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7 days ago - By motion, approved Kiwanis Club's request to close Center Street, between Plaza and North ..... Engineer Fuss provided background information on the wastewater treatment plant and the desire ...... 726 GREENBRIAR CIR.
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May 7, 2018 6:00 PM May 4, 2018


1. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL A. Pledge of Allegiance 2. REPORT ON CLOSED SESSION(S) B. Approval of Agenda C. Approval of Minutes – March 26, 2018 Special Meeting, April 9, 2018 Special Meeting, April 16, 2018 Regular Meeting, and April 23, 2018 Special Meeting 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS A. Proclamation - 2018 Community Resilience Challenge B. Proclamation - Museum Membership Month C. Presentation on the Sonoma County Affordable Housing Initiative 4. CITY MANAGER REPORTS 5. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON AGENDA ITEMS This time is set aside to receive comments from the public regarding matters of general interest not on the agenda, but related to City Council/RSA business. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the City Council cannot consider any issues or take action on any requests during this comment period. Public comment on non-agenda items is limited to thirty (30) minutes total for all speakers, with each speaker given no more than three (3) minutes. If there are more than ten (10) audience/public comment speakers, the Mayor may reduce each speaker’s time from three (3) minutes so that all speakers have an equal time to speak. At the Mayor’s discretion, the public comment period may be extended past 30 minutes. Members from the public wishing to speak on a Consent Agenda item should notify the Mayor during Public Comments.

6. CONSENT CALENDAR The following items listed on the Consent Calendar are considered routine in nature or have been previously reviewed by the Council and require little or no further discussion by the Council, public, or applicant and action will be taken by the City Council by a single motion. A Councilmember may request that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar and action taken separately. Consensus by a majority of the Councilmembers present will be required in order to

City Council/RSA Regular Meeting Agenda May 7, 2018 Page 2

remove the item. In the event an item is removed, the matter will be considered immediately following the adoption of the Consent Calendar.

A. Resolution Setting the Time and Place for Hearing Protests to Weed Abatement Adopt a Resolution declaring a public nuisance to exist within certain parcels in the city and setting the time and place for hearing protests to weed abatement B. Rezoning and Policy Statement for the Oaks at Foss Creek Project properties located at 51, 99, 111, 145, 153, 157, 163 and 167 Chiquita Road Adopt Ordinance No. 1174, upon second reading by title only and waiving further reading of the text, amending Healdsburg Municipal Code Title 20, Zoning Map, by establishing a Residential Master Plan Zoning District and Policy Statement for the Oaks at Foss Creek Subdivision Project C. Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District Adopt a Resolution of the City Council’s intention to levy and collect annual assessments, preliminarily approving the Annual Engineer’s Report for fiscal year 201819 for the City of Healdsburg Landscaping and Lighting Special Assessment District, and setting the date and time of the public hearing D. City Municipal Airport Contract Award for Aviation Fuel Adopt a Resolution awarding a contract to Eastern Aviation Fuels of North Carolina, Inc. for the purchase and delivery of aviation fuel to the City Municipal Airport for an amount not to exceed $135,000 plus a 10% contingency and authorizing the City Manager to execute the contract and the ability to extend the contract for a maximum of four additional one-year terms with a maximum five-year expenditure of $742,500 7. PUBLIC HEARINGS A. 2017 Housing Element Annual Progress Report By motion, accept the Housing Element Annual Progress Report for the 2017 calendar year and direct staff to submit the report to the State of California Department of Hou