Annual report - London Borough of Croydon

Mar 15, 2016 - impact on resources in the borough should large numbers of UASC .... tracking of looked after children as they move from one borough to.
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2015/16 Annual report ‘Making services answerable to people’

A report by the Croydon Council Scrutiny and Overview Committee

Contents Foreword


Section 1- An overview of scrutiny in Croydon


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What is scrutiny? The role of scrutiny Public accountability through scrutiny Scrutiny Committees in Croydon Call-ins Councillor Call for Action Local Action Mini Reviews

Section 2 – Scrutiny Outcomes Framework 1 2 3 4 5

The scrutiny framework Community Involvement, engagement and social value outcomes Public Services Awareness outcomes Ward Member Involvement outcomes Scrutiny Member Involvement outcomes

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Section 3 – Committee Reports


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Scrutiny and Strategic Overview Committee Health, Social Care and Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee Children and Young People Scrutiny Sub-Committee Streets and Environment Scrutiny Sub-Committee Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Section 4 - The Scrutiny Team


Appendices Appendix A – ‘Making services answerable to people’ – Scrutiny self assessement model Appendix B – Overview of the 2015/16 Scrutiny Work Programme

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Scrutiny Committee meetings are open to the public and a list of forthcoming meetings is displayed on the Town Hall notice board and in public libraries. Details are also found on the Council website at

Suggest topics to your Ward Councillor for development as a Member Mini Review

Please send us your suggestions for topics for review by a scrutiny Committee by writing, emailing or telephoning the scrutiny team – see Section 4 of this report for contact details or by tweeting us @CROYDemocracy

Answer our quick polls on the council website here

Email questions you have about public services delivered in Croydon to [email protected] – but please note that we cannot answer questions about individual problems or cases

Follow us @CROYDemocracy on twitter to find out more about what scrutiny is doing to ‘make public services answerable to people’

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Foreword It is a sad fact that some key public service organisations have recently been the subject of criticisms by regulators and independent inquiries. The key finding of many of these reports can be summed up in a question and answer: Question

‘How did we get here?’


‘In small steps’

Small steps can lead to good outcomes as well as bad outcomes. Councillor Sean Fitzsimons, Chair of Scrutiny

In the year to come Croydon (the place) faces major economic challenges and scrutiny needs to play its part in meeting these as fully as possible. The financial challenge facing all local government and its public sector partners is apparent and these challenges will have an impact across many areas of service delivery from the Council and partner organisations. The next 12 months will be challenging for all of us. This report is about looking back to see where scrutiny has made a (small) difference and where more needs to be done. Everything we have done this year has been under the banner of ‘making services answerable to people’ and goes back to the objectives we set out in the 2014/15 Scrutiny Annual Report. We said we would: 

Invite a group of young people to ‘take over’ a meeting of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Sub-Committee meeting in November 2015 to scrutinise a topic of importance to them. We did and it was hugely successful generating interest beyond the borough and highlighting a topic which hadn’t been on our radar previously. In its way it was a