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A User Experience. Website Evaluation. HELLO. I'll be your. UX Tour Guide ... as poor vision or color blindness can easily use the website. Responsive/Mobile ...
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A User Experience Website Evaluation O L L E e your

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e d i u G r u o T

First Impression Clear value proposition. A visitor immediately understands what your business is all about and why they need you above a competitor. Aesthetic design. The design is clean, organized and pleasing to the eye and emotions. Information hierarchy. The most important information found toward the top of the page. Relevancy. All content and images support your company and brand values. Eye path. The user's eye is immediately drawn to the most important sections/ information. Social proof. The website promotes offsite social media interaction.

Usability Accessibility. Those with visual impairments such as poor vision or color blindness can easily use the website. Responsive/Mobile design. Website is accessible by and useful to the multi­platform user. Effective forms. Forms are simple, personalized and help a user reach a goal. Intuition. The steps toward reaching a goal are obvious and expected.

Navigation Efficient navigation. Your website’s navigation is logically organized and categorized to find information quickly. Conversion path. Your website guides a user through a predesigned path to accomplish a goal. Consistency. The main navigation remains consistent across all pages. Search. If need be (for larger sites) there is a search feature to ensure that a user can use search terms to find what they’re looking for immediately.


Aesthetics. The website design and color scheme is aesthetically pleasing to the user. Information Architecture (IA). Important information is placed higher on the webpage. Clean. The website’s design doesn’t feel cluttered and overwhelming. Consistency. There is a basic consistency in design throughout the site. Branding. The design and color scheme are easily recognizable to your brand and support your brand’s overall look, feel and personality.

Content Readability. Your content is easy to read, scannable and easy to digest. Accuracy/Freshness. Your content is up­to­date and accurate. Enjoyment. Content is enjoyable to read and supports your brand’s tone of voice. (Especially blog content.) Relevancy. The content on each page is relevant to that page and your business, and is also relevant to your user and their needs. Usefulness. The content on each page useful them accomplish something ­ such as solving a problem or accomplish a goal.

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