2016 RW Annual Report

Some great and exciting things have happened this past year in the. Worship & Tech ministries of. Riverwood. We have added some new equipment, learned ...
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2016 Annual Report Shining the spotlight on the work God did in the Riverwood Family January - December 2016

From Erin

Keep in mind…

As I reflect on this past year, I stand

As you read through our latest annual report,

in awe of God. He did SO much in


our young church family in 2016. For example… • He brought us the Willis family to lead us in worship through song.

The mission of Riverwood Church is… To invite the spiritually disconnected to find and follow Jesus.

• We watched Him lead seven people to be baptized.

The vision of Riverwood is…

• He brought many of you to be part of our church family.

To reach 10% of the spiritually disconnected of

• He ministered to several of you in the midst of hardship (surgeries, loss of loved ones, moves, and more). • He more than doubled our goal in The New Campaign. And He’s not done! Seeing what God did this past year has me more excited about the future of Riverwood than ever before! So please read and rejoice with me as we shine the spotlight on what God did among us in 2016.

our region. The pathway Riverwood uses to help people find and follow Jesus is… Gather > Grow > Give > Go The values we hold onto at Riverwood are… Grace - Truth - Trust

From Jeff Some great and exciting things have

God has brought numerical growth this past year to Riverwood. Here are the weekly

happened this past year in the

attendance averages for the past three years.

Worship & Tech ministries of Riverwood. We have added some new equipment, learned some new songs, and more. But what I rejoice most over is the new team members we have added - on the platform, in audio and visual, and the set-up/tear-down teams. Thank you, Lord, for all of the wonderfully talented and servant-hearted people you are bringing us! As we look to the new year, here are some goals I have for the worship and tech ministries of Riverwood: 1. Team Members: I am praying that God would continue to bring us talent as we build our worship team (specifically, a lead guitarist and a drummer/percussionist). We also desire more team members to serve on set-up. 2. Rehearsals: We will be looking to hold worship rehearsals very soon. I am still figuring out the logistics, but I envision meeting once a month where we practice upcoming and new songs, as well as pray together. These rehearsals will also provide an open door for others who may be interested in joining the worship ministry, but aren’t comfortable jumping in on a Sunday morning rehearsal yet. 3. Spiritual Growth: I am praying for spiritual growth for Riverwood in our worship. The Bible talks a lot about joy in our worship of Almighty God, and it is my heart’s desire to lead us into a genuine celebration of who God is and all He is doing in and through us. Last, I want to extend a humble and sincere thank you to all of you who support and serve Riverwood. Worship is not a “thing” we do – it is a lifestyle. May God continue to bless us as we strive to bless Him and others. Thanks for making ministry such a joy!

Gathering Numbers

Worship Gatherings 2014 - 25 2015 - 22 2016 Q1 - 30 Q3 - 27

Q2 - 29 Q4 - 39

Kids Creek 2014 - 16 2015 - 16 2016 Q1 - 22 Q3 - 20

Q2 - 23 Q4 - 22

Totals 2014 - 41 2015 - 38 2016 Q1 - 52

Q2 - 52

Q3 - 47

Q4 - 61


Financial Report As with any organization, it takes money to fuel the mission. Thankfully, Riverwood is in financial health due to the continued generosity of “outside contributors” (friends of Riverwood who believe in our mission, but are not part of the Riverwood family, including 2 other churches). It is important to note that the figures to the right do contain The New Campaign, which was conducted Nov 20 - Dec 18 (see nex