Ascame activity report 2015

Ascame activity report. 2015. • Collaboration agreements signed with tens of regional and ... and social development. .... sixth most popular tourism destination in the world, attracting more .... Subject Networking of Euro-Mediterranean actors in.
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mediterranean business & economic updates january-february 2016

Ascame activity report From one year 2015 to another • Collaboration agreements signed with tens of regional and international institutions •  26 main organizations representative of the Mediterranean private sector joined forces and signed the 20+20 Declaration •  Hundreds of ASCAME events and project’s activities •  Thousands of participants across a series of

Ascame activity report 2015

sectorial and multi-sectorial events •  Over 5,000 companies participating in ASCAME events and projects • Involved in more than 20 Euro-Mediterranean cooperation projects of the ASCAME network in the last years representing 52M€ of investments

Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry

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Promoting knowledgebased economy: the key for development and competitiveness of the Mediterranean Prof. Vidoje Vujic´, Ph.D. President of the ASCAME Commission for Innovation and ICT

“Development and improvement of entrepreneurial spirit through innovation and implementation of the communication technologies is the subject concerned by ASCAME Innovation and ICT Commission”

“Our vision is that the Mediterranean bases its development on knowledge as the fundamental resource of development and competitiveness”

Our vision is that the Mediterranean bases its development on knowledge as the fundamental resource of development and competitiveness, and that the region becomes distinguished for that in Europe and the world. Today, knowledge and innovations are closely related to development of entrepreneurial initiatives under which are the business people that contribute to a new economic and social development. The Croatian Chamber of Economy has recently established the database of innovators and innovations from the area of the Primorje and Gorski Kotar County, whose final purpose is innovations’ commercialization. The mentioned database will be soon available for its use. It will contain information on innovation, contact data of innovator, as well as the level of patents protection. We expect in the near future to have a similar Mediterranean database within the ASCAME network. It is very important that the Croatian Chamber of Economy together with the Mediterranean Chambers endeavours to strengthen capacities of the entrepreneurial structures, tie up researches and innovators that transform ideas to new products or upgrade processes and, in this way, create environment for jobs creation. The Croatian Chamber of Economy chairs the ASCAME Commission of Innovation and ICT, founded in 2010 in Opatija, Croatia. Its President, Prof. Vidoje Vujic´, Ph.D. invites the Chambers interested to actively participate in the Commission’s work aiming to develop and improve the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage and promote growth of innovation and use of new communication technologies. It is planned a more intense integration of informatics experts in the Mediterranean, as well as the implementation of the Communications-collaboration platform, service SaS – Software as a Service in cloud, for Innovation and ICT Commission and later for other ASCAME Commissions, possibly for the whole ASCAME organisation. It would contain the repository – knowledge based on the Mediterranean that would be used by all the Chambers, member companies and all stakeholders of the regional development: educational, research and development authorities. Our ultimate aim is to ensure the Mediterranean develops a knowledge-based economy and, to obtain this recognition on an international level.

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