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ASG’s Scholastic Issue 4 : 2017 Quarterly news for ASG members

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Vale Terry O’Connell (1948-2017) ASG is saddened by the passing of Terry O’Connell on 28 August 2017. Under his leadership of more than 30 years, ASG has gained widespread recognition for being one of the largest non-profit friendly societies in Australia, which encouraged parents to save for their children’s future education. For many parents ASG’s education plans allowed them to dream big—of their children pursuing higher education, something that was just a dream for many families.

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erry's long association with ASG began in 1982 when he was working in Perth. He was put in contact with the late Harry Tyler, one of the founders of ASG, through a colleague. Harry had established and helped develop an educational assistance program in Melbourne and was investigating the possibility of establishing an operation in Perth. Terry was drawn to the idea and after meeting with Harry his journey with ASG began when he set up the first Western Australia office and became the Regional Manager for Western Australia. He then moved to Queensland in 1983 with ASG and took up the position of Regional Manager for Queensland. His passion for education continued to grow with the burning desire to help parents plan for their children’s education as education costs continued to soar for families. With the steady growth of ASG during this period, Terry was asked to move to Melbourne in 1986 to take up the position of General Manager at head office in Surrey Hills where he continued to lead ASG until his retirement in 2006 as Managing Director and Executive Director on the Board. Terry then continued his leadership of ASG as Chairman of the Board until 2015 and remained as non-executive director until his retirement in July this year.

Terry was also the pioneer of the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA)—which he initiated in 1994—after reading a newspaper article that said ‘Only the worst can teach’. Terry was furious and concerned about the psychological effects such negative publicity would have on students, teachers and parents (as well as the long-term harm to the nation). Now in its 23rd year, ASG NEiTA acknowledge the great work teachers do in our communities, both in Australia and New Zealand. NEiTA has recognised more than 30,000 teachers and distributed more than $940,000 in professional development grants. Terry was also a significant influence in the Friendly Societies movement. He was appointed to the Friendly Societies of Australia (FSA) as a committee member in 2006 and became its President in October 2011 until his retirement in November 2013. For ASG’s Board and staff, Terry’s passion, drive and belief for ASG and its impact in helping to improve educational outcomes was an inspiration to all­—including his mentorship of many individuals. In a world where corporate success is often measured by profit and loss, Terry ensured ASG stayed heavily focussed on meeting community needs and that its impact was for the betterment of our society.

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