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Mar 27, 2018 - Even something simple like chalk can be a great addition to the outdoor play environment. Observe what is going on at playtime—there are so many unteachable skills developing in a great recess. Can you spot the leaders? The team players? The child enjoying the feel of the sun? The persevering child?
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In May each year, the International School Grounds Alliance calls on schools around the globe to take their students outside to celebrate their grounds during International School Grounds Month. We believe school grounds are increasingly critical public spaces for the healthy development of children and youth. School grounds should be places where young children can experiment with gravity by playing with water in their sandbox, use acorns to explore math concepts, build forts with friends, and engage all of their senses to explore their physical and natural surroundings. Older youth can use the school grounds to calculate sun angles, raise and prepare healthy foods in their school gardens, and analyze stormwater flows across their school ground landscapes. The possibilities for engaging children and youth with hands-on outdoor activities on school grounds are bounded only by imagination. This International School Grounds Month Activity Guide contains over 100 activities written by 73 organizations around the globe for children and youth between the ages of 3-18 years old. More than 130 additional school ground activities can be found in the second book in our set, the Living Schoolyard Activity Guide: United States Edition, produced by our colleagues at Green Schoolyards America. These two books follow the same format, but include different activities. We encourage you to download both and use them together. The activities in this set demonstrate the wide range of potential uses for school grounds—from providing a space for place-based science and artistic expression to fostering imaginative play and community engagement. School ground activities can be implemented before, during, and after school, during class time or during free time. The Activity Guides also provide compelling arguments for including outdoor time in the school day, and shaping school grounds to facilitate the well-being of children and the environment. We hope this Activity Guide set will encourage schools around the world to take their students outdoors in May and use their school grounds to their fullest year-round. Visit internationalschoolgrounds.org for free digital copies of both Activity Guides.

The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL GROUNDS ALLIANCE is a global network of organizations and professionals working to enrich children’s learning and play by improving the way school grounds are designed, used, and managed.


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