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Complete 2014-2015 FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov CVCC school code 012182 ... accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should ...
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2014-2015 Scholarship Application Form Scholarships available at CVCC are described on the reverse side of this application form. For a full description of all types of scholarships and financial aid available, please refer to the CVCC Catalog/Student Handbook. To be considered for scholarship awards applicants must complete and submit the following materials by March 1:    

CVCC Application for Admission form (online www.cv.edu) CVCC Scholarship Application form (must be certified by a counselor or principal) All high school and college transcripts Complete 2014-2015 FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov CVCC school code 012182

Additional information may be required by departments as a part of the scholarship application process. Questions regarding scholarships should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at 334.291.4914. Scholarship award decisions are typically announced by April 15 of each year.

To be Completed by Student Name:


Address Street or Box

Social Security #





Zip Code

Home Phone


Honors and Awards – Begin with 9 grade. You may attach a resume or an extra sheet.


Activities – Begin with 9 grade. You may attach a resume or an extra sheet.

High School: Check below the scholarship(s) for which you are applying. 1. Presidential

 

2. Performing Arts

 

Academic* Leadership* (MUST also complete supplemental application.)  Ambassador* *ACT or SAT Score preferred

3. Athletic

    

Music voice Music instrumental

Student’s Signature

Baseball (Men) Fast Pitch Softball (Women) Basketball (Men) Basketball (Women) Manager


To be Completed by Counselor or Principal Class Rank



GPA (at end of 1 semester of 12 grade) Provide Numerical Average Only

ACT or SAT Score  ACT Preferred for All Presidential Scholarships School Official’s Signature

 SAT Date

Types of Institutional Scholarships Available 

Presidential Scholarships: Academic, Leadership, and Ambassadors

Presidential Scholarships provide a waiver of full or partial tuition and fees for the program or course work of each recipient. The scholarship may be renewable after one-year, provided the student maintains the required grade point average and remains in good standing with the institution. Final approval is granted by the CVCC Scholarship Committee. To qualify for a Presidential Scholarship - Academic, Leadership, or Ambassador - students must: 1. Be eligible for admission to the institution under policies in effect as stipulated in the college catalog for the year of application 2. Have earned an academic average of 85% or better for the Academic Scholarship and a 80% or better for the Leadership or Ambassador Scholarship 3. Be certified by their high school principal or school counselor (see bottom of Page 1) 4. Be willing to participate in College events, providing up to five hours of service per week (Leadership/Ambassador). Other requirements may apply. 

Performing Arts Scholarships: Vocal Music and Instrumental Music

Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to interested students based on performance. For information and auditions, contact Dr. Tom Daniel at 334.291.4987. Performing Arts Scholarships are limited to a waiver of full or partial tuition and may be renewable. Final award decisions are approved by the CVCC Scholarship Committee.

Athletic Scholarships: Men’s Baseball Women’s Fast Pitch Softball Men’s Basketball Women’s Basketball

Athletic Scholarships are awarded to athletes and managers for waiver of tuition and fees and loan of books. For information and tryouts, contact Mr. Adam Th