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Sep 12, 2017 - Unless a date and time is identified beside the course details, then we are .... Participants will learn to: turn computer ON/OFF; how to use the ...
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2017 - 2018



A calendar of training programmes for those who live and work in the Colin community.

This booklet was produced in August 2017 by: Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Cloona House 31 Colin Road Belfast, BT17 OLG

Tel: 02890623813 Fax: 02890309722 Web: www.newcolin.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ colinneighbourhoodpartnership Twitter: @CNPartnership

Who are the courses for?


The courses are available to residents, staff and volunteers from the Colin community. How much do the courses cost?

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership is delighted to bring residents, staff and volunteers this training brochure for 2017-2018.

Unless stated, training courses are free of charge. Fees or charges, if any, will be listed under each individual course. Where and when will each course run? Unless a date and time is identified beside the course details, then we are asking for expression of

Whether you are looking to learn new

If you have any suggestions or comments

interest for this course. Registration and expressions of interest for each course can be made by

skills, improve your job prospects, or

please do not hesitate to contact us

a telephone booking to CNP offices between the hours of Mon - Thurs 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am

return to learning, we have classes and

by calling 028 9062 3813, emailing

- 4.30pm or by emailing [email protected] CNP will endeavour to run courses at a date and

workshops on offer throughout the Colin

[email protected] or calling in to

time that suits the majority of the group but we cannot guarantee that it will suit everyone. We

area that are stimulating, enjoyable,

see us at Cloona House, 31 Colin Road,

will however keep you informed if we are able to deliver another course or if another provider is

challenging and affordable (free!). We

Belfast B17 0LG.

offering this course.

are sure that you will, as ever, find something that will interest you.

Accessibility and Visual Difficulties


Centres are fully accessible to all; however, to ensure that your visit runs smoothly, please contact us beforehand describing your needs. This will allow us and the facilitator to make every effort to provide you with what you need to make your course enjoyable and problem free. Transport is

We are offering a series of short workshops and courses that we feel

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership would

meets the needs of the majority of the

like to thank Belfast City Council, South

community. We have broken these up

Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, Job

Disabilities or Difficulties

into six key areas:

Assist, Libraries NI and the many

If you have a disability or difficulty please make us

organisations who have contributed

aware of this in advance of the course so we can

their support and commitment to this

meet your needs.

training calendar.

Is childcare provided?

1. Personal and social development 2. Career support & guidance

available on request.

Unfortunately we do not provide childcare with our

3. Life skills & leisure courses

courses, however childcare is available from local

4. Supporting others

childcare providers.

5. Parenting support courses and workshops 6. Community development


Age Policy Learners must be at least 16 years of age. I do not live in the Colin community; can I register for a course? Unfortunately this training is only available to residents of Colin or if you work in a community group in Colin as a member of staff or a volunteer. If you live outside Colin, we will put your name on a reserve list and contact you if a place becomes available due to cancellation or non-attendance.



PERSONAL & SOCIAL Personal Coaching Transformation Programme

Taking time out for yourself is very important, as is learning practices and techniques which can help to reduce stress levels. Below are a series of courses to help you learn techniques which will support your own personal development and growth.

This 6 week programme is not only about your personal development but your personal transformation. We will bring you on a journey of rediscovery of who you really are. It is advised that you complete the full 6 week course to get the most out of this programme – but each is set up in a way that they can be standalone workshops.

“Personal development – the never ending chance to improve not only yourself, but also to attract opportunities and affect others.” Positive Steps


3.5 hour workshop

3 week programme (2hrs per session) Positive Steps is a flexible and interactive health & well-being programme developed by the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust (SEHSCT). Programme objectives: • Enhance confidence and self esteem • Improve mental health and emotional well-being • Supports participants to connect with family, friends and other support groups • Encourages participants to acknowledge and talk about their feelings • Provides practical solutions on how to manage emotions.

Mindset is a Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing Awareness programme. Programme objectives: • Raise awareness and increase knowledge and understanding of mental and emotional health and well-being • Raise awareness of signs and symptoms of mental ill health • Promote self-help/resilience techniques and how to maintain a safe level of positive mental and emotional health and well-being • Promote self-care • Information and/or resources on mental health support organisations available.

Aromatherapy for stress management

2 hour workshop This workshop will help you identify stress and teach you ways to manage it through the use of alternative therapies. Participants will learn strategies to alleviate stress using reflexology, aromatherapy and mindfulness. It will give advice on the use of aromatherapy and will identify how to use essential oils at home to treat the symptoms of stress.

Aromatherapy for minor ailments

2 hour workshop This workshop will provide advice on the use of essential oils at home to treat minor ailments such as colds, coughs, etc. The workshop will explore the safe use of essential oils for children in the home. There will be a demonstration on how to blend essential oils and how to use them safely.

Flower Remedies for emotional wellbeing and balance

2 hour workshop This workshop will provide the participant with knowledge and information on Flower Essences, their use and how they can aid emotional balance. Participants will learn how to make a Flower Essence remedy to help begin the journey of emotional balance and wellbeing. To register for any course, contact CNP on 02890 623813 or email [email protected]

Grounding. ‘The One Thing’ 3 hour workshop

Powerful Goal Setting 3 hour workshop

We will explore the principle behind clarity and connect with our own innate wellbeing. You will learn: • The principles at play behind your sense of wellbeing • ‘The One Thing’ that gets in your way of experiencing your life to the full • How to use visualization to attract the things you want to see in your life.

“If you aim at nothing you will surely get it” Zig Zigular In this workshop you will learn powerful techniques to not just set goals but to achieve them. You will learn: • Setting goals with clarity using a well-formed outcome framework • How to visualize your future

Strength of MIND - Mindset and Strengths 3 hour workshop

Your Internal Compass 3 hour workshop

In this workshop you will learn to understand the inner workings of your mind and what strengths you already have to support you on your journey. You will learn: • About growth and fixed mindset and which is your dominant mindset • How to understand the makeup of your mind and have it work FOR you • What strengths you have and how you can always decide to work from a position of strength.

Everyone has a set of values and beliefs that governs their decision making – sometimes our values, beliefs and actions are out of sync. To be authentic means that these things are aligned and in sync. You will learn: • How to explore inner values and their alignment to your choices and behaviours • How to set powerful principles • How to explore your current beliefs to set you up for success.

Developing Habits that Stick 3 hour workshop

Creating Success 3 hour workshop

In order for you to succeed at anything, you need to create habits in your life that support and enhance the change you are seeking, from dieting to getting up earlier – create the right

This session is for people who have completed and participated in the majority of the course. We will bring together all that you have learned and make sure that you are set up for the

habits to support the change. You will learn: • The ‘Habit Loop’ and how it keeps you stuck • How to break the ‘Habit Loop’ • Create new habits in your life.

success you want to see in your life. You will learn: • How to use reflection to navigate your next steps • What keeps you going, your motivation for 04 success


CAREER SUPPORT & GUIDANCE Wherever you are on your career path, whether that is returning to education, work preparation or knowing where to find opportunities, we have a range of courses and workshops that can help you take the next step. “Your dreams are only dreams until you write them down, then they are goals” E. Smith

Interview Essentials 3 hour workshop Do you FREEZE at interviews? This interactive session aims to dispel interview fear by unlocking the secrets to interview success. You will learn: • How to get over the fear and nervousness and perform to your best • Tips on how to stop freezing, mind blanking or panic during an interview • An awareness of the importance of practice and that practice improves competence and confidence • An awareness and understanding of how to conduct a competent interview.

What Employers Want 3 hour workshop Start preparing for the world of work ahead of the interview. Get on the right track with expert preparation on how to get ready to meet employers’ expectations. You will learn: • The key personal skills and abilities that employers are looking for • Knowledge on decoding job roles so that you can target in on specifics • The added value skill sets that will impress employers.

Back to the Future: Return to Work or Learning

3 hour workshop

Would you like to get back into learning or move on to a new career but haven’t a clue where to start? Get expert guidance on returning to learn or career development. You will have access to: • Professional careers & education information, advice and guidance • Information on what qualifications and how to obtain them. • Assessment of your current situation and a tailored education, learning or career plan. • Information and/or resources on mental health support organisations available.

Who do you think you are?

3 hour workshop

Everyone has skills to sell at interviews, what are yours? This workshop will help you to: • Identify your skills, qualities, abilities, so that you can present yourself with confidence and sell yourself at interviews • Develop confidence in your employability skills • Explore tools for identifying, memorising and stating your competencies.

Volunteering for Skills Development and Experience

3 hour workshop

Get into volunteering. Volunteering opportunities will give you that much needed experience. This workshop will support you to identify the skills you have, build new skills, and support you to find a volunteering opportunity that meets your needs. You will learn: • What volunteering can offer you • What volunteer roles are available to meet your needs • What support is available for volunteers.

The Secret to a Great Job Application or CV 3 hour workshop Learn the formula to filling in a winning job application. Use these skills to help get ready for a winning interview.. You will develop: • An understanding of how to research & prepare a successful job application form • Knowledge on how to decode job adverts, job specifications and use them to understand what the employer needs from candidates • An understanding of the core questions and format of any job interview.


CAREER SUPPORT & GUIDANCE Job Assist offers local support and guidance for residents of the Colin community, who are unemployed or for those who work 15 hours and under. Whether you are returning to work or education or are looking a career change, getting the right support at the right time is crucial.

One to one mentoring support Job Assist offers a one to one mentoring service to people who are unemployed or working 15 hours per week or less. They provide help with CV building, job searching, completing application forms and interview preparation skills. They can help you identify the area of work that you are interested in, and help you gain access to training courses that would benefit you. They will work with you at your pace and within your local area, helping you in the best way they can. First Aid On completion you will: be able to recognise life-threatening situations; be able to offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives. Basic ICT This is a basic introduction to computers and is ideal for anyone who has no experience of using computers. Participants will learn to: turn computer ON/OFF; how to use the mouse and keyboard; file management; word processing; internet and email; filling out online forms. Word Processing and Spreadsheets This will help the learner to understand basic spreadsheet and word processing software tools and techniques to produce documents. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SECTOR TRAINING Security Industry Authority Security Industry Authority (SIA). This security licence is required if you are interested in working within the security industry. Forklift and Forklift Refresher Course This course will focus on theory, practical skills and also health and safety when operating a forklift. It is particularly useful for anyone interested in working within a warehouse environment. Construction Skills Register Card This is required when working within the construction industry. The course is one day long and covers health and safety, COSHH, manual handling, working at heights etc. World Host This is a highly regarded customer service qualification which would be great for anyone who is interested in working directly with people in industries such as retail and hospitality. Health and Social Care This course will help you develop an understanding of what it might be like to work directly with children and older people. It is great for developing the skills you may use in your day to day life and also within a work environment. It is an ideal course for anyone interested in working within the care industry. Childcare Level One and Two This will provide you with the basic skills and information required to progress to Level 2 Childcare. The Level 2 course will provide you with the skills needed to work within a childcare setting. You will be required to have a placement during this course.

CAREER SUPPORT & GUIDANCE Start a Business or Social Economy with Workwest

Go for It The Go for It programme is designed to assist people who are thinking of starting their own business. The benefits of the programme include: • a one-to-one assessment meeting with a business advisor • tailored guidance to develop your business plan • a finance and business planning workshop • advice on how to access grants and funding • a one-to-one finance and business planning meeting • best practice guides, tools, videos and more to help you get started. For more information contact Mary Smith on (028) 90610826 or email [email protected]

Belfast City Council Go Social Programme Are you a potential social enterprise or are you part of a community or voluntary organisation considering starting a social enterprise or cooperative? Then Go Social could be for you. This exciting new programme uses innovative approaches to find and explore new ideas that could support you in developing a new social enterprise or cooperative. By participating on this programme you’ll have access to: • Social Spark events • tailored workshops • one-to-one mentoring • showcasing opportunities • networking with like-minded people. For more information contact Helen Lunny on (028) 90610826 or email [email protected]

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Social Enterprise Support Programme This programme uses innovative approaches to identify and explore new ideas that could support local groups and individuals in developing locally based new social enterprises and cooperatives. The programme offers the following key elements: • Social Spark events • Tailored workshops • One to one mentoring • Networking opportunities For more information contact Helen Lunny on (028) 90610826 or email [email protected] 08



We know that life can get stressful, which is why we devised a number of courses to help you deal with everyday challenges. We also know that life is for enjoying, so take your pick from our leisure courses which are designed to help you pursue a new hobby or interest.

WRDA’s Breast, Cervical Screening Awareness Programme

“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.” Unknown

Basic Life Support and AED Training 2.5 hour workshop

Chi Me - for those aged 60+ and/ or with a disability

This basic life support course is designed for all skill levels including non-First Aiders, Dental & Medical Practitioners and Nurses. Course contents: · Chain of survival · Recognising and dealing with chest pain · Assessing an unconscious patient · Dealing with choking · Recovery position · Use of your resuscitation equipment · Automated external defibrillator training.

Chi Me is a gentle form of exercise that originated in China as a martial art. It can prevent or ease a range of the ills of aging and can be perfect for any age or ability. Traditionally, it is a series of low impact, slow motion movements that can be carried out standing or seated. It is a Tai Chi influenced exercise and takes 12 exercise forms designed to improve strength, mobility and balance which can help promote good mental health and wellbeing and can prevent accidents from falls.

Walking Group Once per month

Organise your Life Online

If you would like to walk and meet new people, then why not join a local Colin walking group and walk your way to health and happiness. Walking groups are led by locally trained ‘Walk Leaders’. There are many benefits to walking: from improving your cardiovascular health to supporting your emotional wellbeing by having an opportunity to meet new friends and have a chat.

Find out about online banking, how to pay bills, link to websites offering money advice, access to benefits information and how to use the NI Direct website, e.g. how to book an MOT.

Thursday 22nd February 2018 Colin Glen Library 10.30am -12.30pm

Programme Objectives: • To raise awareness regarding breast, cervical and bowel screening • To encourage participants to avail of screening services on offer • To explore and address fears surrounding screening processes. WRDA Men’s Bowel Screening Awareness Programme (Men and/or Women only groups available) • To raise awareness regarding bowel screening • To encourage participants to avail of screening services on offer • To explore and address fears surrounding screening processes. Training is delivered locally and is practical and interactive whilst conveying a high impact message. Materials and activities were developed in partnership with Belfast & South Eastern Trust and Action Cancer, ensuring quality and up to date information.

Digital photography course Learn all about your camera and how to get the best photographs out of it. During this introductory course (6hrs) you will learn how to set up your camera to take the highest quality pictures it can, whether as a new hobby or for family moments. Learn about scene modes, flash and setting your exposure to get sharp clear images. We’ll also look at copying your photos onto your computer, editing using free software and how to save and share your photos so you and your friends can enjoy them. You can use any camera or even your smart phone and we have extra cameras so you can borrow one if you’d like to try something new. Course facilitated by Carrie Davenport.

Dealing with Bereavement Losing a loved one can have a traumatic impact on person’s physical and emotional well-being. This workshop will help you explore bereavement and grief so that you may better support yourself or someone affected by loss and bereavement. You will explore: • The model of grief • Naming and normalising emotions associated with loss • Processing thoughts and feelings • Expressions of grief • How to develop coping mechanisms.

Money Saving Moneysaving madness! Participants will explore websites that can help you budget, get cashback, compare prices and cut the cost of grocery shopping. Thursday 19th October 2017, Colin Glen Library, 10.30am -12.30pm 10

SUPPORTING OTHERS You can be a parent, family member or friend who supports someone in need, or you could work or volunteer in a supportive role. Having the right knowledge, skills and support to care will enable and empower you to carry out your caring role with confidence. “Helping someone will not necessarily change the world but it will change the world for that person” Anon safeTALK This one-day course delivered by SESHCT will teach you four basic steps to recognise a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them with suicide prevention resources. safeTALK training prepares you to help others by using TALK (Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe) to identify and engage people with thoughts of suicide and to connect them with further help and care. safeTALK is for everyone who wants to help prevent suicide: front line workers, clergy, volunteers, parents, youth, teachers, law enforcement, anyone who wants to help prevent suicide. Thursday 8th February 2018, Cloona House, 9.30am-1.15pm

Understanding Self Harm The training is for all care-givers wishing to learn more about self-harm. Objectives: • To raise awareness and increase understanding of self-harm • To increase understanding of the assessment and management of risk • To understand why people who self-harm find it hard to change • To explore alternate coping strategies. • To develop skills and sustain a positive working relationship with people who self-harm. Tuesday 12 September 2017, Cloona House, 9.30am -1.15pm

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) The aims of MHFA are to: • preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others; • provide help to prevent the mental health problem becoming more serious; • promote the recovery of good mental health; • provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem. MHFA teaches participants: • how to recognise the symptoms of mental health problems; • how to provide initial help; • how to go about guiding a person towards appropriate professional help. Participants must be able to complete the two full training days for this course.

SUPPORTING OTHERS Dementia Awareness Training This training is aimed at the whole community, so whether you have a relative or friend who has dementia, or if you are a local resident or business who wants to become more dementia friendly or perhaps an individual, who wants to be more aware of what Dementia is, so that you may help someone in need. The two-hour workshop will help you to: • Develop your knowledge of Dementia. • Increase your confidence and skills to help you relate, communicate and support someone with Dementia. • Gain information on local support available.

Dementia Awareness Programme 365 Do you care for or support someone living with Dementia? This 4-6 week programme is aimed at providing information, practical support and training for informal caregivers providing support to someone living with Dementia. There are six modules and these will support caring practices, improve your understanding of Dementia and its progression, and help you look after yourself along the way. The 2 hour workshops will run over 6 weeks and topics include: • What is Dementia • Legal and financial issues • Learning to manage • Communication • Personal care and well-being • Local support services The programme allows you to meet other people in a similar position and gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the local services that are available now, to support you and the person you care for. The workshops will offer you deeper insight of Dementia and new ideas for communicating with and responding to the behaviours of the person you care for, including those that are challenging to understand. To register your interest contact Gemma McCaughley at [email protected] or email Kelly Barbour at 3fivetwo on 028 9073 5273 or email [email protected] To register for any course, contact CNP on 02890 623813 or email [email protected]

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th October 2017, Cloona House, 9am -5pm 12

PARENTING SUPPORT Raising children is one of the most rewarding jobs, yet it is no easy task. To support parents, we have put together a handful of workshops, courses and programmes aimed at helping you to support your children and your family. “At the end of the day the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Jane D. Hull The Amazing Baby Brain

A 3 hour workshop exploring Baby Brain Development


Babies brains are far from completely formed at birth. In fact it is how we are parented that has the greatest impact on who we become. In the first 3 years of life the baby brain grows rapidly. Child development research tells us that it is this period that is of the utmost importance for the baby as this is when the part of the brain that governs emotions is formed. If a parent can create a secure attachment with their baby, making baby feel emotionally safe, this will greatly help the infant and later child, teenager, and adult, deal with stress, understand their feelings, get along with others, and learn in school. Eventually, when they become parents they can pass all of this on to their own children. This workshop aims to help participants: 1. Learn about baby brain development 0-3yrs. 2. Learn about the attachment relationship to a baby. 3. Learn how to strengthen the attachment relationship with a baby. At the end of the process you will have a better understanding of the importance of these early years in a child’s overall development.

Tuesday 10th October 2017, 9.30 – 12.30pm, Youth Initiatives *Donna Marks has trained in Infant Mental Health theory and research at Anna Freud Clinic, London,and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the field of baby brain development


PARENTING SUPPORT Attachment and Bonding Attachment is the emotional bond between the child and the parent. To appreciate the long term implications of positive attachment it is important to understand the different types of attachment, how they develop and the impact of this bond on young children’s development. The focus of the workshop will be on: • Understanding the role of attachment, bonding and self-esteem in promoting positive infant mental health and well-being • How to promote positive interactions between parent and child.

Thursday 26th October 2017,10.30 – 12.30pm, Cloona House Promoting Positive Behaviour Parents and carers who provide boundaries as part of a loving and secure relationship with their children help children feel secure and self-confident. Children benefit from knowing that their environment is stable and that a competent adult is taking care of them. In this workshop participants will learn: How to use positive behaviour to reduce challenging behaviour displayed by young children.

Thursday 9th November 2017,10.30 – 12.30pm, Cloona House The Importance of Routines Routines are how families organise themselves to get things done, spend time together and have fun. Every family has its own unique routines. Routines help family members know who should do what, when, in what order and how often. In this workshop participants will gain an understanding that: • Routines and structure provide a mutual understanding of the expectations from both parent and child; thus reducing power struggles. • Good routines and structures provide positive interactions between parent and child. • There is a need for routines to ensure children have a sense of security and to help them to develop self-discipline.

Thursday 23rd November 2017,10.30 – 12.30pm, Cloona House Speech, Language and Communication Speech, language and communication skills are fundamental to the development of learning, social and emotional well-being. Communication and language skills are the foundation for children’s learning and key to their life chances. In this workshop participants will gain an understanding of: • The importance of verbal and nonverbal communication between children and their parents/carers • “Talking to your child” • The importance of babbling to a baby and how talking to and imitating a child will help them to develop language.

PARENTING SUPPORT Partnership with Parents (PwP) PwP is an educational programme for parents of children aged 2-16yrs focused on improving outcomes for children, young people and families. The key aim of the programme is to support parents to explore topics around childhood development and help implement techniques which have been shown to improve outcomes for their children and family. Outcomes such as: • improved social development in children, • developing the parent–child relationship, • child physical development, • improving behaviour, • education attainment, • improving routines. The programme is delivered with one or both parents in the family home and usually lasts one hour per week. Parents choose to do as many or as few topics as they choose. The programme is parent-led and child-centred.

The Incredible Years Babies, Toddler Programme, School Readiness Programme & Basic Parent Programme The Incredible Years® evidence-based programmes for parents, teachers, and children, reduce challenging behaviours in children and increase their social/ emotional learning and self-control skills. The programmes have been found to be effective in strengthening parent management skills, improving children’s social/emotional competence, emotional regulation, and school readiness, and reducing behaviour problems. Group programmes last for 2 hours for either 4 weeks (School Readiness Programme) or 14 weeks (other Incredible Years programmes). Workshops support participants to explore: setting personal goals, role play practices, selfreflection, facilitator feedback, and home or classroom activities. Facilitators use video scenes to encourage group discussion, problem-solving and sharing of ideas. Parents and teachers are given hand-outs, activities to practice with children, and reminder notes to put on their refrigerator or blackboards. To register your interest in any Partnership with Parents or Incredible Years programme contact Bernie Donaghy at Colin Neighbourhood Partnership on 028 9062 3813 or email [email protected]

Thursday 30th November 2017,10.30 – 12.30pm, Cloona House 16

PARENTING SUPPORT Supporting Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) This three-hour workshop will provide parents and/or relatives with an understanding of the definition of ASD. Parents will explore a range of strategies to support their child’s social, emotional and educational development.

Building Buddies A 3 week programme for parents of children with Autism This 3 week programme will provide parents and/or relatives with an understanding of the definition of ASD. Parents will explore a range of strategies to support their child’s social, emotional and educational development. Parents will learn: • Week One: What is Autism? This workshop will look at: a definition of Autism; how is it diagnosed; who is affected by ASD; what is the ‘spectrum’; how is life affected by a disorder. • Week Two: Dealing with challenging behaviour. This workshop will explore: what is challenging behaviour; why does challenging behaviour occur; how to decide on the functions of behaviour; how to treat challenging behaviour and how to protect yourself from injury. • Week Three: Social Skills. What are social skills: the importance of teaching social skills to children and young people with ASD; how to teach social skills to your child. Participants will be provided with a selection of social skills games to bring home.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT The Colin community is strengthened with many individuals, groups and organisations who offer support to residents in Colin. Below are a number of courses and workshops that help support practitioners and organisations to increase skills and build capacity. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller. WRDA Community Grassroots Lobbying Programme

6 hour workshop

The training aims to raise awareness of local and national policies and the potential impact they may have. It also explores how communities can build their capacity to influence and engage with decision-makers. The training would be a starting point for local individuals to identify local needs and issues. The programme consists of 3x 2 hour sessions which include: • How democracy works – In order to press for change this session aims to bring an understanding of our political systems and to identify how to use them to best advantage. • The lobbying process – Aims to bring an awareness of how the lobbying process works and allows people to raise issues and concerns not otherwise picked up by government. • Working together for change – Provides a step by step guide on lobbying on community issues.

Certified Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Training

6 hour workshop

This training is suitable for staff/volunteers who have regular and/or direct contact with children and young people (e.g. supervisor, leader, officer in charge, coach). This 6-hour certified training programme covers: • awareness of safeguarding children • procedures for reporting concerns • creating a safe child-centred environment • codes of behaviour for staff/volunteers and children/young people.

Tuesday 14th November 2017, 10am – 4pm, 20 places Basic First Aid 2 hour workshop This training is for organisations and community groups in Belfast who support people that are facing higher risks of needing first aid in particular crises, including: • People living with issues around drug and alcohol usage • People who are homeless or rough sleepers and at risk of injury or sudden illness • Adults over 65 who are at more risk of slips, trips and falls. This community course not only teaches first aid skills, but is also designed to instil the willingness to act, and the confidence to do so in an emergency situation. The 2-hour session makes the skills simple to do and easy to remember using relevant, real life scenarios and everyday first aid objects. 18



Creating an Inclusive Community in association with Mencap *OCN courses can be taken as awareness only options. To discuss accreditation for the OCN and the accreditation cost, please contact [email protected] OCN Level 1 in Disability Awareness

Training takes 6-7 hours.

Participants will: • Understand disability • Models of approach to disability • Understanding the legislation pertaining to disability • Barriers and attitudes to inclusion • Understanding the etiquette and language of disability.

OCN Level 2 in Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training

Introduction to Hidden Harm

Training takes 20 hours.

OCN Level 1 in Buddy Mentor Training This 8 hour training course is directed at senior members of a club/group who have already completed the Disability Awareness course. Participants will develop the skills and knowledge on disability awareness that will enable them to take on a supportive role to members who have a disability who are part of their club or group. A Buddy Mentor will: • Assist and support with the introduction of members who have a disability, this support may be needed short term or for a longer period depending on the individual need. • Be a friend, positive role model and a confidant.

This is a non-accredited 3 hour course directed at staff and volunteers. Participants will learn to: • Define challenging behaviour • Understand why children and young people become challenging • Recognise the different behaviours which challenge • Outline the regulatory and legislative framework • Recognise the 6 stages of a crisis • Describe appropriate responses to give at the different stages of behavioural crisis • Understand the CALM Approach • Use CALM skills to de-escalate a situation • Record and Report.

Motivational Interviewing presents a collaborative way of working with people to help them make changes in their lives. This one-day introduction workshop is aimed at those who are working with people and want to improve their abilities to have effective conversations about behavioural change. It will explore the principles and spirit of MI needed to begin practicing its use.

Thursday 19th October 2017, 10am – 4:00 pm, Cloona House, 25 Places available

This training is aimed at practitioners and is a mix of theory and practice. Participants will: • Understand disability and impairment • Understand inclusive youth work practice for young people with disabilities • Understand the laws and practice model relating to young people with disabilities and its impact on youth work • Understand and apply disability etiquette • Understand barriers and attitudes to community inclusion • Develop an Inclusive project.

Managing Behaviours that Challenge.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI)

3 hour workshop

Children can be adversely affected by parents who misuse alcohol and drugs. Known as Hidden Harm this impact can be severe and have a long lasting effect on the child or young people. This workshop will explore: • The impact on children of parental addiction and substance misuse • The support and messages these children need to hear • Services and resources that are available to help.

Tuesday 6th February 2018, 10am – 1:00 pm, Cloona House, 20 places available Low Intensity CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Training) This course is aimed at youth workers, mental health workers, and professionals working with people with emotional or mental health difficulties. Good thinking skills, support and self-care are central to supporting well-being and resilience. Low intensity work means the member of staff has the skills to coach people through the use of CBT-based self-help material. The training will build the confidence and skills of participants to use two resources with their clients, The Bouncing Back Workbook and Bend Don’t Break. Workers attending this workshop should have in place: • Be able to work one-to-one or in groups with people over 5-6 sessions • Supervision where level of interventions and the need for onward referral are considered • Be willing to participate in an evaluation using this approach and materials with at least one client over the next three months.

Tuesday 21st November 2017, 10am – 4:00 pm, Cloona House, 25 places available Health and Safety in the Workplace

2 hour workshop

This workshop will provide community organisations and groups with a general overview of health and safety in the workplace. You will: • Explore current legal requirements and legislation • Gain an understanding of employer /employee duties and responsibilities • Explore hazard and risk identification • Explore general fire safety awareness. 20