pizza Hut and Sir Clive Woodward, England Rugby World Cup Winning Coach & Team GB Director of Sport, London 2012.



Takeaways from the Summit Chairs

Attending the HRD Summit is a great start.

Our Summit theme was ‘Building Intelligent Organisations’. Throughout the two days, we heard from a wide variety of senior HR and business leaders openly share their expertise, knowledge and experiences on how they had built people capacity, capability and confidence. The Summit also carefully considered how we should respond to and moreover influence the challenging social, economic and political context. The apparently growing prevalence of ‘fake news’, ‘