Advancing Transformative Human Rights Education

Apr 13, 2016 - of HRE, a list of HRE manuals, an annotated list of HRE organizations ..... particular by the work of Brazilian scholar Paulo Freire. We identified six key ..... good meals. (Bajaj 2012, 89). Whether for fear of losing her job or a genuine belief in students' right to clean food, the cook changed her behavior.
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Bajaj, M; Cislaghi, B; Mackie, G (2016) Advancing Transformative Human Rights Education. In: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st Century Cambridge: OPB. Open Book Publishers. Downloaded from: DOI:

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Advancing Transformative Human Rights Education Appendix D to the Report of the Global Citizenship Commission

Monisha Bajaj, Beniamino Cislaghi, and Gerry Mackie*

* Authors are listed in alphabetical order. They contributed equally to the work. Gerry Mackie is the corresponding author. © 2016 Monisha Bajaj, Beniamino Cislaghi and Gerry Mackie

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Monisha Bajaj, EdD, [email protected] Associate Professor, International and Multicultural Education Program Coordinator, Human Rights Education Master’s Program University of San Francisco, California, USA Ben Cislaghi, PhD [email protected] PhD, International Development, University of Leeds, UK (2013) Lecturer in Gender and Social Norms, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2016) Gerry Mackie, PhD, [email protected] Associate Professor of Political Science Co-Director, Center on Global Justice University of California, San Diego, USA

The authors thank the NYU Office of the President; the Global Citizenship Commission; the Minderoo Foundation; Fonna Forman (GCC and CGJ-UCSD); the Director of Research and Secretary to the Global Citizenship Commission, Andrew Hilland; the editorial team at Open Book Publishers; external reviewers Diane Gillespie, André Keet, Felisa Tibbitts; the human rights education NGOs People’s Watch (India), Tostan (Africa), Corpovisionarios (Colombia); the participants in their programs; and all the human rights learners in the world.


I. Introduction


The UDHR and Human Rights Education for All


The UDHR and HRE since 1948


Transformative Human Rights Education


Advancing Transformative Human Rights Education




II. History






Existing Domains and Models


Transformative Human Rights Education


III. Principles of Transformative HRE (THRED)




Goal of THRED


THRED Pedagogy


THRED in Multiple Educational Contexts 


THRED Cosmopolitan Approach to Enculturating Human Right