Annual Report 2017 - Skanska

Mar 8, 2018 - tional Leadership Program aims to bridge that divide while increasing Skanska's diversity. ...... Under the PPP agreement, Swedish Hospital Partners, in which Skanska has a. 50 percent ownership, was responsible for financing, ...... building Epic in Malmö, Sweden. Skanska invests EUR 44 M, about SEK ...
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Annual Report 2017

We build for a better society.

Skanska Annual Report 2017



Top photo: the 121 Seaport and 101 Seaport office developments. From left in bottom photo: the 121 Seaport and 101 Seaport office developments, and the Watermark Seaport residential development.

A bold addition to Boston 121 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, USA Commercial Property Development and Construction It’s a building impossible to miss. In a boxy city, 121 Seaport stands out as a 17-story ellipse. This bold, curved look was key to attracting the companies now secured as office tenants. It also enabled a highly efficient and flexible design, benefiting both customers and Skanska. During design, data analysis showed that an elliptical building has less direct sun exposure, producing 15 percent energy savings compared to a similarly sized rectangular building. Also, the elliptical design required 10 percent less cladding, and utilized a lighter structure because of decreased wind loads. These reduced material needs led to lower costs and less carbon emissions. Skanska speculatively began this building, which is targeting the top LEED Platinum green building rating. The combination of Skanska Commercial Property Development USA, Skanska USA Building and Skanska USA Civil led to innovative solutions for a rapid delivery. In 2017, all 37,000 sq m of office space was leased. Skanska has led the transformation of this neighborhood. Along with 121 Seaport, Skanska developed 101 Seaport, an office property divested in 2016 for about SEK 3.8 billion, and Watermark Seaport, a residential property that Skanska and an equity partner divested in 2017; the Group’s portion of that divestment was about SEK 510 M. A public park will be Skanska’s final addition to that row of buildings.

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This document is in all respects a translation of the Swedish original Annual Report. In the event of any differences between this translation and the Swedish original, the latter shall prevail. Reporting of revenue and earnings in the first part of the Annual Report (pages 1–48) complies with the segment reporting method. The statements of financial position and cash flow are presented in compliance with IFRS in all parts of the Annual Report. Skanska AB, Swedish corporate identity number 556000-4615.


Skanska Annual Report 2017

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