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and create a trust framework that enables secure digital platforms and new biometric .... extent to which the platform could form the basis of “digital signatures”.
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A Verifiable Success The future of identity in the UK

Scott Corfe

A Verifiable Success The future of identity in the UK Scott Corfe

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CONTENTS Acknowledgements 5 About the author


Foreword from OT-Morpho


Executive summary


Introduction 12 Who are you? Proving your identity in the UK


Proving your identity elsewhere


The problems with business as usual


The opportunity


Seizing the opportunity


Conclusions 42


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Scott Corfe Scott Corfe joined the SMF as Chief Economist in 2017. Before joining, he was Head of Macroeconomics and a Director at the economics consultancy Cebr, where he led much of the consultancy’s thought leadership and public policy research. His expert insights are frequently sought after in publications including the Financial Times, the Sunday Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. Scott has appeared on BBC News, Sky News, Radio 4 and a range of other broadcast media. Scott was voted one of the top three forecasters of UK GDP by Focus Economics in 2016.



FOREWORD FROM OT-MORPHO The UK ranks as one of the world’s leading digital economies, and the Government has helped to make this possible through ambitious programmes such as GOV.UK Verify, which allows a single trusted login across all government digital services. ID assurance programmes such as Verify have revolutionised how we carry out what are now everyday tasks – such as signing in to a personal tax account, claiming for money owed or checking a state pension. But we are still at the start of this journey. Verify lays the foundations for the UK to go further in terms of secure online verification. The challenge for governments around the world is to set high standards and create a trust framework that enables secure digital platforms and new biometric technologies