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The funds must be held in one or more regulated financial institutions. (another 25 points) ... firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This could ...
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About  Tier  1  –  Entrepreneur  Visas     If  you  are  planning  to  set  up  or  actively  take  over  the  running  of  one  or  more   UK  businesses,  this  is  the  visa  for  you.   The  UK  is  definitely  open  for  business  and  runs  a  points-­‐based  application   process.     To  be  successful,  you  need  to  score  a  total  of  95  points  and  meet  all  the  other   requirements  of  the  Immigration  Rules.      

Criteria  for  Success   These  criteria  form  a  hierarchy  of  requirements.    

1. Access  to  at  least  £200,000  –  25  points   The  funds  must  be  held  in  one  or  more  regulated  financial  institutions   (another  25  points)    and  be  disposable  (free  to  spend)  in  the  United   Kingdom  (another  25  points)  .     You  and  one  other  person  can  both  apply  as  a  team  and  score  points  for   access  to  the  same  investment  funds  so  long  as  you  both  have  equal   access  to  the  money  and  are  able  to  invest  in  freely  in  the  UK.        

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The  funds  can  be  your  own  money  or  from  a  third  party  as  long  as  you   have  access  and  freedom  to  invest  and  can  obtain  a  declaration  to  this   effect.  It  must  be  validated  by  a  legal  representative.       There  are  a  few  nuances  that  we  can  help  you  work  through  to  make   sure  you  comply.       If  you  don’t  have  access  to  personal  funds  you  can  also  score  25  points  if   you  have  access  to  at  least  £50,000  from  one  or  more  Venture  Capital   firms  regulated  by  the  Financial  Services  Authority  (FSA).       This  could  include  an  award  from    a  UK  Entrepreneurial  Seed  Funding   competition  (one  that  can  be  verified  on  the  UK  Trade  &  Investment (UKTI) website) or a UK government department    initiative.   All  of  the  £50,000  must  come  from  approved  organisations  –  you  cannot   include  other  funds  otherwise  you  have  to  revert  to  the  £200,000   requirement.     Access  to  investible  finance  counts  for  a  possible  75  points  in  total    

2. Maintenance  Allowance  -­‐  10  points   You  must  have  enough  money  to  support  yours  living  expenses    while   you  are  in  the  UK.    This  is  over  and  above  the  investible  amount.       You  are  expected  to  have  savings  of  at  least  £2,800  (if  you  are  applying   from  outside  the  UK)    in  cash  in  a  verifiable  bank  account  for  at  least  90   consecutive  days  before  you  apply.         The  amount  varies  if  you  are  already  present  in  the  UK  and  have  other   demonstrable  means  to  support  yourself.    

3. English  language-­‐  10  points   You  must  be  able  to  speak  English  to  the  required  standard  or  be  a   national  of  an  eligible  English  speaking  country.  

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Important  conditions   You  are  not  allowed  to  take  any  employment.  Working  on  the  business  is  the   only  work  allowed.     If  you  need  to  seek  a  visa  extension,    you  will  need  to  show  that  you  have   created  the  equivalent  of  at  least  two  new  full-­‐time  jobs  for  people  living  in  the   UK.      

About  dependants   Dependants  are  allowed  to  join  you  in  the  UK.  This  means  your    wife,  husband,   civil  partner,  same-­‐sex  partner,  unmarried  partner  or  a  child  under  the  age  of   18  years.     You  will  need  to