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How Small Local Efforts Can Yield BIG Im- ... broaden the visibility of I-O and make a BIG impact in their local .... Big Data Science Needs: Theory, Train- ing, and ...
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2016 Conference Program Scott Tonidandel Program Chair, 2016 We received over 1,400 submissions for the 2016 SIOP conference in Anaheim! Around 850 sessions were accepted, and the conference is sure to be one of great appeal and intellectual stimulation. In addition to the peer-reviewed master tutorials, debates, symposia, posters, roundtables, alternative session types, and panels that were submitted, the conference committee has been working hard to assemble a quality collection of Friday Seminars, Communities of Interest, a Master Collaboration, a full-day Theme Track, and other Invited Sessions. Below we summarize several notable program elements. You’ll be hearing many more details about the program as the conference approaches. Theme Track: Enhancing Impact: A Multilevel Approach (Chair: Zack Horn) The Thursday Theme Track presents a series of sessions on the first day of the conference related to a unifying topic chosen to resonate with the interests of our full SIOP audience, spanning practitioners, academics, and students from across the globe. This year’s Theme Track is titled “Enhancing Impact: A Multilevel Approach” and is designed to showcase and inspire new member-driven initiatives that bring to life President Steve Kozlowski’s vision of “bottom-up, emergent, and self-organizing communities of SIOP members who are prepared to act.” We have carefully selectThe Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

ed our session formats and invited speakers to ensure that those who join us for the Theme Track leave well-informed, entertained, and inspired to make a difference.  The Theme Track sessions are presented in the same room throughout the day, room ACC 204 C. You can stay all day or choose to attend individual sessions that are of most interest to you. Check out http:// www.siop.org/Conferences/16con/Regbk/ themetrack.aspx for more detailed information and learning objectives for each session. The Theme Track is a continuing education opportunity. How Small Local Efforts Can Yield BIG Impact, 10:30-11:50 Nathan Kuncel, Megan Leasher, Eugene Ohu, Robert Jones, Kimberly French, AJ Thurston, Katina Sawyer, Mahima Saxena, and Amy Grubb Every I-O psychologist has the ability and opportunity to make a difference in their local communities. During this IGNITE session presenters will engage the audience with 5 minutes and 20 automatically progressing slides to share how, and in what ways, I-Os can use their knowledge and skills to broaden the visibility of I-O and make a BIG impact in their local communities. The audience will have an opportunity to interact with presenters and ask questions to learn how they too can leverage I-O knowledge and skills to have impact. 151

Changing the World Through Organizations: The Power of One, 12:00-1:20 Stephanie Klein, Christopher Rotolo, Paula Caligiuri, Steven Rogelberg, and Doug Reynolds Organizations can change the world, yet their potential is often either overlooked or underestimated. Organizational psychologists can leverage that potential. Individual I-O psychologists have had amazing positive impacts from, through, and within their organizations. Five engaging presenters will give TED-style talks to inspire us with their first-hand experiences on how everyday practice in I-O psychology can create impact at the organizational level. From protecting the environment to community volunteering and social inclusion for the profession itself, practical insights will be provided as to how organizational change can build from individual initiatives and ripple outwards and upwards into wider society. Using I-O to Make an Impact on the Larger Society, 1:30-2:50 Lori Foster, Barbara Wanchisen, Fred Oswald, Stuart Carr, and Michael Frese This panel will include successful psychologists who work with the National Research Council, United Nations, and other agencies tasked with improving human welfare on a global scale. They will comment on their experiences and share insight about challenges and opportunities for the field of I-O psychology to become more engaged