Advances in Dialogic OD

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Winter  Year 2013  Vol. 45  No. 1

Journal of the Organization Development Network

Advances in Dialogic OD Guest Editors: Gervase R. Bushe and Robert J. Marshak

1. An Introduction to Advances in Dialogic Organization Development Robert J. Marshak and Gervase R. Bushe

5. Dialogic OD in Practice: Conversational Approaches to Change in a UK Primary School Stefan Cantore and Wendy Hick

section 1 : theories of dialogic consultation

11. Dialogic OD: A Theory of Practice Gervase R. Bushe

18. A Call to Engage: Realizing the Potential of Dialogic Organization Development Peggy Holman 25. Re-description: A Source of Generativity in Dialogic Organization Development Jacob Storch and Morten Ziethen 30. How to Explore Meaning Making Patterns in Dialogic OD and Coaching Christine Oliver and Stephen Fitzgerald

section 2 : dialogic practices in small groups

35. Using Dialogue Then Deliberation to Transform a Warring Leadership Team John Inman and Tracy A. Thompson 41. From Special to Ordinary: Dialogic OD in Day-to-Day Complexity Keith W. Ray and Joan Goppelt 47. Co-Creative Dialogue for Meeting Practical Challenges: New Approaches Rosa Zubizarreta

section 3 : diagnosis and dialogos

54. The Controversy over Diagnosis in Contemporary Organization Development Robert J. Marshak 60. Practicing in the Grey Area between Dialogic and Diagnostic Organization Development: Lessons from a Healthcare Case Study Yabome Gilpin-Jackson

Winter  Year 2013  Volume 45  No. 1

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