2017 SDG Index - SDG Index & Dashboards

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SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2017

Global Responsibilities International spillovers in achieving the goals

July 2017 © Bertelsmann Stiftung and Sustainable Development Solutions Network The views expressed in this report do not reflect the views of any organization, agency or programme of the United Nations. It has been prepared by a team of independent experts of the SDSN Secretariat and the Bertelsmann Stiftung. This report has been prepared with the extensive advice and consultation of the SDSN Leadership Council members. Members of the Leadership Council serve in their personal capacities, so the opinions expressed in this paper may not reflect the opinions of their host institutions. Members are not necessarily in agreement with every detail of this report. Lead writers are Jeffrey Sachs, Guido Schmidt-Traub, Christian Kroll, David Durand-Delacre, and Katerina Teksoz. The report should be cited as Sachs, J., Schmidt-Traub, G., Kroll, C., Durand-Delacre, D. and Teksoz, K. (2017): SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2017. New York: Bertelsmann Stiftung and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). David Durand-Delacre was responsible for the data collection and management. Guido Schmidt-Traub led the technical analysis. He and Christian Kroll co-directed the project under overall supervision from Jeffrey Sachs.

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Table of Contents Foreword vi Part 1: SDG Index and Dashboards Report


1. Introduction

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Purpose of the SDG Index and Dashboards The role of international spillovers in achieving the SDGs Other changes made to the 2017 SDG Index and Dashboards

2. Results and Interpretation

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The SDG Index Contribution of international spillovers SDG Dashboards

3. Outlook: Next steps for the SDG Index

20 Annex 1: Detailed description of spillover indicators 23 Environment 23 Economy, finance, and governance 28 Security 31 Annex 2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 32 Motivation 32 Indicator and data selection 33 Methodology 33 Interpreting the results and limitations 34 Next steps 35

References 36

Part 2: SDG Index and Dashboards Methodology


I.  Data selection


A.  Criteria for selecting indicators B.  Indicator Selection C.  Missing Data

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II.  Method for Constructing the SDG Index A.  Statistical Tests and Censoring of Extreme Values B.  Rescaling and Addressing Extreme Values C.  Weighting and Aggregation D.  Sensitivity and other Statistical Tests on SDG Index

III.  Method for Constructing the SDG Dashboards A.  Thresholds B.  Weighting and Aggregation

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IV.  Methodological and Data Limitations


V.  Tables




Part 3: Country Profiles


SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2017

Global Responsibilities


Table of Contents

List of Tables Table 1.1 |

Environmental spillover indicators included in the SDG Index and Dashboards


Table 1.2 |

Spillovers related to the economy, finance, and governance


Table 1.3 |

Spillover indicator related to security included in the SDG Index and Dashboards


Table 1.4 |

Changes made to indicators in 2017 SDG Index (excluding the addition of spillover indicators)


Table 1.5 |

The SDG Index


Table 1.6 |

Major indicator and data gaps for the SDGs


Table 1.7 |

The ten countries generating the highest spillovers in terms of importing c