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AAMN Application for Texas Master Naturalist Program Our Mission Statement “Certified Master Naturalists are Volunteers dedicated to the Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of our Natural Resources and to promoting Ecological Education for all Ages.” In order to meet our Mission, the Master Naturalist program provides trained volunteers to work on natural resource projects and to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our natural resources. The goals of the Texas Master Naturalist training program are: 1) to provide opportunities for volunteers to use and expand their skills and knowledge of natural resources and their proper management with emphasis on native flora and fauna, and 2) to provide volunteer service to the San Antonio area through educational and enrichment programs that lead to preserving and enhancing natural resources for our community. The training program requires a background check and completion of the training course (approximately 56 hours) followed by 40 hours of volunteer service and eight hours of advanced training each year to attain and maintain certified Texas Master Naturalist status. A background check is required every three years. Annual chapter dues of $12 are collected on January 1. Instructions (For instructions on how to fill out a PDF form, click on link http://goo.gl/yXvYX3 and scroll down.) Please print or type when filling out the application form. Be specific and detailed with your answers. Please send the completed application form by the submission deadline of the training session that you want to attend (Spring or Fall). Submission deadlines for the Spring and Fall sessions can be found at our chapter Web site, or in our chapter newsletter. Applicants accepted into the training program will need to pay a $200.00 tuition fee. This fee will pay for the Texas Master Naturalist Handbook, a name badge, and other needed supplies. If using postal mail, please do not send the fee with your application. Tuition is not due until the applicant is accepted into the program. One application per person, please. All notifications will be made by email or if necessary postal mail. For more information, visit our website at www.txmn.org/alamo. The Alamo Master Naturalist Chapter is open to all individuals and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability.

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Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: _________ ZIP: __________________ Phone: (home)___________________ (work)___________________ (cell)___________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________________ Occupation: ______________________________________________________________________ If retired, what was your profession? ___________________________________________________ What times do you have available each week for activities? Only evenings and weekends Available during the work week

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Total Hours available per week _______________________________________________________ AAMN Master Naturalist Training Program Application

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How did you hear about the training program?____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ What specific interests do you have that relate directly to our Mission Statement? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________