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Though your words may be what causes a reader to fall in love, the cover is what sells the book. ... She too is hiding a secret, and it soon threatens to unravel her ...
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LET’S MAKE YOUR BOOK LOOK GOOD. We’ve won awards for our book covers and our photography books. We’ve earned regional and national acclaim for our text layouts, our e-books, our websites, and our promotional materials. Nothing goes to print that doesn’t meet or exceed the high standards to which we hold ourselves. We are students and lovers of design. Our creative director studies the theory and history of graphic design and typography in order to create covers and text layouts that blaze new trails but also follow in the footsteps of the great book artists of the past. Our director of photography has studied photography his whole life and has a masters in fine arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has produced and retouched photographs for companies such as Porsche and Casemate. We take our art seriously, but we know that success in the book industry takes a lot more than just a pretty dust jacket. Behind our creative team is a group of passionate, knowledgeable, and hardworking individuals who invest themselves in our authors’ satisfaction and success. They understand and foresee the pitfalls that face most authors. They aren’t afraid of the (often not fun) work that must be done between sending a book to print and finding success. We often joke that they lead our authors from “that wonderful book” to “that damn book” and back again before eventually taking them to “I have an idea for my next book.”

BOOK DESIGN At Deeds Publishing, we are more than just a pretty face. While people may judge a book by its cover, they also judge the interior design—readers can tell the difference between a professionally formatted interior, and one done on-the-fly. Our interiors are consistent and polished in a manner traditionally associated with big New York publishers while remaining unique to each book’s style and flair. Most importantly, our interiors allow the reader to forget that they’re reading, and simply become enveloped in your story. The look of an e-book is just as important as that of a print book. A large percentage of modern readers will first discover your work digitally; it’s essential to get it right, lest they click away. Deeds e-books are optimized for all e-readers, from Kindle to iBooks to Nook, so every reader gets the best experience possible.

COVER DESIGN Though your words may be what causes a reader to fall in love, the cover is what sells the book. Our award-winning designer, Mark Babcock, is always up-to-date of the latest trends and strategies in the field and is ready to outfit your story with a cover that will capture readers. Our cover designs are high-quality, optimized for all sizes, and will stand out, whether in the bookstore or online, ensuring no reader will be able to resist taking a peek inside.

The Trigger Effect a novel by Jeremy Logan with Brenda Sevcik

EDITING At Deeds, we recognize that an in-depth and collaborative editing experience is key to taking your book from rough draft to perfect product. Our highly qualified editors and readers have years of experience working with books in a variety of genres, from military memoirs to Southern fiction to murder mysteries, and are eager to apply this knowledge to make your story shine like no other. Follow along with our straightforward and reliable method of editing, where you can see every change and comment made by our editors right on your computer—with track changes, revising your novel is quick and painless. Once you have signed with Deeds, the first step in the editing process is a critique of the work as a whole, addressing such concerns as plot structure, character growth, point-of-view, and tense, as well as any reoccurring grammar or punctuation issues our editors encounter. From here, you will have the opportunity to rework your story with our guidance and further define what exactly makes your book special. After this, we offer an in-depth, sentence-by-sentence level edit to polish your words to perfection—always with your collaboration and consent. Then, your work will move through multiple rounds of proofreading to ensure every letter, comma, space, and semi-colon is in line with your vision. Before you know it, your book will be on its way to publication!

PHOTOGRAPHY On top of our award-winning design services, Deeds authors will have access to our team of dedicated and skilled visual experts. Our resident photographer, Matt King, is keen to apply his skills for your needs, including high-quality and professional author portraits you can use online, on marketing materials, and in your book. In addition, we offer photo retouching and compositing, using industry-standard non-destructive techniques.

MARKETING MATERIALS Our team of graphic designers is at-the-ready to help market your book with custom-designed bookmarks, postcards, posters, and any other print materials you think will help your book reach acclaim. Deeds will imagine, design, print, and ship these materials for you. Want to expand your reach online? In addition to an author page hosted on our website, Deeds Publishing can set up and design a unique website to further promote your brand. With our help, you can make your mark on the web, start a blog, gain a following, and bring your book to a much wider audience. Even further, Deeds can bring your story to an entirely new medium by fully developing, filming, and producing a distinctive book trailer for your use.

PULL-UP BANNERS | These larger than life displays are sure to catch the attention of any passerby, drawing in and bringing them straight to you and your books. Perfect for bookstores, festivals, and signings.

When Frank Cunningham entered old age, it was with self-assurance, a plan, and a secret. To anyone looking, he seems to have all the answers. Then, Sara, a blue-haired, pierced coed, stumbles into his life. But like Frank, Sara isn’t the stereotype she seems. She too is hiding a secret, and it soon threatens to unravel her life at the seams. In nearby Deer Creek, Frank’s widowed sister-in-law, Jessie, has her own unsettling encounter, one that leaves her feeling uncharacteristically fearful and suspicious. But when an odd art gallery and its mysterious proprietor suddenly appear in town, the three fall into an unlikely alliance and delve deep into an investigation more dangerous than they ever imagined possible. ISBN 978-1-944193-90-4 $14.95– 222 pages www.deedspublishing.com www.RevJodyHill.com | (662) 512-8226 | [email protected]


BOOKMARKS | Every reader loves a

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AUTHOR SUPPORT Happy authors write better books, and you as the author are the most important part of the publication process. That means we are dedicated to getting you and your book out into the world through expanded international distribution, local and national booksellers, and e-book sellers, so readers everywhere can access your work. But simply distributing is not enough; Deeds will help set up book launches and signings across the country, encourage participation in festivals, and help market you wherever you go. Come with us to the Decatur Book Festival and discover a new community of readers and writers, enter your book in the Indie Book Awards for the chance at acclaim, and join our team as we support you in your journey to becoming a successful published author.

Dear New Author,

There is nothing that pleases the Deeds Publishing team more than seeing the smile on an author’s face when they first hold their completed book in their hands. We know that each and every book contains months, years, or even a lifetime of work on the author’s part. From the first word written to the final printed page, every step along the way builds on the author’s vision and the journey they’ve taken to make it a reality. Each time we are graciously chosen to help an author navigate the maze of publishing, we dedicate our years of experience and love of good books to making their dream become a reality. Whether it’s the author’s first story or only the newest work in a career of many, we always strive to make the book one that the author, the reader, and Deeds can be proud of.

Bob Babcock

CEO & Founder, Deeds Publishing

Deeds Publishing 345 West Hancock Ave. Athens, GA 30601 www.DeedsPublishing.com