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never exist to make every video game compliant in the same way Section. 508 guarantees accessibility on the. Web. Lastly, given the massive complex- ity of today's games, the cost-benefit analysis for true total inclusion will never translate to profitable propo- sition for the backers of a project, therefore it is a nonstarter.
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Written By: Mark C. Barlet Steve D. Spohn Editors: Alicia Drumgoole Jay Taylor Mason

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Those of us who have been lucky enough to interact with the gaming community know that the time we spend on video games can have a tangible effect in our everyday lives. From the friendships we make to the adventures we have, these experiences are cherished long after the pixels on the screen fade away. These journeys are important. More so to those who may never experience some of the things that video games give us a glimpse into... things as simple as running, jumping and just hanging with friends.

There should be no barriers to fun.

ABLEGAMERS 2013 The AbleGamers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for gamers with disabilities. Our mission is to broaden the range of video games that are accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. With over 3.5 million views per month, AbleGamers has grown over the last eight years to be the largest online community and database of videogame reviews based on accessibility for disabled gamers. We advocate for the disabled

gaming community by reviewing products, consulting with disabled gamers, and reaching out to developers to explain the importance of accessibility and how to reach the more than 33 million gamers in the United States alone. At the request of many game development studios, we have compiled an easy to read guide to accessibility. In this road map, we will finally answer the question that has been stated many times before: How do we add accessibility for disabled

gamers? This document does not explain the technical ways to design a video game. Instead, it explains the most important accessibility options that can be included into a video game and what each one of them means to the end-user. In a three-tier style, we will explain the options that need to be included to assist those with mobility, hearing, visual and cognitive disabilities.

[ PRESIDENT'S WORD ] Dear Developers, Over 8 years ago I started AbleGamers as a way to serve an audience that was largely being overlooked. Gamers with disabilities needed a resource to hold information on how to play games more easily, which games are more accessible, a