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Contrasting Narratives A Comparative Study of European and North American National Security Strategies


Contrasting Narratives A Comparative Study of European and North American National Security Strategies


Acknowledgements Text: Celia McKeon Design: Jane Stevenson The author gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following colleagues in strengthening the text: Ivan Campbell, Ben Donaldson, Teresa Dumasy, Diana Francis, David Gee, Ann Feltham, Judith Large, Andrew Rigby, Natalie Samarasinghe, Patricia Sellick, Jordan Street. Rethinking Security also extends its thanks and appreciation to the Social Change Initiative (www.thesocialchangeinitiative.org) for enabling this research.

This report may be distributed freely for non-commercial purposes. Please cite as: Rethinking Security. (2018). Contrasting Narratives: A Comparative Study of European and North American National Security Strategies.

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Contents Introducing Rethinking Security


Executive Summary


Scope and methodology


Key Findings



1. Definitions, goals and interests 1.1 Starting points: civilian protection, constitutional order, territorial integrity 1.2 Broadening the concept: comprehensive approaches 1.3 Security and economic prosperity 1.4 International security

2. Assumptions about security 2.1 Which assumptions are most prevalent? 2.2 Assumptions about how security is created in the international arena 2.3 Assumptions about how security is created in the domestic arena 2.4 Scrutinising the assumptions

3. Analysis of security challenges 3.1 The most frequently cited security challenges 3.2 The analytical presentation of security challenges

4. Strategic responses 4.1 Policy emphasis 4.2 Alliances: a means or an end?

5. Democratic participation and oversight 5.1 Consultation 5.2 Parliamentary engagement and oversight 5.3 National Security Councils 5.4 Citizen engagement

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Conclusion: options for strengthening future national security strategies




APPENDIX 1 Definitions and goals of national security APPENDIX 2 Summary of states’ strategic response frameworks APPENDIX 3 Mechanisms for democratic engagement and accountability APPENDIX 4 Bibliography of National Security Strategies Key resources Further reading

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Introducing Rethinking Security Rethinking Security is a network of UK-based organisations, academics and activists. We hold a shared concern that mainstream approaches to national and international security are failing to provide sustainable security for all 1. We believe it is time to challenge the assumptions and interests that underpin these approaches, and revisit some fundamental questions. What does security really mean? What is needed to build security in the world as we find it? How should these responsibilities be shared?

These are formidable questions, and it is likely that answers can only be found through wider exchanges, new perspectives and a genuine commitment to learning from the evidence of what has and hasn’t worked. This study is one contribution to such efforts. Focusing on the roles of states in contributing to national and global security, it examines the contents of national security strategies: public documents that provide an overview of a state’s appr