2015 Calendar Prospectus - Constant Contact

Jun 3, 2017 - Submissions: Mail entry form, fee to: Questions: VAST 2018 Calendar Competition. Mindy Faubion, President [email protected]yahoo.com.
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2018 Calendar Prospectus Entry Deadline: June 3, 2017 Entry Requirements:

Image Requirements - File Naming Conventions:

➤ Open to 2017-2018 VAST members 2-D or 3-D work accepted

Digital images must be JPG files with 300 pixels per inch resolution and a width and/or height maximum of 1800 pixels/6 in.

➤ 2 digital images maximum per entrant. ➤ Format may be horizontal, vertical, or square

Only those digital images conforming to these specifications will be accepted. For digital images, name each image using this format: (LastName) _ (FirstInitial)_(Title_of_Work).jpg Example: Williams_J_Winter_Light_in_Evening.jpg

Entry Fee: $10.00 (for 2 images) Juror: TBA Questions: Mindy Faubion, President [email protected]

Submissions: Mail entry form, fee to: VAST 2018 Calendar Competition P.O. Box 1281, Denton, TX 76202 Digital submissions via email to: [email protected]

Accepted Entries: Artists whose work is juried into the calendar will receive one free calendar and will be ➤ required to submit a 75-word statement regarding the process used to create the accepted piece. The statement should be written in the first person and could include information on the artist’s background and/or artistic process. ➤ asked to sign each calendar page and assist in collation. ➤ required to provide the accepted piece or another piece for the VAST 2018 Calendar Exhibition: Location to be announced November, 2017- January 2018. (Dates to be announced.) (2D work only) ➤ required to be responsible for selling at least 10 calendars and to promote calendar sales. ➤ required to submit a digital photo (headshot) of yourself. Copyright Information: Images of accepted entries will become the property of VAST to be used for any printed material (including but not limited to flyers, posters, and note cards), for the VAST archives and website, and for educational purposes. Artists will retain copyright of original works. ____________________________________Detach and return the bottom portion_________________________________

2018 Calendar Entry Form Contact information: Artist Name: _________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________ Address: _________________________________________ Email: _______________________________ _________________________________________ Entry 1: Entry 2: Title of Work _____________________________________ Title of Work: _________________________________ Medium: ________________________________________ Medium: __________________________________ Dimensions (hxw): ________________________________ Dimensions: (hxw): _____________________________ Sale Price: ______________________ Sale Price: _____________________ File Name: ______________________________________ File Name: __________________________________ Signature and return of this document shall imply an agreement on the part of the Artist to the conditions set forth in the 2018 Calendar Prospectus. For the Visual Arts Society of Texas: Acknowledged and agreed to by: Mindy Faubion, President Artist _________________________________________________ Signature Date

___________________________________________ Signature

Calendar Exhibition Requirements ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS All artwork must be original, not a copy of a painting or another image. No mechanical reproductions of original work. Only work completed in the last 36 months will be accepted. ENTRY REGULATIONS Please read carefully. Note: The Exhibition Committee will make the final decision on compliance with Artwork Requirements and Entry Regulations. • 2D work must be framed and ready for secure installation – d-rings attached to the back and stretched with wire; no saw tooth hangers or uniframes (two pieces of Plexiglas held together with clamps) • No glass. Use Plexiglas for works under “glass” • Bumpers recommended for framed pieces • 40” maximum width dimension for 2D work • 40 lbs. maximum weight for 2D and 3D work • White or off-white mats