Alaska Botanical Garden Trail Map

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Gardens and Trails Entry Beds

A bright welcome to the Alaska Botanical Garden, this bed features a mix of perennials, annuals, and edible plants. By mixing a variety of plants, this demonstrates how to acheive maximum benefits and enjoyment from a single bed or small garden.

Gate and Plaza

This shady area features many interesting varieties of Primula spp., a flowering crabapple tree, rhododendrons, and a very early bloomer Anemone tryanssilvanica

Wildflower Trail

Marked by its rustic wattle fence edging, this trail hosts many examples of common Alaskan wildflowers, berries, and other native plants. The fence was built by Eagle Scouts, the trail and plantings are maintained by volunteers in the Wildflower Garden Club.

Lower Perennial Garden

Designed by Wendy Anderson, this garden was created to demonstrate perennials hardy to Southcentral Alaska. These include geum, blue poppy, peony, hosta, monk’s hood, phlox, giant catmint, roses and more. Rockcress begins blooming in April, followed by peonies in May. Blossoms of purple aster can be seen into October.

Rock Garden

Optimal conditions here allow 350+ species of specialized alpine plants to thrive, including specimens from Alaska, Scandinavia, China, and the Himalayas. This garden is a labor of love constructed and maintained by volunteers in the Alaska Rock Garden Society. Native stone, reclaimed stone, tufa rock from a deposit in British Columbia, and hand made troughs display these hardy plants.

Lawn Space

Lile’s Garden

This hardy perennial garden is named in honor of Lile Bernard Rasmuson, an early Anchorage gardener. Lile’s children endowed the garden for their mother “who would have been delighted with this garden as a place to grow, show and learn.” Design concept by Carol R. Johnson is reminiscent of Athabascan bead work when viewed from above. Design and planting selections were completed by Elise Huggins of Earthscape and Ayse Gilbert, a historic garden expert. Fruit trees, a collection of Primulas, and Gold Medal winning peonies are featured here.

Anchorage Heritage Garden

Celebrating Anchorage’s Centennial in 2015, this garden is reminiscent of the early homesteaders’ gardens. Welcome to a home-grown produce store! Ayse Gilbert created the design through historic research and selected old varieties of plants that would have been grown at the beginning of the last century. Vegetables, annuals, and perennials infuse this garden. Numerous plants were donated by multi-generational gardening Alaskan families.

Forest Health Trail

A rustic side trail that circles around the back of the Heritage Garden and Lile’s Garden. There are 14 points of interest about forest health. Research traps which are used to monitor insect populations are seen on the trail. The guide is located at the trail entrance in front of the old truck in the Heritage Garden

Junior Master Gardener’s Plot

Every summer children learn about the natural world in our Junior Master Gardener’s Camp. Our own Patrick Ryan brings the National JMG program from Texas A&M to life, literally! This space is where children experience hands-on activities in botany, horticulture and ecology.

The main loop is just under 1/2 mile and is fully paved The Forest Health Trail and the Lowenfels-Hoersting Family Nature Trail are maintained forest trails. There are insect monitoring stations at the entrance to the Forest Health Trail. Placed by the USFS and USDA for monitoring. Please do not disturb this project.

The Garden is testing a mix of grass for use as an event space. It has been sourrounded by lush plantings of ferns and hostas that are perennial in this location.

Herb Garden

Designed by Cathy Sage and Land Design North, the Herb Garden is a haven of botanical delights. It showcases a variety of annual and perennial medicinal and culin