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he UK’s pharmaceuticals industry is a global leader, bringing its inspiring research and development, ground breaking innovation and intellectual capital to some of the world’s most difficult problems. These qualities have never been more needed. In the West, where the population is ageing and chronic conditions are therefore increasing, new drugs and treatments are required. In developing economies, meanwhile, the demand for medicines comes from a rapidly growing middle class. And all over the world, cost-effective and practical healthcare solutions are vital. The UK’s pharmaceutical sector contributes in different ways. It includes big pharma – large corporates operating multi-nationally to deliver medicines at scale – as well as academia, with British universities and their research partners delivering a near-constant stream of vital breakthroughs. Crucially, the sector also includes a vital layer of small and medium-sized firms offering more specialised products and services. These companies, very often privately-owned, power the industry. For example, they provide a vital outsourcing service, delivering high-quality services in areas where big pharma is not able to look beyond the core. They provide crucial development assistance and consultancy services. And they are often to be found in key areas of the distribution chain – including customer-facing pharmacy services.

The Alantra Pharma Fast 50 recognises the achievements of these remarkable companies; it ranks the UK’s fastest-growing, privatelyowned pharmaceutical businesses by their revenue growth, providing a snapshot of the small and medium sized companies that do not always receive the credit they deserve. This is the second year in which the index has been published. It has been compiled by Alantra, which last year merged with Catalyst Corporate Finance, responsible for the 2017 Pharma Fast 50. And like last year’s ranking, it identifies dozens of impressive companies, often growing at double-digit rates with products and services their customers could not do without. The outlook for a sector that is underpinned by these success stories is bright. Pharmaceutical companies continue to face challenges – and the UK’s departure from the European Union has created further uncertainties to add to difficulties such as regulatory reform, government austerity and the margin pressures on big pharma the world over. Nevertheless, the businesses identified in the 2018 Alantra Pharma Fast 50 are confronting these headwinds, innovating and evolving to continue to prosper in the changing environments in which they operate. Alantra is delighted to pay tribute to these companies and the talented management teams and workforces driving them forward. They will ensure the UK’s pharmaceutical industry retains its status on the international stage, whatever the challenges that lie ahead.

The Alantra Pharma Fast 50 recognises the achievements of these remarkable companies, ranking the fastestgrowing, privatelyowned pharmaceutical businesses in the UK.




All change for pharma The constituents of the Alantra Pharma Fast 50 are innovating at speed to secure long-term growth

a number of private equity-backed firms in the sector. “The model of how we deliver healthcare has to change. Every country is struggling with the demand from healthcare taking a rapidly increasing proportion of GDP” he says. “The sector is based on silos which can lead to tremendous inefficiency. New collaborations are essential to disrupt traditional models and allow the adoption of new ideas and the technologies that enable them such as valuebased healthcare, digital healthcare and patient engagement and self help.”


Many of the constituents of the Pharma Fast 50 provide good examples of such