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Staff outreached to RCPA to discuss possible options for assistance and/or grants which may ... BMW i3 electric vehicles, plus incentives for residential chargers.
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City of Sonoma City Council

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7D 11/21/2016

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Staff Contact Carol E. Giovanatto, City Manager

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Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action to Adopt Local Climate Action Measures as Referenced in the Climate Action 2020 Plan Summary In August 2016, staff brought forward the Climate Action 2020 Plan [CAP] representing a coordinated effort amongst the nine cities and the County of Sonoma to address efforts to reduce Green House Gas emissions. This Plan was the result of an extensive amount of work by staff, local and regional partners, business leaders and consultants. The outcome for Sonoma was the recommendation of 22 Climate Action Measures which, if focused on and integrated into a larger workplan, will bring Sonoma closer to meeting it’s Climate 2020 GHG reduction targets. At the same time that the CAP was being presented for adoption, litigation was filed by California River Watch against the County and the County Regional Climate Protection Agency [RCPA], challenging the EIR utilized by the RCPA in approving/preparing the Climate Action Plan. Due to potential exposure to litigation through the City’s participation in the JPA with the County and the RCPA, the City Attorney advised that the approval of the CAP be held in abeyance until the lawsuit was concluded. The lack of an approved CAP or coordinated plan does not lessen the need for Sonoma to continue working towards addressing Climate Change measures and is in line with Council Goals [POLICY & LEADERSHIP: Expand focus on elements of the Climate 2020 Plan Targets]. These efforts to increase focus will need to be addressed in a collaborative approach through a combination of resources. Staff has been reviewing options of moving forward with implementation of the measures as defined in the CAP and a methodology to create a timeline and workplan to meet the City’s target goals along with other duties and priorities as set forth in Council Goals. To move the process forward and begin to make measurable progress on the City’s GHG target goals, staff is recommending the following: 1) By resolution, Council adopt all 22 Climate Action Measures as detailed in the Climate Action 2020 Plan 2) Authorize staff to review options for College Intern and/or Community Volunteer to assist with updating current inventory data and designing implementation program 3) Work with CSEC sub-committee on implementation and community outreach

Recommended Council Action By resolution, adopt all 22 Climate Action Measures as detailed in the Climate Action 2020 Plan and authorize staff to move forward with implementation of measures including options for enlisting outside support staff. Alternative Actions


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Council discretion. Financial Impact Undetermined at this time. Additional costs for this program will be presented at a subsequent Council meeting for a requested budget modification. Environmental Review Environmental Impact Report Negative Declaration Exempt Not Applicable

Status Approved/Certified No Action Required Action Requested

Attachments: Supplemental Report Resolution Climate Action Plan Measures Excerpt from Climate Action 2020 Plan for City of Sonoma ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alignment with Council Goals: POLICY & LEADERSHIP: Expand focus on elements of the Climate 2020 Plan Targets; lead by example with the Sonoma community __________________________________________________________________________________ Compliance with Climate 2020 Action Plan Target Goals: Adoption of the 22 CAP Measures will be the initial step towards full compliance with Climate 2020 Goals. cc:


SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action to Adopt Local Climate Actio