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and one of six national Industry Growth Centres, NERA spans the oil & gas, coal and uranium sectors ... All are required to contribute to monetize the outcomes. NERA has .... What impact will the solution have to other areas of your business?
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ARE YOU RESEARCH READY? A guide to successful industry-led research collaboration

NERA has produced this document to assist companies to reach their potential through more active use of Australia’s research capability.

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Contents Are You Research Ready? – Checklist


Introduction and Context


How does research fit into innovation The six-step process

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1. Establish a Strategic Basis in Challenging Goals


2. Prioritise Opportunities


3. Organise for Success


4. Consider Alternative Partnership Models


5. Assess the Potential Research Providers


6. Align Interests Through Commercial Negotiations


Appendices 32 1. Funding Options and References 2. Energy Resource Focussed Research Organisations 3. References 4. Glossary and Links

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Disclaimer: NERA does not endorse or guarantee the outcomes of research partnerships or accept liability for the accuracy or usefulness of any information contained in this report. Please use commercial discretion to assess the suitability of any business introduction or goods and services offered. NERA does not accept liability for any loss associated with the use of any information and any reliance is entirely at the user’s discretion. This document has been prepared for NERA by Alternate Futures Pty Ltd, a consultancy specializing in assisting industry and research organisations to successfully develop and implement research partnerships. Refer

National Energy Resources Australia – Are you research ready? A guide to successful industry-led research collaboration


Are you research ready? Checklist Step

Key Element

1 Establish a strategic basis in challenging goals

• Use your strategic plan or foresight tools to identify potential disruptive research opportunities • Assess current performance and market forces to identify potential step-change research opportunities • Create a clear problem statement for each opportunity

2 Prioritise the opportunities

• Assess the value and risks of each opportunity • Assess the maturity of each opportunity using TRL or MRL • Assess options for funding, including Government support, to mitigate risk

3 Organise the business for successful adoption of research outcomes

• Assess your organisational systems and culture for openness to technology adoption • Identify entrepreneurial suppliers as potential partners for effective solution delivery • Set-up a project governance framework to manage stage-gates and align all stakeholders • Select a suitable research project manager • Allocate resources including the right team to support the project manager


4 Consider alternative research partnership models

• Assess the importance of time and confidentiality to successfully achieving the return on research investment

5 Assess the potential research providers

• Assess their technical capability

6 Prepare for commercial negotiations with your research partner

• Define and separate your needs into “must haves” and “prefers”

• Select a preferred model partnership model

• Assess their ability to work with industry

• Understand and verify the needs of your research partner • Understand and assess IP options

National Energy Resources Australia – Are you research ready? A guide to successful industry-led res