Accessibility Action Plan Consultation

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Accessibility Action Plan Consultation

A Transport System that is open to everyone

August 2017 September 2016

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Ministerial Foreword DPTAC Chair Foreword How to respond to the consultation 1. Introduction 2. Scope 3. The progress so far 4. Consistency in accessing transport services Accessible streets Tactile paving Shared space Cycling Infrastructure Audible and Visual announcements on buses Physical Accessibility of buses Bus concessionary fares Increasing availability and accessibility of taxis and private hire vehicles Ensuring a consistent taxi service Reviewing the Blue Badge scheme Railway station improvements Guidance on access to air travel Accessibility on passenger ships and at ports 5. Monitoring the Impact of Regulatory Compliance Improving accessibility and passenger experience on board trains Progress so far Continuously improving the passenger experience Ongoing accessibility of buses and coaches Refusal of assistance dogs in taxis Monitoring abuse of disabled parking spaces 6. Training and education 7. Spontaneous travel Spontaneous rail travel Passenger Assist The future of rail ticketing 8. Building confidence and empowerment Information on rights Information on accessibility levels Disabled Persons Railcard National Assistance Card or other assistance for people with less visible disabilities Travel training, buddying and mentoring schemes Mobility Centres Advice on when to stop driving Community Transport Mobility scooters 3

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Pavement maintenance Unauthorised pavement parking 9. Strengthening our evidence base Innovation as a tool for accessibility 10. Inclusive policy making 11 Measuring delivery of outcomes Monitoring of delivery against commitments Annex A: Organisations contributing to development of priorities Annex B: Abbreviations and Acronyms


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Ministerial Foreword

My ambition is to ensure that people with physical and hidden disabilities have the same access to transport and opportunities to travel as everyone else. This consultation seeks to understand what more needs to be done to improve transport accessibility and is my first major action as Accessibility Minister. This Government is committed to improving disabled people’s access to transport. As we set out in our 2017 manifesto, we believe that where you live, shop, go out, travel or park your car should not be determined by your disability. Accessible transport can make the difference between feeling socially isolated and feeling socially included. It can influence the extent to which you feel lonely or depressed,