A New Dimension to Product Presentation In-Store Showcase

In-Store Showcase Software Suite pre-installed, it's literally plug & play. Software Suite ... Follow these three easy steps to create your own digital message:.
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A New Dimension to Product Presentation In-Store Showcase Attract Customers with High Quality Signage Content on a Transparent Display Present a product via a transparent display where the product can be placed inside the box. Thanks to the transparency of the display; video, images and other animated graphics can be displayed in front of the product. The eye-catching display will attract customers towards your product while providing them with information. Bring the shopping experience to another level by combining digital communications in-store. This is an all-in-one package; all you need to do is upload your graphics. + Innovative product advertising + Increase product visibility + Enhance the shopping experience

In-Store Showcase The In-Store Showcase Solution Includes:


+ Transparent Display

Media Player

Signage Software

Software Suite Set-up and installation are made easy with the operating system and the In-Store Showcase Software Suite pre-installed, it’s literally plug & play.

Follow these three easy steps to create your own digital message:


Upload your Content


Design your Channel


Schedule your Content

Upload your logos, images, video files, flash files and other relevant content to the media server.

Start off by simply using one of the 30+ templates included in the package as your standard template. Or create an entirely personalised template to suit your brand style.

Combine elements and pages from your narrowcast into a central scheduling system. Predetermine which content will be shown at which precise time.

Product Specifications: Part Number: 491.DE571.0020 Transparent Display Dimensions Weight Resolution Connectivity Contrast Ratio

788.9 x 486.4 x 324.7 mm 32 kg

Media Player DE35-HD Dimensions Weight

Software Suite

166 x 48 x 157 mm 1.03 kg


High Performance AMD Technology


Capable of Dual Screen Output by DVI/VGA and Displayport/HDMI





2W x 2




320 GB


5.1 Channel via HDMI


Windows 7 Embedded

Includes 30+ Professional Templates to visually enhance your message Easy to use: design, schedule and play your message in 3 simple steps Supports a wide variety of elements, including: - Images (JPG, PNG, BMP) - Video (AVI, SWF, WMV) - Adobe Flash

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