Achieving Sustainable Achieving Sustainable Transportation System ...

Mar 22, 2013 - Indian Cities – Issues and Strategies. Issues and ... E-mail: [email protected] ..... dense bus network, high quality bus services, ... P h.
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IISc Bangalore g

Achieving Sustainable Transportation System for Indian Cities – Issues and Strategies g


Dr. Ashish Verma Assistant Professor ((Dept. p of Civil Engg.) and Associate Faculty (Ci (CiSTUP) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore – 560012, India E-mail: [email protected] Presentation at Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Bangalore, 22nd March 2013

Dr. Ashish Verma


Transportation Discipline y Traditionally supply

y Gradual realization of



y Focus only on addition of

y Land

physical infrastructure

y Resources y Energy y Environment


Dr. Ashish Verma, IISc Bangalore

Indian Conditions – Adding to the P bl Problem y Heterogeneous

y Population growth

y Non-lane based

y High density growth in

y Driver behaviour

cities y Exponential E l growthh in vehicles etc.

y Poor integration between

land-use and transportation etc etc.

High transport externalities - Focus on Sustainability


Dr. Ashish Verma, IISc Bangalore

Transportation – Externalities y Transportation Planning Effects


3/22/2013 3:41:35 PM

Transportation – Externalities y Transportation – Environment Interaction


3/22/2013 3:41:35 PM

Key Issues y Access, not Mobility y Activities tend to spread out in car-oriented cities y People have to travel more for the same level of accessibility y Moving People, not Cars y Purposeful mobility y Need to nurture public transport, giving priority to them over cars


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Shift in Approach y Supply centric to

Demand centric – Optimize

y Traffic ff management y Demand management y Travel T l bbehaviour h i

Often too complex and beyond manual interventions by humans Technology intervention is necessary to succeed. 7

Dr. Ashish Verma, IISc Bangalore

Emergence of Vehicle Telematics and ITS y Positioning

y Communications

y Mapping

y Electronics

y Remote Sensing etc.

y IT y Image processing etc.


Dr. Ashish Verma, IISc Bangalore

Sustainability? y Development p that meets the needs of the p present

without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Dr. Ashish Verma


3D Maatrix atrix of Sustainabi Sustainabiility ility

Dr. Ashish Verma 10


Source: Jeon and Amekudzi , 2005


Dr. Ashish Verma

Goal for Sustainable Transportation y Develop D l b tt better t transportation t ti systems, t options, ti and d

expectations consistent with the objective of securing f future social i l and d economic i development d l within i hi a sustainable environment that ensures community wellbeing.


Dr. Ashish Verma

Hierarchical Diagram for Sustainable Transportation

( Source: Black & Paez, 2002)


Dr. Ashish Verma

Economic Factors for Transportation System Sustainability S i bili

Source: Jeon and Amekudzi , 2005 14

Dr. Ashish Verma

Environmental Factors for Transportation y Sustainabilityy System

Source: Jeon and Amekudzi , 2005 15

Dr. Ashish Verma

Social Factors for Transportation System y Sustainability

Source: Jeon and Amekudzi , 2005 16

Dr. Ashish Verma

Are current systems and trends in Indian cities sustainable? ¾ Can be und