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Aug 22, 2017 - in our next webinar, which is on Young people and online ... ..... Children and social media—does it keep you awake at night? Have you ...... Opera, and Opera Australia in marketing.
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ASG’s Scholastic Issue 3 : 2017 Quarterly news for ASG members

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or more more than 40 years ASG has been a leading advocate on the importance of education and learning. Our focus is on creating as much impact as possible to benefit you and your children.

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Because we want to make a positive difference in children’s lives we run programs that directly benefit them. Earlier this year we partnered with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, who run evidence-based programs on children's safety and wellbeing. Our webinars on cyber safety and screen time have encouraged parents to start conversations with their children. We encourage you to participate in our next webinar, which is on Young people and online relationships. Are your children, like mine, more technically advanced than you? The advent of the digital age has brought with it ‘digital natives’—so called because they were born during or after the technological boom. Have you wondered what career they will have 10 or 12 years from now? What about yourself? Gone are the days of a ‘job for life’ and today more than ever, education has become valued as a constant and lifelong process. It is evident that continuous learning and education is necessary to stay relevant and be future ready because “the future belongs to those who can unlearn and relearn.”

A report published by Mackinsey in May 2017 found that while technologies replace some jobs, they also create work in industries that we can’t even imagine—thus generating income. Think of companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, which have redefined how online business is done. While artificial intelligence (AI) will change the role that humans play in some types of jobs—eliminating physically challenging jobs—it will also add value from new goods, services, and innovations that AI will enable. David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University, says in the future people will move between different roles and projects. While preparing our students for the future it is important to consider the teachers who are instrumental in this journey. The ASG-ACE Teachers Report Card 2017 surveyed teachers on a range of issues, including testing, curriculum, stress, wellbeing, support, engagement, satisfaction, technology and opportunity at school. You can read this report card online: We hope you enjoy reading the many interesting stories and information in this issue of ASG’s Scholastic.

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