ABB drive services, Spare Parts service

Sep 28, 2015 - Business Online is found at Delivery times. Those spare parts that are not available locally are dispatched from ABB's ...
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ABB drive services Spare Parts service

Genuine ABB spare parts: global on-time delivery If a fault is detected within a drive, the right spare part can be delivered as soon as you need it.

Genuine spare parts

One-year warranty

Doorstep delivery

Using genuine spare parts lets your drive operate as planned, leading to trouble-free operation of your plant or process.

ABB provides a one-year warranty for individual spare parts and spare part kits.

Global network of ABB offices and third party channel companies allows efficient delivery of spare parts wherever you need them.

Is my drive suitable?

Need help?

We offer spare parts for all LV and MV drives that are in active or classic phase of their life cycle. A selection of spare parts are available for some limited phase drives. Check the life cycle phase of your drives and spare part availability with your ABB contact.

Contact ABB or third party channel company.

SP74 REV D EN 28.9.2015 *12184

ABB Spare Parts service delivery

How to order?

Delivery times

To obtain the correct spare parts contact either ABB or an authorized value provider. Alternatively, registered users can order spare parts any time of day using ABB’s information and ordering system, Business Online.

Those spare parts that are not available locally are dispatched from ABB’s global or regional service center.

Business Online is found at

For urgent deliveries, ABB offers an express service using global service centers that are ready, 24/7, to receive and dispatch orders coming from anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact your local ABB representative or visit:

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