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A Message from Michael Morris, Superintendent of Schools. ARPS Update ... teacher Tracy Vernon was awarded the Martin Luther. King Jr. Citizen?s Award for ...
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A RPS U p d at e Jan u ar y 19, 20 18 A M essage f r om M ich ael M or r is, Su per in t en den t of Sch ools happy to present the logo that was chosen by all of you!

2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Recipients and Tracy Vernon, MLK Citizen's Award recipient

Our schools hosted a variety of assemblies and events last Friday in celebration of the Martin Luther King holiday. In addition to these events, the annual Martin Luther Crocker Farm Principal Derek Shea spoke King Breakfast took with students at the MLK assembly place at ARMS on Saturday. Student groups from across the district entertained those gathered with a variety of musical numbers, spoken word and dancing. Three ARHS Seniors, Aviva Weinbaum, Sahar Douglas and Kayara Hardnett-Barnes, were honored with the 2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship which recognizes them as ?aspiring defenders of social justice.? ARHS Dance teacher Tracy Vernon was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Citizen?s Award for her 16 years of dedication to her students. After multiple rounds of stakeholder input, we have an official district logo! Thank you to the 915 people who participated in the initial survey to help us redraft and narrow the choices down to three, and to the 926 who voted on the finalists. We are

This week I am pleased to share an episode of A Window into ARPS that features Dr. Marta Guevara, Director of Student and Dr. Guevara and Mr. Chamble Family Engagement, and Dwayne Chamble, Out-of-School Time Coordinator, discussing the work of the ARPS Family Center and opportunities for students both before and after school. Earlier this week, I taped a new episode featuring Derek Shea, Crocker Farm Principal, and Diane Chamberlain, Fort River Interim Principal, highlighting the exciting things happening in our elementary schools. I will share that episode as soon as it becomes available. On Sunday, January 28, U.S Senator Ed Markey is hosting a Town Hall meeting in the Amherst Regional Middle School auditorium from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Although the district is not sponsoring the event, I am pleased that our facilities can serve Senator Markey as the location for this important opportunity for the community to engage with our federal elected official. As a reminder, we have now had two school closing days due to winter weather. The current last day of school is Monday, June 18. Have a great weekend,