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With CrashPlan PRO, IT professionals can manage backup for ten, or ten thousand, ... A: Ignoring laptop and remote desktop backup puts business data at risk.
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CrashPlan PRO™ Enterprise Backup People Friendly, Enterprise Tough CrashPlan PRO is a high performance, cross-platform backup solution that provides continuous protection onsite, offsite, and online for the enterprise. With CrashPlan PRO, IT professionals can manage backup for ten, or ten thousand, computers regardless of location with a single solution, reducing cost and complexity.

Solution Overview Existing enterprise backup solutions fail to provide complete protection for all data endpoints:

Mission critical data on laptops is rarely backed up consistently. Remote laptop backup is nearly non-existent.

Multi-platform environments typically require deploying multiple backup solutions, taxing already strained IT resources.

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Data restoration requires costly IT support. Backups are seldom verified, so restoring is not reliable. Scheduled backup fails to keep users continuously protected as they work.

CrashPlan PRO Enterprise Backup:

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Provides unparalleled protection for laptops Works everywhere, all the time, to ensure complete backup coverage regardless of location Runs in Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris environments Decreases IT workload with user-initiated restore Guarantees reliable restores with automated backup archive validation Facilitates user data migration from Windows to Mac Decreases back up and restore times with onsite backup Ensures disaster recovery protection with offsite backup Reduces deployment complexity and expense with online backup Scales from 10 to 10,000 computers on a single server Deploys on existing infrastructure Enforces corporate data retention policies Provides backup status details with backup reports, alerts, and compliance logging

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Internal Cheatsheet

Challenges Facing Customers Today • • • • • • • •

Laptop and remote desktop backup Costs associated with multi-platform environments Continuous data protection Data restoration reliability, speed, and required IT support Network bandwidth and disk storage costs Downtime associated with data loss Corporate data retention compliance and policies Business continuity backup and recovery plan

Qualifying Questions Q: Do you back up your laptops and remote employee desktops? A: Ignoring laptop and remote desktop backup puts business data at risk. CrashPlan PRO works securely over any network connection, including the Internet. This means laptops and remote desktops are backed up regardless of location.

Q: Are you managing multiple backup solutions for multiple operating systems? A: CrashPlan PRO supports all major OS platforms and versions including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris in one easy-to-use solution. It even supports virtualization with a VMWare virtual machine image solution.

Q: How often do you back up? A: Even daily back up is not adequate. With CrashPlan PRO continuous backup, files are backed up in real time, automatically, so each change is backed up as it’s made.

Q: How often do you validate your backup archives? A: Best practices recommend validating backup archives weekly, but real-life demands on scarce IT resources make it difficult to maintain this standard. CrashPlan PRO’s automatic archive validation means guaranteed restores without increasing IT workload. Automated status reports and alerts keep users informed of backup archive health.

Q: Can end users restore their own files? A: Because CrashPlan PRO allows users to restore lost data on their own, they can quickly reverse unintended saves or accidental deletes without IT intervention.

Q: Do you use tape? A: Tape backup is highly vulnerable to human error and failure: Lost tapes are a data security risk, procedures are often interrupted or not followed, and restore validation is labor intensive. CrashPlan PRO is a disk-bas