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annual report




The mission of the USF System Women in Leadership & Philanthropy program is to engage and educate visionary leaders and philanthropists to make a difference for women throughout the USF System and the community.

Dear Members and Friends of WLP, I am proud to have served you for the past year as your Chair and as a Founding Member of this organization, an extraordinary group of visionaries who have chosen WLP as their conduit for impacting the next generation of leaders and philanthropists and contributing to academic scholarship and research with life-changing implications for women throughout the world. Due in no small part to the collective strength and contributions of our members, we are pleased to celebrate a number of impressive accomplishments this year:

SOURCES OF WLP FUNDS kathleen moore, ph.d.

• O  ur annual dues-paying membership has grown from 114 members to 154, a 35% Chair, USF WLP increase in the last fiscal year. At the close of calendar year 2014, membership has grown to a record 185 members. Our Corporate Member program has grown from one member (Florida Blue) in July 2013 to five members (BNYMellon Wealth Management, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, Florida Blue, Florida Hospital & Sagicor) by June 2014, a 400% increase. At the close of calendar year 2014, this number has grown to 8 Corporate Members adding SunTrust, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Bay Rays. • Our  9th Annual WLP Fall Symposium was an unprecedented success. More than 720 people joined together for a day of learning, laughter and empowerment. Over $245,000 was raised at this signature event; after expenses, these funds will be allocated to enhance our endowments and WLP programs. • W  e developed, in collaboration with the Office of Donor Relations & Foundation Scholarships, an aggressive WLP Endowed Scholarship Donor Stewardship Plan. While only in the initial implementation stage, this initiative has resulted in an increase of over $41,000 in additional scholarship commitments. When fully implemented, we anticipate that this program will yield great dividends for WLP and the USF System. • W  e successfully launched WLP’s first-ever Mentoring Initiative, in partnership with the USF Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement and USF Athletics’ Mentoring U-Selmon Style.

The structure and function of the USF WLP program requires a consistent source of spendable income. Because the majority of gifts to WLP are to restricted endowed funds, our primary sources of operating income include annual membership contributions, sponsorships and ticket sales from the Annual Fall Symposium, and contributions from the USF Faculty & Staff Campaign. WLP also benefits from significant staff salary and budgetary support provided by the USF Foundation.


USF WLP’s groundwork was established by our founding members whose initial investments allow us to fulfill our mission. By establishing endowed scholarship funds, contributing to the WLP endowed scholarship, and building the program endowment, these visionary individuals and corporations provided WLP the strong basis for the tremendous growth and impact that typifies the program today.


As ever, we are not resting on our laurels. WLP has embarked on a groundbreaking journey and we will rely on the collective skills, experiences, and energies of our members to achieve our ambitious goals. As you explore the past year through the pages of this report, think ahead to the engagement, exploration and impact that you would like to experience through WLP, and become involved in a standing committee, mentor a student, serve on the symposium planning committee, attend events, or just try something new. We will all be the better for your participation!