Annual Report 2017.

Board at Carers UK I ¹ Source: HSBC Essence of Enterprise 2016 Report. PNE Group exists to ... again senior management and the Board have cause to be extremely ..... In addition, hosting services for Virgin Start Up and a range of digital ...
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Annual Report 2017.


Welcome to the 2017 PNE Group Annual Report. PNE Group exists to support. We support individuals to realise their professional ambitions, from entrepreneurship to employment; we support businesses to realise their ambitions for social impact, as well as to fulfil their economic potential; and we support communities to activate change that will contribute towards a better future. We believe that by giving people the tools they need to realise their potential, whether those tools are skills, expertise, networks, access to finance or simply a confidence boost, people can do extraordinary things something many of the case studies in this report demonstrate. For this reason I would like to dedicate the 2017 Annual Report to every person the PNE Group team have worked with over the past twelve months, people who continue to motivate us, inspire us and educate us with their ambition, imagination and commitment to bettering themselves, their businesses and the world around them. In 2017, we saw global challenges to business strength, however in my work with entrepreneurs from the across the world I am

given a quiet confidence – business is shaped by innovators and disruptors, who adapt and evolve in the face of challenges. I am also comforted by statistics revealing this generation of young entrepreneurs are determined to make change happen, 69% reporting they are driven by a desire to make a social contribution¹. It is the role of PNE Group, and organisations like PNE Group, to support these entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions for better, which we will continue to strive to do, in 2017 and long into the future.

Dawn Cranswick, Chief Executive

Pictured: (Clockwise from TL): Karina Sudenyte Co-founder of Wonky Drinks Credit: photographic Services, Shell International Limited, Liam Watson Founder of Canny Milk, Guy Tindale Founder of WordWatching Editorial Services, Louisa Rogers Founder of Trendlistr (also pictured cover), Chloe Hall Founder of Bumble and Bloom, Anneisha Merryweather Founder of Great Park Cafe with her daughter, Henrik Hagemann Founder of CustoMem Credit: photographic Services, Shell International Limited, Carlton Cummins Founder of Aceleron, Afrujahan Begum Founder of My Day My Deeds, Jacqui Miller-Charlton MBE ambassador for Brand Britain, Walter Cutabiala Founder of Phresh Bones, Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and David Grayson Chairman of the Board at Carers UK I ¹ Source: HSBC Essence of Enterprise 2016 Report 3

“This year we have seen the impact of our current strategy, successfully moving the company to one connected city centre location, changing the profile of our management team and recording a significant increase in efficiency. 2017 represents another year of strength for PNE Group.” Tim Smith Chairman of the Board


PNE Group. Enterprise Expertise

Into the Future

In 2017, PNE Group was proud to experience a number of clients extending contracts for its services. These decisions demonstrate that the Group’s consultancy delivery model is strong and that the high-calibre of our specialist consulting teams are recognised amidst a very competitive marketplace.

The ambition for 2018 is to retain the momentum of 2017. PNE Group will continue investment in infrastructure, in particular, digital and workspace. The Group is also looking to grow its consultancy client base in 2018, with a specific focus on business sustainability, and is especially keen to work with other businesses that share a passion for profit with purpose.

PNE Group’s financial performance in 2017 was robust, and we remain confident about our position. From an operational perspective, we increased our efficiency in several areas, and have further developed our technology base to secure future efficiency gains, something end of year figures reveal is already making a significant impact.

The End of an Era

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