Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Publishing Suite combined with Adobe Experience Manager provides a ... Cloud allowing direct access to DAM assets from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and.
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Multichannel publishing Solution Brief

Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Reduce publishing costs for content-centric apps by reusing content across web and mobile apps For publishers and brands looking to engage customers across web and mobile apps, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite combined with Adobe Experience Manager provides a cost-effective solution for creating, managing, and producing content-centric apps for tablet and smartphone devices. Customers can maintain brand consistency and reduce publishing costs by using the intuitive, drag-and-drop interface in Experience Manager to update content once for distribution across all digital channels, including the web, mobile web, and mobile apps. With the integration of Experience Manager and Digital Publishing Suite, publishers and brands can simplify the authoring of content into apps, leverage that content across apps and the web, and streamline the management of digital assets for tablet and smartphone devices. In the process, they can reduce publishing time and cost for mobile apps while maintaining control over the branded content experience.

What is Adobe Experience Manager? Adobe Experience Manager is a web content management platform that enables marketers to create, manage, and optimize online customer experiences to build brand, drive demand, and extend reach. Experience Manager offers an intuitive application that enables marketers to easily author, manage, and deliver digitally immersive online experiences to reach and engage customers across web, mobile, and social channels. It includes an easy-to-learn authoring environment with support for in-place editing, drag-and-drop page composition from a rich library of web components, intuitive controls for search engine optimization, and scheduled delivery and landing page optimization, including real-time A/B and multivariant tests. Within Experience Manager, teams can easily and effectively create, manage, and control valuable digital assets, including dynamic images, text, and video. Using digital asset management capabilties (DAM), files can be saved, approved, searched, accessed, repurposed, and reused across new channels and geographies for extended print, online, mobile, and rich media projects. DAM is tightly integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud allowing direct access to DAM assets from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With versioning and workflow controls, customers can help ensure brand consistency and preserve brand equity across all channels throughout the content creation and publishing process.

What is Digital Publishing Suite? With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, brands and companies can use designers and marketing staff to produce content-centric apps on tablets and smartphones to extend brand influence and reach. Publishers and brands can bring publications to life with richly designed content and interactivity, produce apps at lower cost, and connect deeply with customers and stakeholders through analytics. With Digital Publishing Suite, brands can take advantage of the latest engagement and communication opportunities on mobile devices.

Benefits With the integration of Digital Publishing Suite and Experience Manager, publishers and brands can reduce app production costs by including content managed by Experience Manager alongside highly designed InDesign layouts in a mobile app. In addition, publishers can maintain brand control over their content by harnessing the power of Experience Manager DAM system to version, maintain, and deploy digital assets into apps. The tight integration between Digital Publishing Suite and Experience Manager allows brands and companies to streamline authoring of tablet and smartphone apps. This integration provides the following benefits: • Intuitive authoring for information workers across the organization—Speed authoring of content for tablet devices by using the Experience Manager intuitive drag-and-drop interface with template support. Streamline authoring by allowing informat