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Scented Donut Journal. Round, pink and totally unique! This is the perfect place to write down all your sweet dreams and wishes. Shaped Journal – Only $12.50.
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A true story of courage and hope!


Robert was born with a face universally called ugly. This is a testament to overcoming hardship, and finding beauty in everything.

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From the author of A Dog’s Purpose !

Sequel to Red Queen !

Glass Sword

The struggle between the rebel army and the oppressed population is escalating, and Mare is caught in the middle.

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A Dog’s Way Home

Bella and Lucas have a rare, unbreakable bond, but when they are separated, Bella makes an unforgetttable journey across the country to be reunited with her “person”.

A milliondollar love story!


Lucky in Love

Maddie wins the lottery but the money causes more problems than she can imagine. Will she ever learn to trust again?

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Only $12

Brand-new from Vikki VanSickle! Edan has to gather the strength to be the hero in her own life. Especially when she meets her dream boy at a costume competition.

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The Winnowing

In a world where the familiar is sinister, and adolescence is a dangerous time, two friends are torn apart just when they need each other the most.

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Wishes do come true.

Exclusive paperback!

The Knowing

The Knowing do not forget, but when memories clash and planets collide, can Samara and Beckett save two worlds, and remember love in a place that has forgotten it?

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Charlie has been making the same wish forever! But when she is sent to live with a family she barely knows, she starts to give up hope. Then she meets a stray dog and learns that wishes really can come true.

t’s See Wha

Wt’!s NeE S e W ha HOT!

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Girl in a Bad Place

Mailee’s best friend Cara decides to stay at the commune, The Haven, forever. Can Mailee save Cara...from herself?

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Holiday romance!

What Light

Can Sierra see beyond Caleb’s dark past and discover how incredible he really is?

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Every family that visits the Fair has a chance to win! Heartstopping thriller!

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Don’t Cosplay with My Heart





Page-turning Mystery!

The Lie Tree

In pursuit of justice and revenge, Faith discovers a strange tree. It might hold the key to her father’s murder – or it may lure the murderer directly to Faith.

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Silver Birch® AwardWinning Author!


Three children embark on harrowing journeys in search of a new home. All face unimaginable dangers. But the hope of tomorrow fuels their will to survive.

Hardcover – Only $12


A story torn from today’s headlines. Sara’s best friend is missing and she faces an impossible choice if she is ever going to find her...alive!