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IRISH FARMERS JOURNAL Saturday 23 December 2017 S


14,500 wait on GLAS payments WILLIAM CONLON To date, there are 36,000 GLAS participants who have received 2017 advance payments, according to Department figures. The total value of these payments is €124m, with €12m issuing in the last week up to December 15. “The Department is currently reviewing all GLAS cases where issues have arisen that have impacted on the GLAS participant’s payment. Further payments will issue this week and payments will continue as cases pass the suite of checks required before payment can issue,” according to a Department spokesperson. This means that there are still approximately 14,500 farmers who are yet to receive 2017 advance payments. “Many of the cases that have not been paid could not be paid, as a nutrient management plan (NMP) had not been submitted by advisers in respect of GLAS I and II participants,” the spokesperson said. “In cases with commonages, a commonage management plan (CMP) has not been submitted by the participant’s adviser. In addition, annual Low Emission Slurry Spreading forms have not been returned or they were not correct. Also rare breed forms are outstanding in many cases that include these actions. “The remaining cases are currently being checked against the Department’s databases and once these cases pass validation checks will be included in future payment runs. Where action is needed by the participant concerned, the Department will be in direct contact with them.” As of 15 December, there were still 2,200 NMPs outstanding, while there were also 1,750 CMPs also outstanding. GLAS records With GLAS inspections ongoing it is important to ensure all record sheets for the scheme are up to date. You must record the LPIS number where actions were carried out. Each GLAS action has a section in the sheet and different information will be required depending on the action carried out. For example, for bird boxes, the sheets look for the LPIS number, the number of boxes installed and maintenance carried out, if any, including date of installation of boxes. All record sheets should be retained for the duration of the contract.


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8,000 farmers yet to complete GLAS training WILLIAM CONLON According to figures released by the Department of Agriculture to the Irish Farmers Journal, there are still at least 8,000 farmers from GLAS I and II who are yet to complete the required training course. According to Department figures, over 29,000 GLAS scheme participants have attended courses to date. In excess of 5,000 GLAS participants are also scheduled to attend courses in the near future. The Department stated:

“GLAS I and II participants must attend a GLAS training course by 31 December 2017, as set out in the scheme terms and conditions. Failure to meet this requirement will affect future GLAS payments. There are under 37,000 participants in GLAS I and II.” Additionally, there are 13,500 participants in GLAS III who are required to attend a GLAS training course by the end of 2018. The failure of farmers to carry out a GLAS training course will result in the sus-

pension of all future GLAS payments until proof is provided that they have attended an approved course according to the terms and conditions of the scheme. In a positive boost, payments for GLAS training courses have begun to issue to farmers. “Payments in respect of each GLAS participant who has attended a GLAS training course have commenced to GLAS trainers, with payments valued at over €3.1m issued to date,” the Department said. This would equate to 19,620

farmers receiving their €158 payment, with a further 9,380 farmers who have completed a training course yet to receive payment. In relation to payments to advisers, the Department said: “The payments to GLAS trainers will issue when the submission of proof that their client farmers have received their payment is submitted. Subject to the required validation checks being passe