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GENERAL. • What is Development Innovation Accelerator? ..... A successful application to the GDA APS will result in an award of a Public-Private Partnership.
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What is Development Innovation Accelerator?

What is a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)?

What areas are covered by the Accelerator BAA?

What is the purpose of the Lab’s Accelerator?

How does the Accelerator work?

Who can apply to an Accelerator Addendum?

What does the Accelerator workflow look like?


What makes the Accelerator’s approach different from USAID’s other development approaches?

Is the Accelerator going to cover the entire Agency or just the Lab?

When should the Contracting/Agreement Officer be involved in the process?

Is there competition in the BAA process?

Can you use traditional tools instead of the Accelerator for the same purpose?

Who is in the Accelerator STIP Review Board?

Will each Accelerator Addendum have a different Review Board?

Will the Missions be involved in the review of proposals related to their own country?

Is the proposal review and selection different for the Missions and the Lab?

How long does it take to get an agreement or partnership signed under the Accelerator BAA?

Can the Missions use the Lab's Accelerator or should they issue their own BAA? Page 1 of 14

Do we need to have a Project Appraisal Document (PAD) in place to issue our own BAA or an addendum to the Accelerator BAA? Does the PAD need to be amended before or after the managementapproval stage?

Are the Contracting Officers trained on using the Accelerator BAA?

What are the comparative similarities and differences between the GDA/APS and the Accelerator BAA?

Why did USAID introduce this new BAA mechanism for STIP? What advantages did this offer compared to existing procurement mechanisms? Are there new requirements or restrictions that implementing partners need to be aware of?

The Agency Notice indicates that bureaus, offices, and Missions will be able to work with the Lab to issue an Accelerator Addendum specific to their own efforts. Does USAID plan to institutionalize BAA more broadly or only for efforts connected to the Lab?


Are Mission Addenda posted by the Lab?

Should Missions post only to or FBO?

Is there a TEC review? How do you select the partner?

Will there be more than one award?


The list of eligible organizations posted on seems very broad. Are there particular partnerships that USAID is seeking to foster?

Since there is no specific project timeframe or funding level, do organizations propose these with agreement to be established with USAID as part of the consultative cocreating/co-designing collaborative process? Are there particular timeframes for results, e.g., one year versus three years that might make a proposal more appealing for funding?

Will the process start any time with the submission of an expression of interest? Is there a tentative timetable for review and feedback of ideas presented in the expression of interest?

Besides cost sharing, matching or leveraging, what “other exchange of resource arrangements” have been used successfully or should be tested?

If my expression of interest is chosen to move forward to the concept note stage, is this a commitment of fund