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Volunteers are the heartbeat of Ducks Unlimited, and Alabama has some of the best. Alabama boasts more than 9,500 members, including 700 volunteers who ...
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PUBLIC LAND IMPROVEMENTS PU Ducks Unlimited is working with the D Alabama Department of Conservation and Alab Natural Resources (ADCNR) to improve Swan Nat Creek, Cre Raccoon Creek and Mud Creek wildlife management areas (WMAs) in north Alabama. man ADCNR manages six WMAs along the Tennessee AD River Rive Valley to benefit waterfowl and duck hunters. Because of their size, Raccoon Creek, hun Mud Creek and Swan Creek WMAs often offer the best hunting opportunity, but these areas need restoration. Recognizing our expertise in n delivering wetland restoration, the ADCNR d asked DU to perform a detailed survey of a more than 2,100 acres to determine options m to improve management capabilities. Ducks Unlimited engineers will determine the best ways Unl to improve the areas for waterfowl and hunters. i Our Ou initial focus will be on Swan Creek WMA to facilitate management capacity. faci

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SOUTHERN REGION MARKS 2 MILLION ACRES The Southern Region marked more than 2 million acres conserved at the close of Fiscal Year 2017. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, sponsors and staff, waterfowl will have more habitat and better resources for the winter across the 13 states of DU’s Southern Region. Par t of DU’s Southeast Wetlands Initiative

CHAPTER SPOTLIGHT - CHEROKEE COUNTY DU Cherokee County DU is one of the premier chapters in all of Alabama! With Jeremy Morris at the helm, they have been able to raise more than $200,000 in the past few years. Equally important, they have a blast doing it! Jeremy and his committee have always been on the cutting edge of new techniques and ideas for helping support the cause. From poker nights to gun bashes, Cherokee County is always willing to try something new and to put 100 percent into it. Since coming on board as area chairman, Jeremy Morris and Cherokee County have held 14 events. They follow the tried and true method of keeping it fun and keeping it fresh while inviting people to join in the fun and help the committee grow. As we all know, growing the committee is the lifeblood and success of a great chapter. Thank you, Cherokee County, and we look forward to more great events down the road!

STATE CAMPAIGN & FUNDRAISING UPDATES The Alabama State Campaign Committee secured 6 new Life Sponsors and 10 sponsor upgrades in 2017. This team secured nearly $200,000 in new cash to benefit DU’s highest conservation priorities. Clearly, major sponsors in Alabama are making a difference for the future of wetlands, waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. Volunteers are the heartbeat of Ducks Unlimited, and Alabama has some of the best. Alabama boasts more than 9,500 members, including 700 volunteers who hosted 44 events in 2017, raising nearly $800,000 to support DU’s conservation mission. Those dollars enable DU to complete extensive conservation work in Alabama and on the breeding grounds that produce Alabama’s waterfowl.

EVENING OF CONSERVATION HELD IN SOUTH ALABAMA In November 2017 Angus Cooper, III graciously hosted an Evening of Conservation. A small group of landowners from south Alabama gathered to listen to Ducks Unlimited’s Chief Scientist Dr. Tom Moorman make a presentation on the historic and present waterfowl use of the Mobile Delta as well as current factors influencing its use. DU Regional Biologist Nick Smith also made a short presentation highlighting the ways DU can partner with landowners to improve waterfowl habitat in the area. Several DU staff and members of the volunteer leadership were in attendance, including DU Chief Fundraising Officer Amy Batson, DU Southern Region Director Jerry Holden, DU At-large Board Member Tom Jernigan and DU Senior Vice President Joe Mazon. Joe Mazon (left) and Tom Jernigan (right) present Angus Cooper III with a token of appreciation for hosting the Evening of Conservat