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Mar 24, 2017 - comments to @DCINY on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! DCINY thanks its kind sponsors ... cally worked to prepare for this special night in the Big Apple. Because the Troy Bands tra- ..... Rowbal, Annie. Sabelhaus, Elayna.
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Friday Evening, March 24, 2017, at 7:00

Iris Derke, Co-Founder and General Director Jonathan Griffith, Co-Founder and Artistic Director


An Evening with Troy Colt Bands featuring members of

The Troy High School Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Brian P. Nutting, Conductor Jeff Krum, Assistant Director With Special Guests Marcus Elliot, Jazz Artist-in-Residence Amanda Sabelhaus, Piano Albert Gonzales, “The Royal Piper”, Bagpipes Brooke Mainland, Rachel Pawson, Dan Wentworth, and Katie Wiley, Members of the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble

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Alice Tully Hall

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Troy Jazz Ensemble Brian P. Nutting, Conductor BILLY JOEL New York State of Mind ARR. SAMMY NESTICO JOHNNY GREEN Body and Soul ARR. DAVE WOLPE MARCUS ELLIOT, Guest Artist, Tenor Saxophone



The Boy from New York City

Troy HS Flute Choir Brian P. Nutting, Conductor Amanda Sabelhaus, Guest Artist, Piano DAN WELCHER

Forest Devil Waltzes (on themes of Emil Waldteufel)

Troy Concert Band Brian P. Nutting, Conductor STEVEN REINEKE



Amazing Grace

ALBERT GONZALES: “The Royal Piper”, Guest Artist, Bagpipes


New York: 1927



Troy HS Saxophone Choir Brian P. Nutting, Conductor TYLER BOUQUE

On the Blue Line: A Saxophone’s Guide to New York City


Troy Symphonic Band Brian P. Nutting, Conductor RICK DEJONGE

The Spirit of Troy!

ALFRED REED Symphony No. 3 I. Pesante e Molto Sostenuto NEY ROSAURO Prelude #1 KARTHIK GANAPATHY, Marimba Soloist LEONARD BERNSTEIN On The Town - Three Dance Episodes TRANS. PAUL LAVENDER III. Times Square, 1944 ARTURO MÁRQUEZ Danzón No. 2 TRANS. OLIVER NICKEL BROOKE MAINLAND, RACHEL PAWSON, DAN WENTWORTH, and KATIE WILEY, Guest Dancers, Members of the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble

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A Message from Our Maestro There have been three times in my professional tenure at Troy High School where exceptional performance opportunities were afforded to the concert and symphonic bands as well as the jazz ensemble - those that many, if not most, high school musicians will never get to experience. In 2004, the bands took the stage at Carnegie Hall and in 2007, traveled in London to perform in multiple exquisite concert venues, as well as march in the New Year’s Day parade. Nine years later, in 2016, the bands submitted an application, recordings, videos and a group resume to Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) in hope of being selected for a featured, full-length concert slot at Lincoln Center. That hope has become a reality and we couldn’t be more pleased to represent Michigan, the City of Troy, and the Troy School District serving as musical ambassadors. Thank you WorldStrides and DCINY staff! Many profound shared experiences have unfolded in the band room as we enthusiastically worked to prepare for this special night in the Big Apple. Because the Troy Bands traditionally travel in the month of April, one of the greatest challenges was posed by the March 24 performance date. An entire month of rehearsal time was lost. Student and director led sectionals, volunteer coachings by local professionals - along with intense determination, focus and drive - aided in obliterating these and all other obstacles. An immeasurable musical transformation has occurred as inspired by this ambitious endeavor. Boosters also joined hands to assist in this massive undertaking. Additional funds were raised to allow all band members a top-quality experience. Parent volunteers worked tirelessly to organize all trips details. The students and I do not take for granted the exceptional instrumental music support structure (on parent and administrative levels) consistently paving the way for our successes. Troy Bands strive for a world class status, and unwavering support on every side helped bring this goal to fruition. As for the program, several unique and thrilling collaborations are sure to create an extraordinary listening and viewing experience. Three (yes, three!) world premieres written specifically for this occasion will be debuted-including original compositions by Rick DeJonge and senior, Tyler Bouque, as well as an arrangement by Kris Johnson. We also proudly present guest artists, saxophonist Marcus Elliot (Troy Jazz artist-in-residence), and bagpiper, Albert Gonzales. Finally, prepare to be dazzled as you witness yet another premiere - the performance of newly commissioned choreography as delivered by members of the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble. Our Lincoln Center venture is not about ratings, medals, trophies or competition. This performance is about setting new musical standards, making ourselves fully vulnerable to the music, attaining new heights of achievement, and stepping into an ineffable place of musical fulfillment. Our aim remains to present music as it was intended – food for mind, body and soul…inspiration for life. The students and I are honored to have this opportunity and grateful to share our passion with you. Thank you for joining us tonight for this once-in-alifetime musical extravaganza. Enjoy the concert and may you leave inspired! Unified Toward Musical Greatness, Brian P. Nutting

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Notes on the Program Notes by Brian P. Nutting New York State of Mind, Joel - First recorded by Billy Joel in 1976, New York State of Mind, has become a fan favorite which boasts countless covers from a diverse range of artists such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, The Muppets and Glee. This bluesy treatment features a small group on the verse and later a swingin’ full ensemble chorus. Body and Soul, Heyman, Sour, Eyton & Green - Body and Soul was written in New York City for the British actress and singer Gertrude Lawrence, who introduced it to London audiences. Published in England, it was first performed in the United States by Libby Holman in the 1930 Broadway revue Three’s a Crowd. By the end of 1930 at least eleven American bands had recorded it. Louis Armstrong was the first jazz musician to record Body and Soul, in October 1930 but it was Paul Whiteman and Jack Fulton who popularized it in United States. With a Kenton-esque rubato introduction, Wolpe’s arrangement proceeds with a ballad style and a hard-swinging double time section. With some great ensemble writing, after some solo space, the chart returns to the ballad tempo leading into two fermatas creating a dramatic ending. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Gershwin - Written by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin for the 1937 film Shall We Dance, it was introduced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as part of a celebrated dance duet on roller skates. The song is most famous for its “You like to-may-toes and I like to-mah-toes” and other verses comparing their different regional dialects or differences in class. Nelson Riddle’s arrangement was written for Ella Fitzgerald focusing on the Gershwin songbook features a rubato introduction with vocalist and guitar before breaking into the melody in a medium swing setting.

Ten Brothers, Bunnell - This piece, a play on the blazing 1947 Four Brothers by Jimmy Giuffre, was made famous by the Woody Herman orchestra. It is highlighted by a fast-paced swinging saxophone section feature with an extended saxophone soli and heavy hitting brass section. The Boy from New York City, Davis, Thomas - This piece was originally recorded in 1964 by the American soul group The Ad Libs. The song was later covered by Darts and The Manhattan Transfer, both becoming chart hits in the UK and US respectively. This arrangement was written specifically for the Troy High Jazz Ensemble by founding Troy High School jazz artist-in-residence, Kris Johnson. Forest Devil Waltzes, Welcher - Forest Devil Waltzes was composed for a celebration commemorating the 80th birthday of Karl Kraber, retired Professor of Flute at the University of Texas at Austin and a founding member of the Dorian Wind Quintet. This work is a collection of waltz tunes by Emil Waldteufel, whose name translates as “Forest Devil.” The melodies are primarily from Les Patineurs (The Skaters), in no particular order or key, but are also drawn from Toujours ou Jamais (Ever or Never) and Au Revoir. Sedona, Reinke - Sedona captures in musical ideas the natural landscape of mountains and wide open spaces, to paint a musical canvas that is at once bold, entertaining, and filled with life. A short, memorable theme runs throughout the work, showing up in a delicate flute solo, an intricate woodwind fugue, a warm trombone solo, and a bold, triadic trumpet statement that will pick you up right out of your seat. Florentiner March, Fucˇík/Bourgeois – With over 400 marches, polkas, and waltzes written mainly for military bands, Czech composer Julius Fucˇík is sometimes referred to as the “Bohemian Sousa.” Born into a musical family, he was an accomplished bassoonist and studied composition with Antonín Dvorˇák. He was a band

Lincoln Center director in Prague and his weekly concerts drew thousands of happy listeners. The Florentiner, Grande March Italiana, was written in 1900. Its original title was La Rosa di Toscana, which was the appellation of the Tuscan city of Florence. Amazing Grace, Dawson - Amazing Grace is a sacred hymn published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton (1725– 1807). Written from Newton’s personal experiences, the song brings a message that forgiveness and hope. Jay Dawson’s arrangement makes use of the full range of symphonic colors as he evokes musical images of this beloved melody. From gentleness to powerful grandeur, this is a very emotional composition for band. New York: 1927, Barker - The “Roaring Twenties” were carefree and irresistible times. Fanciful technological developments - like the automobile, radio, and sound motion pictures - were in their infancy and contributed to the excitement and jubilance of the day... New York: 1927 is a musical snapshot of this colorful and merry time. The opening Ragtime depicts the prosperous and carefree spirit of the times. Blues rhapsodizes wistfully and whimsically in roaring twenties fashion. Manhattan Mayhem cleverly creates a typical busy street scene at a midtown intersection, perhaps at Fifth Avenue and ThirtyFourth Street, as cars weave in and around, police whistles shriek in attempted jurisdiction, and a barrage of pedestrians scurry onward. - Andrew Glover Ruckus, Standridge - ruck us [ruhk-uh s] noun a noisy commotion; fracas; rumpus: Ruckus is a piece for concert band that is supposed to be just what its title implies: loud, boisterous, and aggressive. The mixed meter, heavy percussion, and thumping rhythm give this piece a decidedly urban feel. On the Blue Line: A Saxophone’s Guide to New York City, Bouque - Written by Troy High student musician, Tyler Bouque,

On the Blue Line guides you through some famous New York City subway stops. The piece begins with an Overture. At that point you are taken to the first stops on this musical journey, The Central Park Carousel, followed by Broadway, with homage to Barry Manilow’s, Bandstand Boogie. The next stop is Ground Zero which gives the audience a pause for a moment of reflection followed by Times Square. This saxophone journey concludes with the Grand Finale quoting the ever famous New York, New York. The Spirit of Troy!, DeJonge - The Troy High School Symphonic Band commissioned this piece for this Lincoln Center performance. Rick DeJonge’s fanfare is reminiscent of different musical influences. If you listen closely, you will hear the Troy Colt Fight Song woven throughout the piece. Symphony No. 3, Movement I, Pesante e Molto Sostenuto, Reed - Commissioned by the United States Air Force Band, Symphony No 3 is written in three movements. The opening, pesante e molto sostenuto, succeeded by a hard driving allegro agitato, highly tense and dissonant in character. Symphony No. 3 represents a summation of Alfred Reed’s approach to the modern, fully integrated wind/brass/percussion ensemble and the exploitation of its many-faceted potential for large-scale, serious writing. Prelude #1, Rosauro - Three Preludes for Solo Marimba was one of composer Ney Rosauro’s very first compositions for marimba. His works are among the most beautiful pieces in the marimba literature. Each prelude is based on a different theme: #1 is based on a Spanish flamenco theme, #2 is based on a Brazilian theme in the style of Villa Lobos’ guitar pieces, and #3 is roll-based in a choral style, with some intricacies in the middle. On the Town - Three Dance Episodes, III. Times Square, 1944, Bernstein - The 1944 musical On the Town represents Leonard Bernstein’s first venture onto the Broadway stage. Inspired by his successful

Lincoln Center ballet Fancy Free, the musical follows the adventures of three sailors on shore leave in New York City and is focused around a series of dance episodes, three of which Bernstein selected for an orchestral suite. Long unavailable for band, this 2016 edition is beautifully transcribed by Paul Lavender. Danzón No. 2, Márquez - Originally written for orchestra, Danzón No. 2 has enjoyed significant popularity on perfor-

Meet the Artists

Brian P. Nutting Conductor TROY JAZZ ENSEMBLE, TROY CONCERT BAND, TROY SYMPHONIC BAND, TROY HS SAXOPHONE CHOIR, TROY HS FLUTE CHOIR Brian Nutting, Troy High School Director of Bands, is parent to Alex (23), Evan (20), Elizabeth (18) and Noah (14). A graduate of Western Michigan University, with a Master of Music degree (with conducting emphasis) from Bowling Green State University, he has been teaching since 1991. Mr. Nutting is currently pursuing a PhD at Oakland University. He studied conducting with Richard Suddendorf and Mark Kelly, tuba with Robert Whaley, and voice with Mel Ivey and Steve Zegree. In 2000, Mr. Nutting was appointed Troy High School Director of Bands where he directs the campus, concert, and symphonic bands, the jazz ensemble, numerous chamber ensembles, and 215-member Troy Colt Marching Band - with a combined enrollment of over 270 students. Under his baton, they have received consistent top ratings at district, state and national levels and have been invited to perform at music festivals and venues throughout the US

mance programs everywhere. The rhythmic interest in the piece is maintained through the use of varying accents and tempi. This staple of the contemporary Mexican music literature expresses and reflects on the dance style named danzón, which has its origins in Cuba from a natural synthesis of Spanish, British, and French dance forms but is a very important part of the folklore of the Mexican state of Veracruz.

and Europe, where the Marching Band led the 2006 London New Year’s Day Parade. Mr. Nutting’s teaching excellence has garnered recognition throughout the Troy School District and beyond. He was named Troy “Teacher of the Year” in 2009. In 2011, he was named “Teacher of the Year” by the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association, District XVI. The University Musical Society (Ann Arbor) named him its 2012 DTE Energy Foundation Educator of the Year in recognition of “his passionate commitment to arts education at Troy High School and to the transformative power of the arts in the community at large.” In 2012, his peers nominated him for induction into the American School Band Directors Association. Mr. Nutting is an active member of MSBOA and frequently serves as substitute director, consultant, and guest clinician. He serves on the board of directors for AVANTI and is an honorary member of Kappa Kappa Psi, the National Honorary Band Fraternity. Mr. Nutting currently plays French horn in the Macomb Symphony Orchestra. Jeff Krum is the Assistant Director of Bands at Troy High School since 2015 and has been teaching since 2004. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and earned his Master of Music Education degree from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago. Mr. Krum began teaching in Baldwin, MI, working alongside master teacher C. David Bass. He built his own program, developing excellence teaching fifth through twelfth grade band in Manton, MI.

Lincoln Center He then had the opportunity to rebuild another program at Berkshire Middle School and Groves High School in Birmingham, MI. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Krum’s ensembles strove to be the best they could be, performing for a wide-range of audiences from the Michigan Association of School Administrators to tens of thousands of spectators on the streets of London. In 2015, Mr. Krum was offered the position of Assistant Director of Bands at Troy High School. He works with all aspects of the Troy Bands and serves as Troy Colt Drumline Co-Instructor. Most recently he has been integral in the formation of the Troy High School Percussion Ensemble. Mr. Krum also continues to teach in Birmingham as the Director of Bands at the Birmingham Covington School.

The Troy Jazz Ensemble were invited to perform at the Detroit Jazz Festival, with the most recent appearance in 2010, and performed with Alexander Zonjic in 2008. Top finalists in the Pontiac Jazz Invitational for three consecutive years, they placed first at the 2006 WMU Jazz Invitational, were featured performers in the Detroit Jazz Festival and were runners-up in the national Ellington Jazz Competition. In 2011, the ensemble performed at the Michigan Music Conference. The group has performed in festivals in Boston, Chattanooga, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, and San Antonio receiving top honors at these competitions.

Troy High Concert and Symphonic Bands. The Concert and Symphonic bands have earned recognition as “best in class” on state and national levels including festivals in Boston, Chattanooga, Chicago, Gatlinburg, Orlando, San Antonio and London, England. Both bands, comprised of students in grades 9 - 12, have performed on many of the nation’s greatest stages including the Max M. Fisher Music Center, the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, Atlanta’s Woodruff Center, San Antonio’s Toben Center, Chicago Symphony Hall, and Carnegie Hall. The Troy Symphonic Band was featured in the 2003 and 2014 Western Michigan University Spring Conferences and the 2004 Carnegie Hall Recital Series (under the baton of composer, James Barnes). The band was selected to perform at the 2007 and 2011 Michigan Music Conferences. One of the greatest privileges band members experienced was the opportunity to play under the baton of Detroit Symphony Orchestra Maestro, Leonard Slatkin.

Lincoln Center Detroit music scene by performing with local Detroit artists and ensembles.

Marcus Elliot Jazz Artist-InResidence Marcus Elliot is a saxophonist/composer/ educator of the metro-Detroit area who is quickly gaining recognition for his imaginative improvising, and fervently thoughtful voice on the saxophone. Marcus began playing professionally in the Detroit Jazz scene when he was 15 years old. He was awarded a scholarship for his talents as a musician to attend Michigan State University to study with Wes “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Diego Rivera and Rodney Whitaker. After graduating from MSU, Marcus has performed across the globe in places like Canada, Cuba, Barbados, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia and many other countries. As a Band Leader, Marcus has led the Marcus Elliot Quartet for the past 8 years. He self-released his first album “Looking Forward”, in 2010. His latest project “When the City Meets the Sky” was self-released in May, 2015. The Marcus Elliot Quartet performs at Cliff Bells every Tuesday. As a Sideman, Marcus has performed with Bob Hurst, Karriem Riggins, James Carter, Jimmy Cobb, Bobby Broom, Marcus Belgrave, Johnny O’Neal, Jimmy Heath, Sean Dobbins, Kris Johnson, Thaddeus Dixon, Ettiene Charles, Mulgrew Miller, Rodney Whitaker, Talib Kweli, and many others. As an educator, Marcus has been giving private saxophone lessons since the age of 14. He is the Artistin-Residence at Troy High School, and was the Director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Jazz Band in 2012-2013. He was the saxophone instructor at The Young Musicians Program in Berkley, CA from 20092011. Marcus is a strong supporter of the arts and has created and funded a scholarship at Milford High School that gives monetary awards to young musicians and visual artists that plan to pursue the arts after high school. He currently lives in the Detroit area where he is studying, practicing, composing, and engulfing himself in the rich history of the

Amanda Sabelhaus Featured Piano Accompanist Amanda Sabelhaus is a staff accompanist at Oakland University and a Touring Artist for the Michigan Opera Theatre. She has performed on the grand stage of Carnegie Hall and has served as the official accompanist for the Metropolitan Opera Council Auditions. Since 2012, she has served as a resident pianist at the Sir James Galway International Flute Festival held in Weggis, Switzerland. Amanda resides in Troy, Michigan with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Albert Gonzales “The Royal Piper” Albert Gonzales has played the Pipes since his days as a teenager in Leonia, NJ. In 2006, He retired from the NYPD, leaving behind the wild odyssey of being a radio car cop in the South Bronx, a job he truly enjoyed and misses every day, for the world of entertainment. Performing is his passion and he’s been fortunate to share his music worldwide, and meet so many wonderful people along the way. He has performed in London, Las Vegas, California, and Istanbul, Turkey. Gonzales is the only American piper to have performed for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, at her residence in Balmoral Castle in Scotland. He has also performed for Mary McAleese during her tenure as president of Ireland.

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BROOKE MAINLAND, RACHEL PAWSON, DAN WENTWORTH, KATIE WILEY, Members of the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble. Eisenhower Dance has spent the last 25 years giving life to the repertoire of internationally known choreographers, as well as the highly-acclaimed work of Artistic Director Laurie Eisenhower. Established in metro Detroit by Eisenhower in 1991, the Company presents an annual subscription series and tours internationally. The company has performed works by choreographers Edgar Zendejas, David Parsons, Lar Lubovitch, Ron de Jesus, Gina Patterson, Lauren Edson, and Harrison McEldowney, to name a few. The Company’s mission of collaboration has resulted in performances with the Michigan Opera Theatre, the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival, the Warren Symphony, the Immigrant Suns, Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings, the Rackham Symphony Choir, the Motor City Lyric Opera, and the Toledo Opera, among others.

Brooke Mainland was born and raised in Wisconsin where she began her formal dance training. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a Business minor, from University of Arizona where she studied with Melissa

Lowe, Sam Watson, Michael Williams, Amy Ernst, Douglas Nielsen, James Clouser, Tamara Dyke-Compton, and Elizabeth George. Upon graduating, she apprenticed with Thodos Dance Chicago, where she trained with many artists in the area including teachers with Hubbard Street, Visceral, and River North dance companies. In 2015, she traveled to Europe to assist Sam Watson at the Tanz Danza Dance Festival in Bolzano, Italy. Her performances include "Carnival Choreographers Ball,” "World of Dance," and "Danceworks Milwaukee,” as well as larger events including Capezio's 125th Anniversary Gala and Dizzy Feet Foundation's Benefit Gala.

Rachel Pawson hails from Alma, Michigan. She started her dance career at DuHadway Dance Dimensions where she trained and competed from age three until graduating from high school in 2013. She was a member of Oakland University’s Repertory Dance Company her first two years of college where she performed in works by Ron de Jesus, Bryan Strimpel, and Chien Ying. Rachel had the opportunity to dance and perform overseas when she studied abroad for three weeks in Berlin, Germany. She is now a senior in Oakland University’s dance program where she is studying to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

Lincoln Center Derek Reid, Susan McGuire, and Cynthia Pratt. Katie has also attended summer programs with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Giordano Dance Chicago, Joffrey Ballet, and Carolina Ballet.

Daniel Wentworth started dancing at Zeeland East High School in 2008 and graduated in 2011, having been awarded the Norma Sneller Scholarship of Artistic Excellence for his heavy involvement in Madrigals Choir, Theatre, and Dance. Following high school, he was accepted as a scholarship student to Grand Valley State University. While there he had many opportunities to work with faculty and guest artists including Eddy O’Campo, Take Ueyama, Brian McSween, and Mike Esperanza, and has had the opportunity to learn from the companies Thodos Dance Chicago and Gallim Dance Company. Dan also attended Joffrey Ballet School’s New York summer intensive as a scholarship student in 2014 and graduated with a B.A in Dance & Mathematical Statistics.

Katie Wiley received her early training at Young People’s Ballet Theatre in Flint, MI. In 2014, she graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While with Butler Ballet she performed works by

Rick DeJonge Composer Rick DeJonge is a graduate of the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program from USC and holds a Master’s of Art and Bachelor’s of Music from Western Michigan University. As a film composer, Rick has worked on several films and with great composers such as Christopher Young, David Spear, Jack Smalley, and Pete Anthony. Rick’s score for the action film Fighting with Anger contained a song which won Best Original Song at the New York Independent Film Festival and was recorded by Willie Nelson. Rick was recently featured in an article of scoring for films in Life magazine and he just finished scoring 3 cues for a new cartoon ad for Fiat. As an orchestrator, Rick has worked with composers on television promos for shows including Beautiful People, Lost, The West Wing, and CSI Miami. As a conductor, Rick has conducted his own scores at Paramount Studios, Fox Studios, and Firehouse Studios in Pasadena, California. His original piano recordings for 4 silent films have also received great reviews. Rick has been writing music for orchestra and wind ensemble for over 25 years and for the Boston Brass the last 15 years. You can hear his symphonic works on Summit Records. Rick has been the official arranger/composer for Walt Disney World’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since 2011. Rick is a member of ASCAP.

Lincoln Center

Kris Johnson Composer Kris Johnson is an award-winning jazz trumpeter, composer, and educator. He has appeared on an impressive list of albums including two Grammy-nominated releases: Tony Bennett’s “A Swingin’ Christmas” and Karen Clark Sheard’s “All In One”. Kris is a trumpeter and arranger with the Count Basie Orchestra. In 2013 he was featured in the standup-comedy film “Make Me Wanna Holla” starring Sinbad. Currently, Kris Johnson is the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Utah. Kris received his master’s (2007) and bachelor’s (2005) degrees in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University. In 2012, Kris received an ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composers award and was selected as one of 25 Detroit performing and literary artists to receive a Kresge Artist Fellowship. Mr. Johnson has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious jazz venues including the Apollo Theater, the Blue Note Jazz Club (US and Japan), Sydney Opera House, Blues Alley, and the Hollywood Bowl. He has also had the opportunity to perform with many jazz greats including Tony Bennett, Patti Austin, Wess Anderson, Wycliffe Gordon, Jon Hendricks, Monty Alexander, Christian McBride, Jamie Cullum, and many others. He has recorded on three albums with the Count Basie Orchestra including a 2015 Christmas album with Concord Records that features his arrangement of “Let It Snow” with soloist Ellis Marsalis. Drawing from jazz, classical, hip-hop, and neo-soul, Kris’s writing creates diverse textures that represent his unique musical identity. He has composed several large-scale works for jazz and orchestral ensembles including Jim Crow’s Tears (musical for 6 ensemble members and a jazz orchestra), A Journey Through a Dream (jazz ensemble and string quartet commissioned by the Arts League of Michigan), and Odd

Expressions (jazz ensemble and symphony orchestra commissioned by Troy High School). His arrangements have been performed and/or recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra, Karen Clark Sheard, Yolanda Adams, the Clark Sisters, Farmington Community Band, the Motor City Brass Band, Detroit Symphony’s Civic Jazz Ensembles, and many others. He is also the exclusive copyist for composer and trombonist, Wycliffe Gordon. Johnson has a keen sensitivity to the nuances of film as is evident in his award-winning film scores for various webseries, documentaries, short films, and a feature film. He received an Outstanding Score award for his work on the comedic web series The PuNanny Diaries at the 2011 LA Webfest. Kris was a full time faculty member at The Ohio State University from 2012 – 2015 serving as a jazz lecturer. He is also the former director of Detroit Symphony’s Civic Jazz Orchestra where he lead the most talented students in Metro Detroit. Johnson has also served as a Jazz Artist in Residence at Troy High School, Southfield-Lathrup High School, Eaton Rapids High School, and is the writer and co-creator of The Learning Express, a series of workshops that use hip-hop and jazz to teach elementary students about science, reading, and math.

Tyler Bouque Student Composer Tyler Bouque, a Troy High senior, began his formal music training with the Detroit Opera House in 2010, where he returns to star in their spring production of Burry’s The Hobbit. He has been composing extensively since around the same time, most recently premiering his first symphony for wind ensemble with the symphonic band in 2016. Bouque intends to major in vocal performance and music composition in the fall, and owes Mr. Nutting an enormous thank you for his constant encouragement and support of his work.

Lincoln Center

Troy High School Jazz Ensemble Alto Saxophone Yin, Jesse Youness, Jenna Tenor Saxophone Grieme, Tim Peters, Maxwell Baritone Saxophone Bouque, Tyler Kim, Jamie

Trumpet Garin, Linus Gregory, Tim Strong, Nathan Thompson, Ian Wang, Bryan Trombone Chen, Richard Fershtman, Joel Jalkanen, Alexander Maher, Jacob

Piano Fisher, Natalie Xiong, Cynthia

Vibes Ganapathy, Karthik Moy, Gina

Guitar Dorn, Alec Smalley, William Thompson, Ian

Drumset Pajak, Joshua Verhelst, Caelan

String Bass Castiglione, Stephen

Vocalist Nichols, Lindsay Oak, Kulin

Troy High School Concert Band Piccolo Li, Claire Flute Aedla, Mihika Aigalikar, Vedika Baik, Euni Chen, Teresa Gandra, Sahita Garin, Pam Grodsky, Gabriella Grover, Prisha Hu, Catherine Lee, Michelle Li, Claire Li, Michelle Moon, Sujin Nichols, Anna Pikulas, Kaleigh Sheppard, Alice You, Jessica Oboe Tabaka, Jacqueline Bassoon Kozel, Matt Stepien, Zenon Clarinet Bokil, Ameya Crego, Christopher Delkova, Yana

Gjoka, Gabriela Glenn, Casey Gomer, Shruti Jean, Katie Nie, Jason Pulavarthi, Teja Srinivasan, Sandhya Bass Clarinet Dawson, Cassidy Douglas, Thomas Kozel, Benjamin Nix, Marcus Rawat, Aman Wagner, Paige Alto Saxophone Donnellon, Olivia Kaminski, Tessa Kim, Jamie Kolluru, Shashank Lee, Eddy Maini, Raghav Myhrer, Eric Skrzycki, Matthew Watson, Ian Young, Peyton Zhang, Kevin Tenor Saxophone Garg, Neil Karas, Adam

Baritone Saxophone Kakulavaram, Dheeraj Kumar, Puja Trumpet Boven, Samantha Demetriou, Yiannos Hom, Isabella Kaminski, Noelle Liu, Benjamin McNamee, Kevin Mohammad, Nabeel Runke, Luke Schomer, Julia Solomond, Brayden Strong, Justin Xu, Bright French Horn Azar, George Feld, Mik Li, Delbert Yan, Richard Trombone Anderson, Connor Bousho, Edmund Brown, Robert Chen, Kevin Hom, Christopher Jalkanen, John Tabaka, Andrew Vu, Charlie

Euphonium Jevarjian, Emily Lee, Mitchell Pattabhi, Om Yashinsky, Ariela Tuba Lee, Euijun Ricketts, Joseph Tan, Luke String Bass Rose, Brittany Percussion Brennecke, Kyle Dannug, Emmanuel Hom, Alexander Judy, Megan Mayernik, Gregory Olson, Emily Sirhan, Jacob Xiong, Cynthia

Lincoln Center

Troy High School Symphonic Band Flute/Piccolo Baek, Michelle Gu, Lyndsey Hsu, Jessy Huang, Sara Myers, Jacquelyn Pryde, Laura Rowbal, Annie Sabelhaus, Elayna Simone, Olivia Tu, Olivia Wu, Emily Yang, Claire Young, Alisa

Kim, Yunsoo Li, Kevin Li, Richard Lu, Ken Palanisamy, Vasanth Wang, Kevin Zhang, Carol Zhao, Allan Zhang, William

Oboe Lee, Jaehee Xiao, Lillian

Contralto Clarinet Choi, June

English Horn Lee, Jaehee Bassoon Kuang, David Lisowski, Sonja Taneja, Amishi Contra Bassoon Kuang, David Eb Clarinet Zhang, William Clarinet Chen, Arlene Ferriby, Katie Fisher, Natalie Huang, Max Kadari, Kamal Kang, Jiho

Bass Clarinet Eighmey, Natalie Hall, Justin Nichols, Lindsay

Contrabass Clarinet Ham, Michael Soprano Saxophone Jiang, Marvin Youness, Jenna Alto Saxophone Jiang, Marvin Liu, Kelley Peters, Maxwell Youness, Jenna Tenor Saxophone Eiler, Julie Grieme, Tim Baritone Saxophone Bouque, Tyler Dannug, John

Cornet Gregory, Tim Malyarenko, Marina Flugelhorn Carlin, Scott Garin, Linus Gregory, Tim Lemke, Lukas McEachern, Colin Oh, Brian Thompson, Ian Varghese, Andrew Wang, Brian Trumpet Carlin, Scott Garin, Linus Gregory, Tim Lemke, Lukas Malyarenko, Marina McEachern, Colin Oh, Brian Strong, Nathan Thompson, Ian Varghese, Andrew Wang, Brian

Bass Trombone Maher, Jacob Euphonium Buia, Benjamin Overberg, Jacob Tuba Chandler, Brayden Kang, Wonyoung Rose, Brittany Song, Jihoon String Bass Castiglione, Stephen Percussion Acharya, Aadharsh Brodzinski, Steven Clancy, Liam Clark, Rachel Ganapathy, Karthik Kim, Hyonjoon Moy, Gina Suh, Natalie Taggart, Kristina Verhelst, Caelan

French Horn Corsello, Joshua Ha, James Lee, Dana Marthi, Siddarth Young, Kathleen Trombone Chen, Richard Jalkanen, Alexander Macri, Julia Zhang, Hanchi

Troy High School Flute Choir Piccolo Gu, Lyndsey Young, Alisa Flute Baek, Michelle Hsu, Jessy

Huang, Sara Myers, Jacquelyn Pryde, Laura Sabelhaus, Elayna Tu, Olivia Wu, Emily Yang, Claire

Alto Flute Rowbal, Annie Bass Flute Simone, Olivia

Troy High School Saxophone Ensemble Soprano Saxophone Grieme, Tim Jiang, Marvin

Tenor Saxophone Eiler, Julie Youness, Jenna

Alto Saxophone Liu, Kelley Peters, Maxwell

Baritone Saxophone Dannug, John Kakulavaram, Dheeraj

Bass Saxophone Bouque, Tyler

Piano Sabelhaus, Amanda

Lincoln Center TROY SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Dr. Rich Machesky, Superintendent Mark Dziatczak, Assistant Superintendent P. Jefferson McCoy, Fine Arts Coordinator MEMBERS OF THE TSD BOARD OF EDUCATION Nancy Philippart, President Karl Schmidt, Vice-President Paula Fleming, Secretary Steve Gottlieb, Gary Hauff, and Todd Miletti, Trustees TROY HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Remo Roncone, Principal Melissa Curth, Assistant Principal Dan House, Assistant Principal Brian Zawislak, Assistant Principal TROY HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS Denice Schomer, President Amy McKaig, Vice-President Linda Overberg, Secretary Tim Ha, Treasurer Joe Anderson, Fundraising Chair Dan Pryde, Production Chair Marianne Ferriby, Public Relations Chair Teresa Jevarjian, Social Events Chair Sue Balamucki, Hector Rodriguez, Past Presidents Weatherly Verhelst, Uniform Chair Andy Kaminski, Spring Trip Coordinator & Webmaster DISTINGUISHED CONCERTS INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK (DCINY) Founded by Iris Derke and Jonathan Griffith, Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) is the leading producer of dynamically charged musical excellence. With its unforgettable concert experiences in renowned venues, empowering educational programs, and its global community of artists and audiences, DCINY changes lives through the power of performance. For more information about Distinguished Concerts International New York, and upcoming DCINY musical events around the world, please visit: DCINY ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Iris Derke, Co-Founder and General Director Jonathan Griffith, Co-Founder, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor Danuta Gross, Director of Finance & Administration Kevin Taylor, Director of Program Development James M. Meaders, Associate Artistic Director & Conductor Jason Mlynek, Associate Director of Program Development Mark Riddles, Program Development Katie Sims Silvestre, Program Development Julia Falkenburg, Program Development Maria Braginsky, Program Development Assistant Kimberly Wetzel, Program Development Assistant Jeff Binner, Program Development Assistant Tabitha Glista, Production Manager Andrea Niederman, Associate Director of Marketing, Box Office & Promotions

Lincoln Center Katherine Shen, Box Office & Marketing Assistant DeAnna Choi, Office Operations Manager, Accounting & Billing Marisa Tornello, Concert Operations Associate Morgan Yachinich, Concert Operations/Production Gary Crowley, Graphic Design & Website For PR and media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or (212) 707-8566 Ext. 307. DCINY 2017 Concert Series Sunday Afternoon, April 9, 2017 at 2:00 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall Total Vocal Deke Sharon, Guest Conductor and Creative Director Special Guests from Pitch Perfect and Broadway’s In Transit Distinguished Concerts Singers International Monday Evening, April 10, 2017 at 7:00 Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center Green Valley High School Symphonic Wind Orchestra and Hershey Symphony Green Valley High School Symphonic Wind Orchestra (NV) Diane Koutsulis, Director Hershey Symphony (PA) Sandra Dackow, Director Sunday Evening, April 30, 2017 at 7:00 David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center Viva La Musica de Argentina Martín Palmeri: Tango Credo (WORLD PREMIERE) Saul Zaks, Guest Conductor Ariel Ramírez: Misa Criolla Jonathan Griffith, DCINY Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Friday Evening, May 26, 2017 at 7:00 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall Celebration & Reflection Dieter Wagner, Guest Conductor Distinguished Concerts Singers International The Hudson Festival Chorus (OH) Thomas Scott, Director Danilo Guanais: Missa de Alçacuz (20th Anniversary) Vladimir Silva, Director Sunday Evening, May 28, 2017 at 8:30 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall Brahms’ Requiem Jonathan Griffith, DCINY Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Monday Evening, May 29, 2017 at 7:00 David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center With Strength & Joy Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria William Powell, Guest Conductor

Lincoln Center Pepper Choplin: Psalm 23: A Journey with The Shepherd Pepper Choplin, Composer/Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Tuesday Evening, May 30, 2017 at 7:00 Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall Ian Gindes, Pianist Sunday Afternoon, June 4, 2017 at 2:00 David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center Portraits of Healing Tyler’s Suite Tim Seelig, Guest Conductor Ann Hampton Callaway, Soprano Kellan Christopher, Tenor The Music of Ola Gjeilo James M. Meaders, DCINY Associate Artistic Director and Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Sunday Afternoon. June 11, 2017 at 2:00 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall The Music of Vaughan Williams Ralph Vaughan Williams: Sancta Civitas Craig Jessop, Guest Conductor Ralph Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem Nina Nash-Robertson, Guest Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Saturday Evening, June 17, 2017 at 7:00 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall Song/Play Alberto Grau: La Doncella Cristian Grases, Guest Conductor Alberto Grau: La Avispa Brava (WORLD PREMIERE) María Guinand, Guest Conductor Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra (NC) Ernest Pereira, Director Monday Evening, June 26, 2017 at 7:00 Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall Canta! Canta! Canta! The Music of Francisco Núñez Francisco Núñez, Composer/Conductor Distinguished Concerts Singers International Cabrillo College (CA) John D. Anderson, Director Cheryl M. Anderson, Director For DCINY’s full season listing, visit Distinguished Concerts International New York 250 West 57th St., SUITE 1610 New York, NY 10107 212.707.8566 |