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Sep 16, 2009 - Paybill. £3.026bn. Jobseeker's allowance. £2.881bn. Other admin spending. £2.734bn ... maternity pay. £2.075bn .... visa services £0.415bn.
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Investment in school buildings

School standards

Other school spending




Learning and Skills Council £4.441bn

General schools' spending

Academies & specialist schools



School meals


+4% Teachers' pension scheme

Learning and Skills Council




Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform [3]



Department for Children, Schools and Families



Children & families



National policing improvement agency £0.596bn



Department for Transport



Capital support to local authorities £1.9bn


Capital grants to private sector



Office of Fair Trading (Oft) £0.078bn (-1%)

£24.1bn [1]

£ 0.035bn



Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) £0.222bn (+3%)


DVLA £0.57bn

Office of Rail Regulation £0.0323bn Accident investigation £0.016bn (+8%) Clean fuels & vehicles £0.016bn

Bus service operators’ grant £0.4bn British Transport police £0.27bn VOSA £0.19bn Driving standards agency £0.19bn


Kaupthing statutory debt



Cabinet Office


Royal Air Force

Submarines £2.1bn

Electoral Commission £0.023bn (+2%)


Frigates & destroyers £1.8bn Naval aircraft £1.2bn


Royal Navy

Eliminating £5.2bn poverty

Rest of world £0.4bn Development £0.3bn



HM Revenue and Customs [8]


BBC media monitoring £0.025bn

Government security programme £0.012 SCOPE programme £0.006bn Electronic communications assurance programme



Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs [4]

Environment £1.0bn Environmental emergencies £1.0bn



Conflict prevention



£3.051bn (+1%)

Ministry of defence [9]


Northern Ireland Office


Afghanistan £2.6bn

Prisons £0.157bn Compensation agency £0.055bn Public prosecution service £0.038bn Criminal justice £0.034bn Youth justice agency £0.022bn

Operations £5bn War pensions

Devolved spending Northern Ireland Health, social services £4.87bn

Devolved spending Scotland

Finance & sustainable growth




£16.3bn +6%

Regional development

Environment £0.14bn Culture, arts & leisure £0.20bn Trade, enterprise £0.25bn


Agriculture £0.34bn

Employment & learning






NOTES predominantly financed by their income, such as the Crown Estate or the Export Credits Guarantee Department. The totals here add up to more than the total budget, because some of the smaller government departments are funded via the larger ones, such as the Parliamentary Counsel Office, funded via the Cabinet Office.

Rural affairs, environment


ALL % CHANGES DO NOT TAKE ACCOUNT OF INFLATION [1] Interest paid on the public d