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Aug 2, 2017 - Trade Show and conference as a forum for important connection ..... should outline the basic terms of your referral program in a way that is both ...
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HIA-LI POSITIONING STATEMENT & INITIATIVES HIA-LI IS ONE OF THE THE RECOGNIZED VOICES FOR BUSINESS ON LONG ISLAND; A POWERFUL FORCE AND ECONOMIC ENGINE FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT. OUR MEMBER COMPANIES REPRESENT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS. MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION opportunities for a skilled manufacturing workforce. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Develop solutions to attract, blend and retain employees and keep youth on LI. HEALTHCARE Explore existing and emerging strategies for containing healthcare costs. INFRASTRUCTURE Identify and develop plans to address critical infrastructure needs of the Hauppauge Industrial Park that will foster the continued growth of business. ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SUCCESS Create forums to educate and connect business growth and survival. Promote the HIA-LI Annual Trade Show and conference as a forum for important connection and discussion on economic, business, and workforce development issues. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “GO GREEN” members. Educate and showcase environmental and energy services. VIRTUAL HIA-LI Enable our members to collaborate, connect and deliver added value by sharing knowledge with current and future members and the global world.

President Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543 - 5355

OFFICERS Chairperson of the Board Robert Quarte AVZ & Company (631) 434 - 9500 First Vice Chairperson Joe Campolo Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP (631) 738 - 9100 Second Vice Chairperson John Bauer Littler Mendelson, P.C. (631) 293 - 4525 Corporate Secretary Anthony Manetta HB Solutions (516) 762-7523 Treasurer Carol Allen Peopleʼs Alliance Federal Credit Union (631) 434 - 3500

Kevin OʼConnor Bridgehampton National Bank (631) 537-8826

Robert Desmond AIRECO Real Estate Corp. (631) 273 - 4255

Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook University (631) 216 - 7605

Rita DiStefano Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl, & Associates, Inc. (516) 921 - 3400

Anne Shybunko-Moore GSE Dynamics (631) 231-1044

Joseph Garofalo Island Christian Church (631) 822 - 3000 Susan H. Gubing Career Smarts (631) 979 - 6452 Rich Humann, P.E. H2M architects + engineers (631) 756 - 8000 Bob Isaksen Bank of America (631) 547 - 7450 Christopher Kent Farrell Fritz (631) 367 - 0710 David Manning Brookhaven National Laboratory (631) 344 - 4747 Scott Maskin SUNation Solar (631) 750 - 9454

Dr. Elana Zolfo Berkeley College (631) 338-8633

Howard Kipnes Cedar Knolls Inc.

LIFETIME BOARD MEMBERS Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Corp. (631) 231 - 0900 Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282 Anthony Leteri Leteri Waste Services (631) 368 - 5533 Arthur Sanders Omni Funding (516) 697 - 3900

Nicholas M. Lacetera Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union Ed Pruitt (Posthumously) CEO John Rebecchi Disc Graphics Marci Tublisky Norman Weingart Communications Specialist David Winchester CleanTech Rocks

Lilia Factor Esq. Factor Law (516) 659-9523

Mary Locascio All Island Media (631) 750 - 1226

Joy Graceffo L.I. Essential Software and Training (631) 427 - 1083

Aoifa OʼDonnell National EAP, Inc. (631) 588-8102

Miriam Hubbard PBI Payroll (516) 338 - 5454

Tony Borelli Mass Mutual Financial Group (516) 391 - 0300 x396

Tom Fox D & B Engineers and Architects (516) 364 - 9890

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Group (631) 231 - 0900


Jack Kulka Kulka Construction Group (631) 231 - 0900

Christine Ippolito Compass Workforce Solutions (631) 794-7400

ENTERTAINMENT/ SPORTS Carmella Fazio All Island Media (516) 297 - 9011

Melissa Negrin-Wiener Genser, Dubow, Genser & Cona LLP (631) 390-5000


Ernest E. Hoffman W& H Stampings

Ann-Marie Scheidt Stony Brook Univerisity (631) 216 - 7605



Michael Voltz PSEG Long Island (631) 844-3819




Richard S. Feldman, Esq. Rivkin Radler LLP


Chris Kent Farrell Fritz, P.C. (631) 367-0710


Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA


Kelly Imperial NYIT (631) 348-3121


Fred Eisenbud Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP


Mary Simmons Portnoy, Messinger Pearl & Associates (516) 921 - 3400





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DIRECTORS Jim Coughlan Tritec Real Estate Co (631) 706 - 4113

MANUFACTURING/ INTERNATIONAL TRADE Robert Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273-8282

MEMBERSHIP Rich Isaac Sandler Training (631) 231 - 3538 Raffelina Cipriano Primerica (917) 440 - 1925 MENTORING, NETWORKING AND COMMUNICATIONS Michael Capaldo Michael Capaldo (516) 984 - 5388 Ann Morrison The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (516) 869 - 4215

SECURITY Allan Lippolis Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. (631) 273 - 8282

TECHNOLOGY FOR BUSINESS David Pinkowitz DCP Marketing Services LLC (631) 491 - 5343 Chris Coluccio TechWorks Consulting, Inc. (631) 285 - 1527

YOUNG BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS Betsy Jacob Sage Solutions (516) 396 - 9329 Robert Dooley McGiff Halverson, LLP (631) 730 - 8686

631-543-5355 • WWW.HIA-LI.ORG monthly by the HIA-LI, 225 Wireless Blvd., Suite 101. Hauppauge, NY 11788. Application to mail at Periodical Postage Rate is accepted at Smithtown, NY 11787. POSTMASTER: Send or neccessarily agree with the opinions expressed in the articles written for this newspaper. - County Subscriptions 638, Distribution Outside the Mail 200, Copies not Distributed 300, Total 3,301.

HIA-LI Calendar of Events: August 2017 HIA-LI COMMITTEE MEETINGS


FRIDAY, AUGUST 11TH - 8:30AM - 10:00AM HIA-LI’s Sales & Marketing Committee Meeting THURSDAY, AUGUST 24TH - 8:30AM - 10:00AM HIA-LI Joint Meeting of the Technology for Business and Business Development Committees FRIDAY, AUGUST 25TH - 8:30AM - 10:00AM HIA-LI’s Mentoring, Networking and Communications Committee Meeting



THURSDAY, AUGUST 10TH,- 3:00PM - 5:30PM HIA-LI’s Annual Boat Cruise. Join us on the Lauren Kristy Paddleboat for a day of networking, lunch, cash bar and casino tables on this magical ride! Bay Shore Marina, Clinton Ave, Bay Shore, NY 11706. Members: $50 • Non-Members: $65. To register, visit or call 631-543-5355. FRIDAY, AUGUST 18TH - 9:00AM - 10:30AM HIA-LI’s Networking at the Beach. Join us for a morning of networking at the beach with new HIA-LI members! Hot breakfast will be served. The Crescent Beach Club, 333 Bayville Ave. Bayville, NY 11709. One complimentary ticket per new member. Bring a prospective HIA-LI member for Free Admission for you and your guest, $35 for all others. To register, visit or call 631-543-5355. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH - 11:30AM - 2:00PM HIA-LI’s 23rd Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala. Recognizing excellence on Long Island. Crest Hollow Country Club, 8325 Jericho Tpk, Woodbury, NY, 11797. Members: $100 • Non-Members: $125. To register, visit or call 631-543-5355.

ALL HIA-LI Committe Meetings held at HIA-LI office 225 Wireless Blvd., Suite 101, Hauppauge, New York, 11788, United States

For more information on HIA-LI Committee Meetings, contact the HIA-LI office at 631-543-5355

g n i k r o w t e N

h c a e B e h t t a -

August 18, 2017 at the crescent beach club



WWW.HIA-LI.ORG• 225 WIRELESS BLVD., HAUPPAUGE, NY 11788 • 631-543-5355

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join us for a morning of networking at the beach with new hia-li members! Hot breakfast will be served!

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23rd Annual Business Achievement

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Paypro’s 25th Anniversary Client Event

OCTOBER 27, 2017 at the

Garden City Hotel CORPOR O AT R P Y



between 9am & 4pm

Celebration. Inspiration. Education. Innovation. Open to Clients, Future Clients & Partners • Enjoy Entertainment, Food, PRIZES! • Attend Informative break-out sessions • Experience Paypro’s full suite of products & solutions [email protected] | Paypro Corporation | 450 Wireless Blvd, Hauppauge, NY 11788 631.777.1100 ext. 360 |

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• Meet Your Paypro Team in person


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Because we’re as PASSIONATE about your success as you are.

Our team of seasoned lenders provides solid solutions and local decision-making so you get the financing you need, when you need it.* Call Kevin Santacroce, Chief Lending Officer, at 631.537.1000, ext. 7258. *All loans are subject to credit approval.

Member FDIC

Branches from Montauk to Manhattan I 631.537.1000 I BRIDGENB.COM

Keeping Current

Why Self Publishing is Changing Marketing Joe DiChiara Publisher Bedrock Business Publishing

• •

[email protected]

Marketing is complicated and a mystery to most small business owners, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. There are many, many options and even more marketing consultants, social media experts, virtual marketing assistants, etc. that can tell you what you should be doing. There are networking events, networking groups, chambers of commerce, etc. Then there are the marketing tools, resources, automated processes, blogs, radio, print, etc. The cost range from zero to thousands. I call it marketing mayhem. I understand this all too well. As an entrepreneur, business mentor and CPA for over 30 years I have experienced many marketing trials and tribulations resulting in thousands of non productive hours and tens of thousands in wasted dollars. Luckily, not everything I tried was without results. Many things worked but to be honest, most did not. Not doing anything would spell disaster in the long run and my solution was usually a short term marketing campaign. The results were always the same, minimal, if any. That all changed when I learned how to become a published author. It’s now the cornerstone of my marketing system and the relative cost was a pittance. None of this was my idea. I joined a large marketing mastermind group and was shown the ropes by experts in the industry. I met hundreds of individuals that had become authors, used it to market themselves and parlayed that into speaking and coaching businesses. It’s a growing trend-Speaker/Author/Coach. Here are

• • a few examples I’ve seen 1st hand: • •

A caregiver wrote a book about caregiving is now a speaker on the topic and coaches other caregivers. A driver who got hundreds of speeding tickets learned how to beat them. He wrote a book about it, became a guest on hundreds of radio shows and now is a sought after speaker. An ad executive that wrote a book about writing a book now speaks on the subject, mentors authors and started his own publishing business.

Evolving technology, the Internet’s free flow of information, giant Amazon’s http://www. and other self publishing options such as and http:// makes getting your own book in print simple. There are also throngs of self publishing houses to help prospective authors organize their thoughts into the printed word. Today there are millions of new authors providing great content on everything from taking care of your pet to self help and starting & running your own business.

for only 16% of the e-books on Amazon’s bestseller lists. DRM (digital rights management) “harms e-book sales at any price point.” Self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Indie authors are earning nearly 40% of the ebook dollars going to authors. Self-published authors are “dominating traditionally published authors” in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/thriller, and romance genres but -and here is the surprise -- they are also taking “significant market share in all genres.”

Industry experts and business owners have found self publishing to be a highly effective way to get their name and marketing message out to their target audience. Being an author brings instant credibility and expert status in your industry. It takes guts to put your thoughts and ideas out there for everyone to dissect and people respect those that do. I believe that being an author today is comparable to having a website when the Internet first started. At first not everyone had a website and today if you don’t have one good luck with your business. Soon, not having a book will be like not having a website. It’s inevitable if you want to do business. The only question is when will you be ready?

According to •

The Big Five traditional publishers now account

Start your book with an article like this

END MARKETING MAYHEM I don't know about you but marketing is like reading Latin. I don't even know if Latin is still around but I do know that everyday there seems to be another marketing platform that claims it will attract an endless stream of new business. There are ads telling you how easy it is to do Facebook ads, ads inviting you webinars that will show you how to do FaceBook ads, ads for people that will do FaceBook ads, etc...

I t ' s t h e s a m e w i t h L i n k e d i n , Tw i t t e r Instagram.....There's still print ads (like this onehehe), radio, banner ads, direct mail, indirect mail (kidding), banner ad's....Every marketing expert will tell you that you must set yourself apart, create a unique selling proposition, etc. But everyone is doing the same thing!! So how do you really set yourself apart?

“I'm two sentences into a sixty-thousand-word book that I think I need to write because my manager, Norm, says my career won't really take off until I have a book.” Excerpt From “I Hope I Screw This Up” – Kyle cease


Joe DiChiara-Author Mentor/Publisher For Immediate Attention: CALL (661)752-5639 E-MAIL [email protected]


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Keeping Current

Refereeing Your Referral Business

How to make the most of client referrals in the age of social media and review sites Richard Rutigliano CEO PriMedia, Inc. [email protected]

It’s been said that referrals are the original form of marketing. As such, advertising agencies often imitate the voice of the satisfied customer in an attempt to recreate the timeless “water cooler chat.” Many companies still consider “word-of-mouth” referrals the primary driver of new business. But let’s think about that phrase and what it means in 2017. Where do you think B2B users make recommendations to their partners today, at a water cooler or in a Retweet? The good news is you can use this to your advantage, by making the referral process a more integrated part of your client communications. Word Of Mouth, Meet Voice Of Reason Let’s say you want to attract more referral business and reward clients who send new business your way, so you launch a referral program. A basic program might offer a $100 gift card to the referring client for each successful referral. Seems straightforward enough, but how do you keep track of the referring and referral clients, and how do you know that they aren’t gaming the system? Start with a secure and easy-to-use referral form that lives on a specific page of your website. This page should outline the basic terms of your referral program in a way that is both on-brand and sharable. It’s also smart to make the referral form multifunctional; that is, usable by either the referring or referral client. From the user’s perspective, this should be as simple as clicking a

tab that says, “Make a Referral” or “Become a Partner.” Referral programs should also be integrated into your back-office software. PriMedia’s LeadPro software can be connected to your client-facing website, so that a referral form completion automatically generates a new lead or pings your sales manager. Earn Your Stripes If you use social media, then links to your accounts should be displayed on the referral page. Additionally, you may find success in plugging your referral program via “Boosted” Facebook posts or Promoted Tweets. Even dropping a link to your referral program in a reply to a relevant post can help forge real relationships and show potential clients that your company is responsive and engaging.

recommend this company,” so give them the platform to make those recommendations and get rewarded for doing so! Today’s B2B players do business online, review businesses online, and tell their partners about those businesses online too. To be a part of that online business community, your referral program should be online, on social media and on review sites. Otherwise, it’s out of reach.

The same applies to online review sites. Clients who leave positive reviews on Google My Business and Angie’s List often say things like, “I would gladly

DO YOU WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM? Develop an additional stream of ongoing income with your own UnFranchise® Business The UnFranchise business can be built part-time alongside a full-time job. Entrepreneurs can earn commissions and retail profits when they follow the UnFranchise business system. You can build a Shopping Annuity as part of your UnFranchise business – a revolutionary concept of converting spending into earning through SHOP.COM. The UnFranchise® Business has been proven to work for entrepreneurs around the world

$6,427,846,637† AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 10

generated in estimated accumulated retail sales

$3,423,772,398 total UnFranchise® Owner earnings in commissions and estimated retail profits*

JOHN MANGIONE* / PHIL GUIDO* Independent UnFranchise® Owners, Market America, Inc. 1-866-447-8238 info † As of June 30, 2015 (since company’s inception). *Estimated accumulated retail sales and estimated retail profits based on suggested retail price *John and Phil are both long time members of the L.I. business community

Keeping Current Things to Ask Yourself When Deciding if You Want to Sell Your Business Gregg Schor CEO Protegrity Advisors

[email protected]

When it comes to family-owned or closely-held businesses, the decision to sell involves a complex mix of professional, personal, and financial issues. Business owners frequently ask themselves the following: 1.The business has never been doing better. Why should I sell now? Ironically, often the best time to sell is when you don’t need to. Companies with cash flow issues, experiencing flat or decreasing revenues, having trouble attracting and retaining key employees, or whose future is otherwise rendered uncertain are obviously less attractive to buyers. Since these companies are negotiating from positions of weakness, they may be forced to accept low offers or unfavorable terms since they may lack the leverage to walk away. Conversely, when a company is able to negotiate from a position of strength – and does not have to sell – the owners have a greater chance of receiving multiple offers and driving the purchase price up. These owners also have the leverage to get favorable outcomes on other terms, such as higher amounts paid at closing and lower escrow amounts. Being able to walk away is the best insurance that you will be able to maximize your results. 2. How can I risk even starting the process and word getting out to customers and employees?

Many business owners are contacted by competitors or private equity asking if they would be interested in selling. Even if you assume good faith, which may or may not be the case, trusting a third party who can potentially gain from your demise is not a prudent path to take.

The sensible course is to test the waters with a reputable M&A advisor that understands the critical need for confidentiality and is experienced enough to manage a sophisticated process. In such a controlled process, information is disclosed on an as-needed basis and in stages, so that interested third parties are vetted, qualified, and under a nondisclosure agreement prior to obtaining the identity of the potential seller and any confidential information. In many instances, the context can be explained as the business owner seeing the potential for capturing additional market share, and exploring whether it might be appropriate to establish “strategic relationships.” In other words, you aren’t thinking about selling; you are trying to find partners who might have complementary resources.

there is a subsequent sale of the new company, they are able to cash out and get a “second bite of the apple.” 4. Will anyone pay me what my business is actually worth? As has been said before, “a business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” The keys to maximizing this amount include understanding what factors are critical to potential buyers in your industry and taking the time to position your company accordingly. An experienced M&A advisor should be able to provide reasonably accurate ranges for what your company might be worth in today’s market. After working so hard to build your business, it would almost be negligent not to prepare in advance for a sale, before you are under the magnifying glass of a potential buyer.

3. I am not ready to retire but would like to get away from day-to-day operations. Is that an option? While it’s possible to sell 100% of a business, it’s just as common today to retain some percentage of ownership in the new entity and maintain a key role for a certain amount of time. In fact, many buyers will want the previous owner to have some “skin in the game.” By way of example, a perfectly reasonable scenario is where a business owner sells 80% of her company at a valuation of $10 million, meaning an $8 million purchase price. The owner then takes on a new role post-sale, perhaps identifying other companies to acquire or maintaining strategic customer relationships and developing new ones. Then, in a few years when

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C.

Since 1965, D&B has a long and proven track record of developing innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs, including services such as: 🔷🔷 🔷🔷 🔷🔷 🔷🔷 🔷🔷 🔷🔷 🔷🔷

Structural Engineering Electrical Engineering HVAC and MEP Engineering Construction Management Commercial and Residential Engineering Municipal Engineering Architectural Services


TEL: 516-364-9890 | WWW.DB-ENG.COM Facing Challenges, Finding Solutions.

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Wastewater Management Water Supply Engineering Hazardous Waste Management Environmental Assessment and Permitting Solid Waste Management Civil/Site Engineering Stormwater Management

“Last year we saved over $1,500 in energy costs.” David Gerassi

David’s Famous Pizza & Borekas, Cedarhurst

David is one of the many business owners across Long Island who have discovered the energy savings, business support, storm preparation advice, and more offered by PSEG Long Island

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 12

Find out how PSEG Long Island can help take a slice out of your energy costs.

Sign up for a FREE Business Energy Assessment at

6911 PSEGLI - BizEnergyAssess_Pizza_9.75x14_HIA-Sponsorship_MV1.indd 1

5/10/17 12:27 PM

RichMasinoQPad_Layout 1 6/6/17 8:40 AM Page 1


LOT 1 | $1,750,000 | 4,000+ SF Use builder’s architect or bring your own!

LOT 2 | $2,495,000 | TO BE BUILT 5,600 SF on 2+ private acres or design your own! Recognized by House Magazine as a Dream Home Builder, Woods Edge Properties will construct your custom home at Hummingbird Estates. Set on a charming private road, this estate community boasts the rare combination of tranquil seclusion with convenient access to town. For those looking to marry a superb piece of land with sophisticated design, high-end materials and meticulous craftsmanship – you will want to walk this property. MLS #’s: 2901105 and 2894346 respectively.

Rich Masino | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Direct: 631-584-2283 or [email protected] 255 Executive Drive, Suite 208, Plainview, NY 11803 516-575-7500

All information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. Price is subject to change.

Keeping Current

Considering Sponsoring a Food Drive... Think Healthy! Paule Pachter CEO Long Island Cares, Inc. [email protected]

In the past five years, Long Island Cares and other regional food banks across America have increased our focus on the provision of healthy food choices for the organizations and people we serve. It has been well documented that there is a correlation between food insecurity and health problems. When people don’t have enough food, or they don’t have access to healthy foods on a regular basis, they are at-risk for a myriad of health problems including, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. Food banks are focusing on the health of people experiencing food insecurity because we not only have an obligation to

When people donate to a local food drive they often want to donate as much as possible. They look to see what’s on sale in the supermarket or they go through their own home pantry to see what types of extra food they have that they can donate to feed the hungry. Often, the items a pantry or food bank receives from a drive are foods that are high in starch, carbohydrates, salt, sugars, and fat. Although there’s nothing wrong with pasta, peanut butter, jelly, rice, cereals, juices, tomato sauces and canned fruits, most nutritionists will tell you that eating these types of food in abundance can affect your health, especially if you’re food insecure and these are the majority of the food you receive from your local pantry. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from supporting food drives. What I want to encourage is that when we think about sponsoring a food drive we think about the people who will receive

the food, especially infants, children, people with medical conditions, and the elderly. Long Island Cares has launched an innovative initiative with some of our member agencies to encourage developing a “healthy shelf” in their pantries, as we’ve done in our warehouse. There are many choices we can make when donating food to help those in need, and sometimes we don’t have to even donate food to feed the hungry. Here are some ideas to consider when sponsoring your next food drive: whole wheat pastas; brown rice; natural peanut butter; canned fruit in juice or light syrup; canned tomatoes; bran flakes; oatmeal;100% fruit juices; spreadable fruit; Cheerios; low-fat shelf stable milk; reduced salt canned vegetables. Non-food items frequently donated: toothpaste; antibacterial soap; tissues; paper towels; new school supplies; new socks; tooth brushes; To locate your nearest food pantry, log onto and click the Food Locator link on our homepage.

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 13

Community food drives are a wonderful way for businesses, civic associations, schools, scouting groups and other organizations to get involved in supporting their local food pantry, soup kitchen and even their regional food bank like Long Island CaresThe Harry Chapin Food Bank. Quite often volunteers are outside local supermarkets, post offices, libraries and at shopping centers collecting food to feed the more than 300,000 Long Islanders experiencing food insecurity and domestic hunger. Many emergency food distribution agencies rely upon the generosity of the community to support their efforts through food drives. In some cases, the food donated by the community or local supermarkets or specialty stores may represent more than fifty-percent of a pantry’s inventory.

feed the hungry, we have a responsibility to help them eat healthy.





• Professionally Trained • Uniformed Attendants • Clean and Courteous


• Multi-Million Dollar Coverage • Most Extensive Coverage in the Industry


• Valet and Directing Services • Management/Lease Contracts • Consulting Services


• Over 20 Years in the Parking Industry

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1-877- PARKCAR


E� S U S� HO










Brendel’s Corporate Catering Team will work with you� to create the perfect menu� that fits your needs & your budget!� Stand out from competitors, impress potential clients� or give that morning meeting an energetic boost!� We specialize in events of all types & sizes!�

Continental Breakfasts� Hot Breakfast Buffets� Executive Lunches� Heroes, Wraps & Panini� Packages�

Call the Brendel’s Catering Team Today!�

Hot Dish Buffets� Cocktail Parties�



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Keeping Current

Five Questions To Ask About Your Company’s Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Jack Harrington, Esq. Chair of Cybersecurity

Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP.

[email protected]

Companies of all shapes and sizes understand the importance of general commercial liability coverage. But, with the unprecedented rise in cyber attacks, how many companies have invested in the necessary cybersecurity insurance coverage? Considering that not all cybersecurity insurance policies are created equal, how do you determine what policy is best for your business? Start by asking the following questions. 1. What minimum measures must your company implement for the policy to take effect? So-called “minimum required practices” exclusions prevent the insured from recovering on the policy if it is determined that the insured did not implement adequate procedures and risk controls to defend against cyber attack. What constitutes “minimum required practices” can vary significantly between policies. Companies should clearly understand the definition of this exclusion in their policy and ensure that they are meeting or exceeding the standard. Also, consider whether your company is subject to any industryspecific regulations that your carrier could argue would set a floor in terms of cybersecurity best practices. 2. What types of cyber events trigger coverage and when does coverage commence? Some insurance policies do not cover liability sustained from the mere breach of a company’s customer data;

rather, coverage applies only if that data is published. If your policy is triggered only in the event of publication, then also determine whether the identity of the publisher affects your coverage. Companies should also consider a retroactivity provision that covers any unknown cyber intrusion that commenced before the policy was signed. In many cases, a cyber attack may have been commenced months or years before it is identified or data is stolen. 3.What aspects of your company’s technology infrastructure are covered by your policy? Carriers are increasingly excluding coverage for cyber attacks resulting from the loss of a cell phone or laptop, or data theft in which an employee misplaces a thumb drive or other electronic storage device. Companies where employees have remote server access or frequently work outside the office should ensure that its policy defines the origin of the cyber attack or data loss with sufficient breadth to cover all likely eventualities. 4. Against what types of legal actions is your company insured and how much control will you have to respond to those actions? In the immediate aftermath of a data breach it is difficult to determine exactly what types of liability the company will face. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the company may face civil litigation, but will the incident also result in a government investigation or even criminal charges? Do your company’s existing contracts mandate that customer disputes be settled using alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation, and will your cybersecurity policy cover those eventualities? Relatedly, does your policy require insurance carrier preapproval before you take certain actions in defense of cyber-related claims? Time is often of the essence when it comes to cyber attack, so

you want to ensure that your policy does not hamstring your ability to respond. 5. Finally, does the perpetrator or motivation of the cyber attack matter? Even robust cybersecurity insurance policies tend to be geared toward inadvertent data breaches or cyber attacks perpetrated by criminals with financial motivations. Many policies exclude cyber attacks committed by governments or terrorist organizations or with the intent to cause physical harm. Companies should consider whether they need protection beyond data-related liability. Congress passed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 to extend government-backed reinsurance of terrorism coverage. However, the program is triggered only in limited circumstances. In 2017, more and more general liability policies will include cybersecurity-related coverage, but in many cases a supplemental and tailored cybersecurity-specific policy is needed. Companies should evaluate their risk and consult with an expert before purchasing insurance for protection from cyber attacks.

Want some good old-fashioned sales training?

Don’t call us.

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Sandler Training, Hauppauge, has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of dedicated companies and individuals to become more confident and competent in sales and business development. We utilize continual reinforcement through ongoing training and individual coaching sessions not only to help you learn but also to ensure your success. Please contact us to start a conversation about improving the performance of your company. Rich Isaac and Rob Fishman 225 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge 631-231-3538 ©2016 Sandler Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. S Sandler Training Finding Power In Reinforcement (with design) is a registered service mark of Sandler Systems, Inc.

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Communication Strategy Group

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 18

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Thomas E. Sullivan and Barbara A. Sullivan Foundation

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 20

Sherman & Gordon, P.C.

Combined Resource Consulting

Mattone Group Management

Greiner Maltz

Aboff’s Paint

Storage Quarters


Pet Peeves, Inc., “The Voice of Long Island Pets”

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“Disney Magic” Our First Annual Gala Dinner Dance In honor of

Glenn Alessi

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Glenn Wayne Bakery

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“Creating Memories For Children With Autism”

Atlantic Honda

Recipients of the “FIA Person of the Year Award” October 26, 2017 Crest Hollow Country Club 8325 Jericho Turnpike Woodbury, New York Cocktails 7:00 p.m. Dinner 8:00 p.m.

Business Attire/Black Tie Optional $150.00 per person [email protected] Contact Alonna Rubin @516-680-1090 or Ric Mango @631-766-6664 AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 21

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things…~ Walt Disney

Keeping your employees safe should be your number one priority every day We can help your business be OSHA Compliant, Avoid Hefty Fines


What Does Loyalty Mean to You?


he word “loyalty” is so overused, and yet it’s subjective in terms of what it really means. Are you loyal to a specific brand of soda? What about a hotel or restaurant? How about your job or boss? When you look at the definition of “loyalty” it centers on a strong support or allegiance to a person or product. I am not going to dispute the definition of the word “loyalty”. Instead, I want to challenge how we use it. Many of us mistake good transactions for “loyalty”. You may believe you’re loyal to your favorite hotel, but if you feel you were treated poorly you would reconsider your loyalty. Most people like their job, but would leave for an opportunity they perceive is better. You see, employee and customer loyalty are never permanent, and in order to maintain loyalty, you must work at it daily. The fact is, some people will never be loyal to anyone or anything. Your service can be world-class, but a customer leaves for a coupon down the street. You can have the most incredible work culture, yet an employee leaves for a few extra bucks. To those people, I say, “good-bye and good luck.” And to you I say, “Stop trying to please the people who don’t really care and will never be loyal to you.” The good news is, everyone else truly wants to be loyal to someone or something.

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 22

So, how do you drive loyalty? Simple. Become the leader or service provider they want to be with. People have different rules of engagement when it comes to why they become loyal. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can have a consistent standard that allow you to build a loyal fan base. Price and brand are the weakest forms of loyalty. That’s because all it takes to test loyalty is someone who can make something faster, cheaper, stronger, better, or sexier. We may believe we’re loyal, but when is the last time you saw someone with a pager? (If you don’t know what that is, Google it). Instead, focus energy on creating experiences for customers and even your employees. Find ways to “wow” people through everyday transactions.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. The server bringing a chilled spoon before you eat ice cream. Helping a coworker with a task even when you’re not asked. Sending a quick hand written note to just say, “Thanks”. I travel to Cincinnati, Ohio, several times each month. Each time I go out of my way to call my friend, Hussan, to collect me from the airport. Hussan isn’t really my friend as much as I am his loyal customer. I am loyal to him because he goes out of his way to make my life easier. No matter what time I arrive or depart, when I send him a text, I get the response, “Consider it done!”

• Compliance Site Survey • • Emergency Action Programs • • Emergency Response Plan • • Active Shooter Program • • OSHA Compliance Forms • • Forklift Safety • • Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan • • First Aid Safety • • Fire Prevention and Protection Plans • • Fall Prevention and Protection •

We also offer our Green, Money saving Bottle-less Water cooler systems. Contact us today for your free Safety Evaluation!

I never second guess or wonder if he will show up. And no matter what time it is, he always has on a suit. I keep telling him it’s not necessary (not everyone really cares what you wear). Hussan always responds, “It matters to me.” I sit up front with him even though he prefers me to be in the backseat. When I asked him about it, he said, “My job is to serve you Mr. Parsley. You’re the King in the car.” He refuses to let me touch my bag or the door. There’s always a paper and water in the car. Let’s not forget about the car -- it’s always is immaculate! The car is his office and this is his brand. Hussan has created loyalty because he understands the true meaning of loyalty. In a highly commoditized transportation marketplace he focuses on the experience not the price. He develops personal relationships and remembers what I spoke about the last time we were together. I love his service! Even if you offered me a better car, at a lower price, I would decline. What are you doing to create memorable experiences that drive loyalty to your business? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a manager, salesperson, or leader. Think about how you define loyalty and why you stay loyal. Then find ways to incorporate the little things in your everyday work life. Start today. Establish a plan on how you’re going to build loyalty and work that standard like your business depends on it (because it really does).

2017 HIA-LI REPORTER EDITORIAL CALENDAR January 2017 Focus Section: 2017 Long Island Forecast Industry List: Educational Services & Institutions, Human Resources & Staffing Companies, Workforce Development Ad Deadline: 12/20

July 2017 Focus Section: What to do on Long Island/Service Industry Industry List: AV Companies, Catering, Event Planning, Restaurants Ad Deadline: 6/20

February 2017 Focus Section: Long Island Business Financial Trends Industry List: Banks, CPAs, Credit Unions Ad Deadline: 1/20

August 2017 Focus Section: Growth for Small Business Industry List: Travel & Transporation Ad Deadline: 7/20

March 2017 Focus Section: Technology Industry List: Info Services & IT Services Ad Deadline: 2/20

September 2017 Focus Section: Celebrating Success on Long Island Industry List: Health & Wellness Ad Deadline: 8/20

April 2017 Focus Section: Doing Business in the Hauppauge Industrial Park Industry List: Construction, Buidlers & Office Supplies Ad Deadline: 3/20

October 2017 Focus Section: Energy & Environmental/Healthcare Industry List: Energy, Environmental, Engineering Ad Deadline: 9/20

May 2017 Focus Section: Long Island’s Largest B2B Trade Show & Conference Industry List: Legal Services & Consulting Services Ad Deadline: 4/20

November 2017 Focus Section: Women Leadership on Long Island Industry List: Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail Ad Deadline: 10/20

June 2017 Focus Section: Employment on Long Island Industry List: Financial Services & Insurance Companies Ad Deadline: 5/20

December 2017 Focus Section: Those Who Make a Difference on Long Island Industry List: Advertising Agencies, Marketing Firms, PR Firms Ad Deadline: 11/20

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How to Implement a Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling and Upselling Program


ears ago I had an opportunity to work with several struggling wedding facilities and in each case, and implementing this Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling and Upselling Program saved the day. The best example of a company that has this down pat is Jiffy Lube. Every time I go in for my $19.99 Jiffy Lube oil service and leave with a $182.43 bill, I smile as I think of their mastery of this area even as I cry inside thinking about how they just upsold me nine times more services than I had expected to buy. Going into Jiffy Lube just creates a tornado of emotions for me. Here are the actions that you must take to create an effective Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling system (it’s beautiful): 1. Create a checklist of all of the related products and services that your company can currently offer to your ideal and likely buyers. 2. Create a list of all of the related products and services that your company could potentially provide to your ideal and likely buyers in the future. 3. Create a list of questions that you want to ask every time you meet with a customer to introduce the additional products and services you can provide. Phrase the questions in such a way that leads to you discovering problems that your company can solve for customers and not in a high pressure way. Again, Jiffy Lube offers a perfect example of this. The dude at Jiffy Lube always says, “Now Mr. Clark, the manufacturer recommends that you replace your air filter about every x number of miles and it appears to be about time. Did you want me to take care of that today or did you want me to leave it until next time? Mr. Clark, it looks as though your wiper blades appear to be a little worn. Did you want to go ahead and replace those or are you good to go? Mr. Clark, your manufacturer recommends that you replace your transmission fluid every x number of miles and it looks as though it’s time to replace that fluid. Did you want me to handle that for you today or did you want to wait until next time?”

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 24

This system is honestly so good, it gets me excited even as I write about it. People joke about McDonald’s saying that if you don’t get your degree you are going to spend your day saying, “Do you want me to super-size that for you?” Actually, that kind of checklist-driven cross-selling and upselling program has produced billions of additional dollars of revenue for McDonald’s. It blows my mind. Here are some ideas to stimulate your brain and the creation of your cross-selling system. ● What are some services and products that you could package together in a premium package for your clients who choose to upgrade? ● What are additional problems and needs that your customer has that your products and services satisfy? I once went to a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, after a speaking event. The owner of that restaurant shared with me that the introduction of jet ski upgrades, tiki torch upgrades, live music upgrades, beach fire pit upgrades, and premium ocean view upgrades (on the roof of his building) not only saved his business, but helped his business

Why Not Join A Committee!

thrive. ● What services and products can you begin offering your clients that will take their experience to the next level? ● If the top 5% of your ideal and likely buyers had no pricing concerns or barriers, what products and services could you offer them that would provide them with the elite level of service they would gladly pay for? I once worked with a female sports coach who was charging the average athlete a membership fee of $150 per person for group sports training. Before we talked, she had approximately 140 students. After we talked, she felt as though about eight of the parents would be willing to pay $1,750 per month for more personalized training sessions and a one-on-one coaching experience. She was right. She signed up four parents the first week she offered the package and increased her profit from just over $7,000 per month to nearly $13,000 per month simply by offering a premium package that she believed 5% of her ideal and likely buyers were willing to pay for. ● What trusted service providers could you work with to establish a pay-for-play referral program? For example, on, you and I can buy airline tickets, rent a car, and book a hotel. Last time I checked, Southwest Airlines had not acquired 50 hotel chains and five national car rental companies, yet they still offer these services on their website. How? Southwest Airlines has entered into win-win relationships with service providers that offer related services and products Southwest’s ideal and likely buyers need. Are you tracking with me? I’m getting myself pumped up here. ● What is the perfect amount of time after the initial purchase to introduce the additional products and services that your company provides? Is it at the time of the initial purchase? Is it two months after the purchase? I once worked with a mortgage company and after doing my research, I asked the owner if his experience confirmed the statistic that the average American family refinances their home or moves every three years. He told me that based on his experience, this was true. We created a series of letters that we mailed out to his former customers at six-month intervals and it worked like magic. This lending company that formerly did approximately 18 deals per month was now doing nearly 40 deals per month as a result of this little magic move. ● What is your current customer repeat buying cycle? How often do your customers rebuy and how can you stay in their minds to convince them to buy more often? I once worked with a family recreation and skating facility and we were able to increase the number of skaters coming to this facility by nearly 100 people per week by simply installing a membership model and a dripmarketing campaign (e-mail, text, and calling) to let people know about our upcoming events. Implementing a checklist driven crossselling and upselling program will dramatically improve your profitability and I know that you have level of focus and discipline needed to make it happen. This is your year to Thrive.

HIA-LI’s pro-active committees provide the opportunity for you to share information, network, and work on projects. If you or other members of your company would like to “make a difference”, you are invited to join one or more of our active committees. Please call the HIA-LI office at (631) 543-5355 or email [email protected] for more information. inform

(855) 250-7578

(631) 738-9100

(631) 239-6335 www.communication


(631) 757-4309

(631) 979-9490

Contact Connor Robertson at [email protected]

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Committee Corner

Help HIA-LI Fight LI Hunger

The summer time is when many families are planning vacations, booking camping trips, and cleaning off the grill, but to others, it’s a time when some parents say to themselves, “Will there be enough to go around?” The Annual HIA-LI Summer Food Drive is on, to address the hunger seen during the summer months, which is largely due to the lack of school programs that provide breakfast and lunch to nearly 100,000 children living in Nassau and Suffolk counties. This summer you can help by hosting or donating to the LI Cares/HIA-LI Summer Food Drive campaign. Through a network of nearly 600 soup kitchens, food pantries, emergency shelters, and military programs, LI Cares distributes more than 7 million pounds of food, pet food, personal care items, and baby supplies to over 316,000 Long Island residents all year round, that’s 1 in every 9 people. Approximately 20% of those donations come from individual, community, and small businesses Hosting a Summer Food Drive is a great way to reach out to customers and potential customers to partner

for a common good. This summer you are invited to join us by participating in the Annual LI Cares/HIA-LI Summer Food Drive. Hosting a food drive for HIA-LI members is free! LI Cares provide the boxes, posters, lists of the most needed items, and will pick up the donations. LI Cares helps promote your food drive too!

Drive Committee at [email protected]; contact HIA-LI at 631-543-5355 or visit the following websites: To host a HIA-LI –LI Cares Summer Food Drive please register at:

The HIA-LI Summer Food Drive Committee is pleased to announce the ability for HIA-LI member companies to host a virtual food drive this summer! Shop online. Select the items you wish to donate from your desk. Done! Reach out to customers, prospects and business associates in a new and meaningful way by sharing your virtual food drive efforts! If you are not yet a HIA-LI member company, you can still participate! Visit the HIA-LI Sponsored Summer Food Drive page and choose to donate to one of the HIA-LI member companies listed, to show your support.

To see how we are doing visit the HIA-LI Summer Food Drive Committee’s Facebook page www. and help us generate some buzz!

For more information about hosting or contributing to a LI Cares/HIA-LI Summer Food Drive campaign; contact Renee` Nielsen, President of Nielsen Associates Chairperson of the HIA-LI Summer Food

To see a list of participating HIA-LI member companies and/or to make a donation visit:

Make it a great summer for all of Long Island this year! Best Regards, -The HIA-LI Summer Food Drive Committee

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Let’s plan your backyard BBQ or company picnic

Experience banking where even the smallest saver is treated like a VIP.

We Put People First, Even In Our Name!

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union Benefits of Banking with PAFCU: • $5 Minimum Savings Balance • Low Rate Loans for All Your Financial Needs • No-Fee, No Minimum Checking • FREE Financial Education Seminars • Account Access 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week • FREE Family Events Held for Members

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Let us show you how we can save you money. Visit or call (631) 434-3500 today!

Keeping Current

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses (IRA-Based) James Barlow Financial Advisor

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

[email protected]

If you’re self-employed or own a small business and you haven’t established a retirement savings plan, what are you waiting for? A retirement plan can help you and your employees save for the future.

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 30

Tax Advantages A retirement plan can have significant tax advantages: • Your contributions are deductible when made • Your contributions aren’t taxed to an employee until distributed from the plan • Money in the retirement program grows tax deferred (or in the case of a Roth accounts, potentially tax free).

Types of plans Retirement plans are usually either IRA-based (like SEP’s and Simple IRA’s) or “qualified” (like 401k’s, profit sharing plans, and defined benefit plans). Qualified plans are generally more complicated and expensive to maintain than IRA-based plans because they have to comply with specific Internal Revenue Code and ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) requirements in order to qualify for their tax benefits. Also qualified plan assets must be held either in trust or by an insurance company. With IRA-based plans, your employees own (i.e, “vest” in) your contributions immediately. With qualified plans, you can generally require that your employees work a certain number years before they vest.

Which plan is right for you? With a dizzying array of retirement plans to choose from, each with unique advantages and disadvantages, you’ll need to clearly define your goals before attempting to choose a plan. For example, do you want:

• To maximize the amount you can save for your own retirement? • A plan funded by employer contributions? By employee contributions? Both? • A plan that allows you and your employees to make pretax and/or Roth contributions? • The flexibility to skip employer contributions in some years? • A plan with lower costs? Easiest administration?

SEP’s A SEP allows you to set up an IRA (a “SEP-IRA”) for yourself and each of your eligible employees. You contribute a uniform percentage of pay for each employee, although you don’t have to make contributions every year, offering you some flexibility when business conditions vary. For 2017, your contributions for each employee are limited to the lesser of 25% of pay or $54,000. Most employers including self-employed, can establish a SEP. SEP’s have low start-up and operating costs and can be established using an easy two-page form. The plan must cover any employee aged 21 or older who has worked for you for three of the last five years and who earns $600 or more. Simple IRA plan The simple IRA plan is available if you have 100 or fewer employees. Employees can elect to make pretax contributions in 2017 of up to $12,500 ($15,500 if age 50 or older). You must either match your employees’ contributions dollar for dollar—up to 3% of each employees’ compensation—or make a fixed contribution of 2% of compensation for each eligible employee. (the 3% match can be reduced to 1% in any two of five years.) Each employee who earned $5,000 or more in any two prior years, and who is expected to earn at least $5,000 in the current year, must be allowed to participate in the plan.

511NY Rideshare

Terri Jimenez • 631-479-3129 • [email protected] • 35 Pinelawn Rd., Suite 216E, Melville

HIA-LI’s August Industry List ANA Logistics Inc.

Kim Jackson • (631) 981-4439 • [email protected] • 4155 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Suite 4, Ronkonkoma

Bay Shore Moving & Storage Inc.

Denis Montera • 631-231-1313 • [email protected] • One Corporate Drive, Hauppauge

Bi-Lo Industries Inc.

Travel & Trasportation William Serese • (631) 595-1328 • [email protected] • 145 Brook Ave., Deer Park

GMG Transportation Corp..

Tom Abbott • (631) 254-5220 • [email protected] • 65 Orville Drive, Suite 1, Bohemia

GrooveCar, Inc

David Jacobson • 631-454-7500 • [email protected] • 200 Motor Parkway, Suite B10, Hauppauge

Liberty Moving & Storage

Cindy Federico • 631-234-3000 • [email protected] • 350 Moreland Road, Commack


Junaid Ikram • 800-974-5670 • [email protected] • 30 Piedmont Drive, Suite 11, Port Jefferson

Mark of Elegance Limousine Services

Marty Rubin • (631) 582-4280 • [email protected] • 1717 Motor Pkwy C/O Hyatt Windwatch, Hauppauge

Mercedes Altman Consulting

Mercedes Altman • (516) 492-0513 • [email protected] • 616 Duke St, Westbury

511NY Rideshare

Terri Jimenez • 631-479-3129 • [email protected] • 35 Pinelawn Rd., Suite 216E, Melville

ANA Logistics Inc.

Kim Jackson • (631) 981-4439 • [email protected] • 4155 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Suite 4, Ronkonkoma

Bay Shore Moving & Storage Inc.

Precision Auto Leasing & Sales

Michael Marcello • (631) 672-5982 • [email protected] • 8 White Spruce Lane, Hauppauge

Roadway Tire Corp

Vinny Budzitowski • (631) 582-4100 • [email protected] • 633 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge

Suffolk Bus Corp.

Denis Montera • 631-231-1313 • [email protected] • One Corporate Drive, Hauppauge

John Corrado • 631-665-3245 • [email protected] • 10 Moffitt Blvd., Bay Shore

Bi-Lo Industries Inc.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company.

William Serese • (631) 595-1328 • [email protected] • 145 Brook Ave., Deer Park

GMG Transportation Corp..

Frederick Hall • (631) 473-0286 • [email protected] • 102 W. Broadway, Port Jefferson

Uber Technologies, Inc

Tom Abbott • (631) 254-5220 • [email protected] • 65 Orville Drive, Suite 1, Bohemia

Edward Casabian • 617-697-8586 • [email protected] • 636 W 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York

GrooveCar, Inc

Ultimate Class Limousine and Ground Transportation Worldwide, Inc

David Jacobson • 631-454-7500 • [email protected] • 200 Motor Parkway, Suite B10, Hauppauge

Liberty Moving & Storage

Cindy Federico • 631-234-3000 • [email protected] • 350 Moreland Road, Commack


Junaid Ikram • 800-974-5670 • [email protected] • 30 Piedmont Drive, Suite 11, Port Jefferson

Mark of Elegance Limousine Services

Marty Rubin • (631) 582-4280 • [email protected] • 1717 Motor Pkwy C/O Hyatt Windwatch, Hauppauge

Matthew Silver • 516-935-4444 • [email protected] • 12 B Commercial Street, , Hicksville


Christopher Cadigan • (516) 442-4140 • [email protected] • 185 Lawn Lane, Oyster Bay

United Parcel Service

Richard Fiorentino • (631) 275-1263 • [email protected] • 75 Smith St, Farmingdale

Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC

Al Napolitano • (631) 492-1160 • [email protected] • 152 Veteran's Memorial Highway, Commack

Mercedes Altman Consulting

Mercedes Altman • (516) 492-0513 • [email protected] • 616 Duke St, Westbury

Precision Auto Leasing & Sales

Michael Marcello • (631) 672-5982 • [email protected] • 8 White Spruce Lane, Hauppauge

Roadway Tire Corp

Vinny Budzitowski • (631) 582-4100 • [email protected] • 633 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge

Suffolk Bus Corp.

John Corrado • 631-665-3245 • [email protected] • 10 Moffitt Blvd., Bay Shore

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. Frederick Hall • (631) 473-0286 • [email protected] • 102 W. Broadway, Port Jefferson

Ultimate Class Limousine and Ground Transportation Worldwide, Inc Matthew Silver • 516-935-4444 • [email protected] • 12 B Commercial Street, , Hicksville


Christopher Cadigan • (516) 442-4140 • [email protected] • 185 Lawn Lane, Oyster Bay

United Parcel Service

Richard Fiorentino • (631) 275-1263 • [email protected] • 75 Smith St, Farmingdale

Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC

Al Napolitano • (631) 492-1160 • [email protected] • 152 Veteran's Memorial Highway, Commack

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 31

Uber Technologies, Inc

Edward Casabian • 617-697-8586 • [email protected] • 636 W 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York

Keeping Current

Long Island Infrastructures In the Eyes of an Alien Ilan Feder President

DIF NY Construction, LLC

[email protected]

I came here to Long Island two years ago with my family to expand my business and to experience another way of life. There is no need to elaborate about the advantages of America and why people want to come here.This is still America with its safety and freedoms. I will concentrate on the infrastructure, on the problems that to my stranger’s eyes have to be solved and improved, because otherwise I think that we will go backwards instead of forwards. As I see the situation, America was a leading nation in the past and is still now. This status, however, caused people to think that it will remain like that forever, and to look at the rest of the world from an elevated vantage point. So the rest of the world studies America and learns about all the good things, but America doesn’t look on the rest of the world and study from it, to learn about the improvements that have been done in other places. Therefore, this has led to the unbelievable condition of the roads on Long Island and all aspects of the quality of road travel. The quality of the roads, such as narrow lanes which are more than one whole foot less wide compared to European standards, and even compare to other US sates. The lack of traffic islands, the frighteningly short on-ramps to major highways (hundreds of feet less than what is allowed in Israel), and the lack of lights in the street are just some of the

problems Long Island drivers face every day

That has caused me to really be afraid to drive to the city, and prefer to go by train. It was a shock for me to realize that whenever I go to Israel, I feel I am resting when I am driving and at night when I drive to any area in the remote suburbs, I can see! Every place is illuminated with reasonable lighting even at night. When we go to any small community on Long Island, there are no sidewalk and no streetlights, and therefore total darkness. I have heard a few absurd explanation, for why it should be dark, but no explanation holds water, when we are speaking about the risk of driving at night in the winter, without lights, without sidewalks, with snow outside, and an old man has to back his car out of his driveway into the dark narrow street. Because of the lack of sidewalks in particular, mothers cannot safely walk with their children in a stroller. The most extreme case that I saw in the last two years, was a mother who went Jogging with a cart and a baby on a road without a sidewalk, risking danger to herself and her child Is it real? Is something so obvious as sidewalks and street lighting Impossible in 2017 in prestigious places on Long Island? Ok, driving is dangerous, and what about simple public transportation for young and old people, parents with babies, and actually for anyone that doesn’t have a car and wants to go anywhere? The complete lack of public transportation a frequent complaint of newcomers to Long Island. About the busses, is it impossible to use the thousands of school busses on Long Island which are not occupied most of the day and most of the summer, for a few experimental rounds to enable people to go out from their homes without cars? It is unacceptable that compared to much smaller countries,

Attorney Advertising

We Help You Avoid The Hazards In Your Annual Tax Appeal. Filing annual tax appeals can be very challenging. There are no “mulligans” when selecting the right firm to represent your property. With our years of experience, Schroder & Strom, LLP handles all the hard work on your behalf. Frequent communication, exceptional results and personal attention set us apart from other firms handling tax appeals. Which is why property owners throughout the Metropolitan area enjoy

AUGUST 2017 The HIA-LI Reporter Page 32

working with us and recommend our firm. So, when you retain us for our creative negotiation strategies and years of success as trial attorneys, it’s all just par for the course.

Accountability. Communication. Results. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

114 Old Country Road Suite 218 Mineola, NY 11501 P: (516) 742-7430 F: (516) 742-7433

the US has so little public transportation in its suburbs and small towns. In any place in Israel, a country which is small but approximately three times Long Island in length and the four times in area, people have the ability to go out from their home and take public transportation and go anyway they want with a bus. It may be only twice a day in places very distant from the cities, but they can. Not speaking about places in other countries similar to port Jefferson, they can go easily by bus most of the day in a very reasonable time. When we will have busses, then suddenly children and teenagers too young to drive will be free to go to their friends freely after school without the transportation of their poor and busy parents, or to go together to the local mall like their friends in Europe and in Israel. Then we will see fewer vehicles on the roads, which mean safer roads. Everyone will benefit from public transportation. In addition to the sorry state of the roads and transportation, there is another puzzle about the infrastructure of Long Island, namely the sorry state of the power grid. Why do we still have electrical wires above and not in the ground? in a place with so much snow and ice, such hard winters and so many trees? Every hurricane leaves many people without power for many days. This is not something that can be understood by someone who all his life heard about the greatness of America. In Israel, a country that has existed for just 70 years, all the electricity is underground, all the streets even in very small place and far away from the center have sidewalks and lights, yes even lights! I hope that this mine point of view will help to change something…. 150 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-662-2033


NEW MEMBERS Aflac - Marc Seabrooks Marc Seabrooks Independent Agent (516) 650-2786 [email protected] 200 Garden City Plaza, 410, Garden City Supplemental insurance benefits to the Tri-State area. American Advisors Group (AAG) Maria Dimaggio Senior Recruiter - Talent Acquisition 1-888-684-0970 X8526 [email protected] 58 South Service Rd, Melville The Nations #1 Reverse Mortgage Lender dedicated to helping American Seniors leverage their home equity to help fund their retirement. Bagel Chalet Leslie R. Grand Manager (631) 499-9820 [email protected] 36 Veteran’s Memorial Highway, Commack Full featured eatery and catering. CJM Wealth Management Charles Massimo CEO (631) 777-1030 [email protected] 724 Long Island Ave, Deer Park Founded in 2003 by its Chief Executive Officer Charles Massimo, CJM Wealth Management is now one of the nation’s leading wealth management firms. Its success is directly attributable to CJM’s client Commitment, Communications, and Transparency. Diversified Maintenance Marie Rancy Regional Sales Executive (631) 459-7924 [email protected] 5110 Sun Forest Drive, Suite 250, Tampa Expert & reliable maintenance and janitorial service. Excel Painting Services Michael Monte President (516) 805-4964 [email protected] 60T South Second Street, Deer Park Painting and wall covering contractor serving the Metropolitan area.

H.O. Penn Machinery Company Jeanine Iavarone Administrative Assistant (631) 866-2386 [email protected] 15 Middle Avenue, Holtsville H.O. Penn is the only authorized dealer of Cat construction machinery for sale in lower New York and all of Connecticut. We offer the latest selection of Cat heavy equipment to meet the needs of operators in the construction, mining, agriculture and other industries.

Mid Suffolk Cesspool and Rooter, Inc Robin Farrell President (631) 581-0036 [email protected] 261 Parkway Drive, Calverton Affordable sanitary septic waste removal, cleaning and drain line cleaning. Nassau County Dental Society Jovanna Little Executive Director (516) 227-1112 [email protected] 377 Oak St, Suite 204, Garden City The Nassau County Dental Society is a service-focused organization, driven to meet the needs of its members by serving as the preeminent information and education hub for dentistry in the county of Nassau, New York. The Inn at New Hyde Park Vanessa Schipilliti Mazzilli Corporate Sales Manager (516) 354-7797 [email protected] 214 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park Banquet facility with 11 rooms that can hold up to 500 people. Award winning cuisine. Corporate Synergies Group Inc _ Victor Dezelic Owner (516) 824-3049 [email protected] 125 Baylis Rd, #201, Melville One-stop insurance and risk mitigation consulting across a variety of industries. Linx Communications Michael Smith President/CEO (631) 361-4400 [email protected] 155 East Main Street, Smithtown strategic marketing organization. VLPlus, LLC Joely Leidner Managing Partner (516) 521-7602 [email protected] 200 Broadhollow Rd, Melville Our mission is to place skilled candidates in a well-matched position that is beneficial to both candidate and employer.

TO VIEW OUR FULL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY, VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.HIA-LI.COM owns and manages class A office Buildings in Nassau and Suffolk County. In Hauppauge it owns 150 Motor Parkway a class “A” 200,000 square foot office building located on 11 acres quarter mile away from the Long Island Expressway (I495)exit. This building provides first class amenities, cafeteria, fully equipped gym, two racket ball courts, Sauna, Lockers, conference rooms, theater style media center, bank branch, and abundance of parking 5/1000sq. ft. 3-story lobby of granite and glass, State-of-the-art building energy management system. •

• • • •

• •

High-speed broadband Internet connectivity and telecommunications infrastructure Lightpath, Fios, optimum, Verizon on site. Full sprinkler Building, Loading dock, 24-hour/7 day card access Citi Bank branch with ATM , Hotels and restaurants nearby, Onsite Property Management. East Meadow building at 2545 Hempstead Turnpike is a 45,000 sq ft office building with plenty of parking 5/1000.and near restaurants as well as public transportation. Available Office spaces from 1,000 sq. ft. to 25,000 sq. Hauppauge. Also Retail Pad site Development 4000 sq. ft. Available on Motor Parkway in Hauppauge Available Office Spaces in East Meadow from 500 sq. ft. to 2600 sq. ft.

Visit for details and leasing call 631 662 2033.

Shelter Rock Risk Management, LLC 128 Main St Suite C Yaphank, NY 11980 631-394-9530 Shelter Rock Risk Management, LLC is a veteran owned firm specializing in occupational safety and health consultation, services in emergency preparedness, and

Shelter Rock Risk Management was founded by Mr. Sean B. Rogers. Mr. Rogers is a former official with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). He has served with the United States Army for 13 Years, and continues to serve as an Environmental Science/ Engineering Officer with the U.S. Army Reserve. Shelter Rock Risk Management was recently established by Mr. Rogers to better serve the many businesses in need of assistance in addressing workplace hazards.

Integrated Strategic Systems, INC 6925 Todd Way Liverpool, New York 13088 315-436-4044 Integrated Strategic Systems, Inc was established in 1996. It provides systems solutions for all facets of Information Technology. Iss has a strong record for delivering high quality, results oriented, Information Technology resources & solutions. Specifically focused on Information Technology for more than 20 years, our experiences and expertise are vast and varied across industries. We are solutions providers for all facets of Information Technology. We have demonstrated expertise in providing: 1. Systems Integration/Help Desk, Desktop, Server Support Solutions 2. Projects to full Facilities Management Solutions 3. Wide area networking design, implementation and support 4. Software Implementation Solutions (ERP) Utilizing industry standard “best practices”, we take pride in understanding our clients’ needs and requirements, and work aggressively to utilize our extensive resources providing timely, cost effective, Information Technology solutions.

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Fashion Worker Cooperatives Finn Mauritzen Organizer (516) 508-3219 [email protected] 658 Sound Avenue, G13, Calverton Organizer of worker cooperatives. Worker cooperatives are companies 100% owned and controlled by their employees.

Katz, Zlotnick & Associates Victor Solis Vice President (631) 435-2700 [email protected] 200 Motor Parkway, Suite A7, Hauppauge Corporate Benefits and Financial Planning.

continuity of operations planning. We are geared to help businesses improve their strategic planning processes and generate proactive initiatives that boost performance. We can help protect your investment through risk reduction and injury & illness prevention.

All Covered IT Services from Konica Minolta 534 Broadhollow Road, 4th Floor Melville, New York 11747 (212) 294-6218 All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions, helps organizations achieve their goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration. Of the 42 national offices, All Covered has 6 local offices in the Tri-State market staffed with highly skilled IT experts who have the knowledge and skills to solve a wide variety of information technology challenges. For more than 20 years, All Covered has helped various organizations nationally with their IT support needs.

vendor-neutral philosophy, ITsavvy’s business-to-business reseller business offers more than a 1,000 name brand computer products. With 46 distribution centers nationwide, we ship 99% of in-stock items the same-day. And our secure and customized e-commerce site allows clients to view real-time pricing and availability. Our vendorcertified Client Executives act as a single-point of contact with clients, following deliverables from initial engagement to post-sale. They are supported by teams of experts who are cross-trained on all of our services for end-to-end knowledge in design, product recommendation and solution implementation.

Generation Wealth Advisors, LLC 11 Morris Drive Syosset, NY 11791 516-359-8800 www, Generation Wealth Advisors along with its subsidiary, New Millennium Health Care (NMHC, LLc), will review your current Health Insurance Program.

IT Savvy 90 Adams Avenue, Suite A Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-662-2033

As an independent broker, we provide a unique platform to custom health benefit programs. Through our network we are able to provide cost efficient plans for companies from 10-100 employees.

ITsavvy has catapulted from a start-up to a national leader in IT products and solutions. Founded in 2004, ITsavvy has been consistently recognized as one of the fastestgrowing businesses of its type. We understand that success should not only be measured in dollars but also in client satisfaction. By combining a leading value-added reseller business with Engineered Solutions, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions and Unified Communications,

As part of our review, we will provide your company with access to national networks of doctors and hospitals at similar pricing currently enjoyed by larger companies. As you know, companies with less than 100 employees are community rated. On the other hand, if you are over 100 employees you are experience rated and usually enjoying much better rates. Our programs are medically underwritten, which will allow us to rate your company as a standalone rather than with the community. If your company receives a good rating, we will be able to lower your rates substantially. Currently for companies fitting our profile, we are experiencing 10-20% reductions!

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ITsavvy is becoming the industry model for an integrated IT products and solutions provider. With more than 1,000,000 products and a


CALL 631-543-5355

If you are interested in this analysis, at no cost, let us know, and we will provide you with the instructions to get you started. NMHC, LLc receives only 30% of the savings for the first year. You and your employees will enjoy years of savings. Upon completion of our review you will have the opportunity to decide to move forward or not, at no obligation.

Welcomes it’s new members!

APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, AND HONORS On June 23, Long Island Metro Business Action (LIMBA) hosted a special meeting at the Courtyard Marriott in Ronkonkoma in which Joe Campolo, Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP, interviewed Tim Sini, Commissioner, Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD), on what the SCPD is doing to combat crime — especially gang violence — and terrorism. Early in his career, Mr. Sini worked as a federal prosecutor under Preet Bharara, who was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. His first year consisted of prosecuting general crimes, followed by narcotics trafficking cases in the second year. After prosecuting large-scale narcotics cases, he decided to specialize in prosecuting homicide cases because he could help remove dangerous criminals from the streets, give closure to the victims’ families and look at the impact of crime on society. Mineola-based fully integrated marketing and communications agency, Didit, announced today that it hired marketing industry veteran John P. Platé as Vice President of Fulfillment Services for its direct marketing division in Plainview, Didit DM. Mr. Platé, of Quogue, is a lifelong entrepreneur who has created businesses both in and outside of the direct marketing industry. Prior to joining Didit DM, Mr. Platé was the co-founder and president of The CPW Group, based in Bohemia, NY and prior to that time, he spent seven years managing the computer mailing operation for a large, national, full service mail house. In 1978, he founded The New Generation Smokery, an international producer and wholesaler of smoked fish and caviar. In 2011, he was inducted into the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island Hall of Fame. The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) today announced the winners of the 2017 Counselor® Awards, including Boundless CEO Henrik Johansson as Person of the Year and PFConcept CEO Ralf Oster as International Person of the Year. The awards, chosen by the editors of ASI’s award-winning Counselor magazine, recognize outstanding individuals and companies in 11 categories. The winners represent the savviest and most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, family-owned companies and CEOs in the $23 billion promotional products industry.

Thomas Froehlicher, Director General of KEDGE Business School, has announced that he will be leaving his post to focus on new projects. François Pierson, Chairman of KEDGE Business School’s Board of Directors, with the full backing of Stanislas de Bentzmann, the School’s future Chairman, presented Thomas Froehlicher’s successor, José Milano, to the Board of Directors who met today to approve this proposal.

UPCOMING EVENTS Jim Barlow of Ameriprise Financial Services is hosting breakfast and lunch workshops each week in August and September to educate employees who have a 401K/403b plan (existing or former plan). Local locations include members: Brendel’s restaurant (Hauppauge) and the Garage Eatery (Islandia). Option strategies relating to proper allocation will be discussed and you are encouraged to “bring in” a recent statement for a “hands on meeting”. Call 516-479-5871 or e-mail [email protected] for a list of times and dates…. The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is hosting a musical event for children at the Huntington Moose Lodge on August 11 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. This event will feature the popular music group from New York City, Funikijam World Music. FunikiJam has evolved into a landmark early childhood education and entertainment organization that incorporates rhymes, chants, songs and stories with indigenous music from around the world. This event is meant to inspire children of all ages and teach them about musical cultures from around the world. The performance is a fundraiser for the Marcus Center, a non-profit organization. Tickets are $35 dollars each and donations can also be made. FunikiJam World Music was founded by Brian Barrentine in 1999 to meet a growing demand for quality education and entertainment programs for young children and families. Almost two decades later, FunikiJam is training teachers, opening new locations, recording music and touring live shows to schools, music. Artists participating in Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE) Fine Art and Art Therapy Programs, who have their works exhibited at The LENZ Winery, were honored at a “Meet the Artists” reception at LENZ. Attendees were able to meet the artists and hear them speak about their work. The exhibit, “Ascension”, runs through September 4th, 2017, at the winery, which is open 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All are encouraged to view the works and perhaps purchase a piece. The proceeds of sales go towards supporting the artist and his/ her program. At this year’s reception alone seven pieces of art were purchased by private collectors.

THE FAST LANE has gained the reputation of being the truest sounding Eagles Tribute Band in the Country. Their LIVE at SIMPLAY renditions of Eagles’ Friday, August 8th • 8:00pm classics have received praise throughout North America and Europe. The Fast Lane has also been heralded by the International Press Association’s Pat Ryder who wrote, “If you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were really at an Eagles concert!”. Simplay, Long Island’s only multi-sport simulator facility and cocktail lounge is proud to feature “The Fast Lane” for a one night only performance on Friday August 18th. Located in Hauppauge, this 15,000 square foot facility is the perfect venue to hear all of the classic Eagles songs. Doors open at 7:00 PM, Show starts at 8:00 PM. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets. Go to for tix and details.

180 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788 • 631-617-6363

The Art League of Long Island will be exhibiting Judith and Gerson Leiber’s iconic works in our Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery September 16 through October 27. Over the course of the past year the Leibers have exhibited at the Flomenhaft Gallery in Manhattan, the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, and the Museum of Arts and Design in midtown Manhattan, and we are proud to be among the esteemed galleries offering the public the opportunity to view their body of work. Long Island artists whose works were selected for the Art League of Long Island’s juried exhibition “A Quotidian Life: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary” celebrated at the opening reception on July 16th . Exhibition juror Franklin Hill Perrell selected 57 works to hang in the gallery, out of 232 images submitted by artists residing in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, and Queens. Borrowing from the concept of “Genre Painting”, epitomized by Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” 1942 painting of patrons seated in a diner, the artists were asked to submit two- or threedimensional works addressing beauty in the ordinary or commonplace expressed in realistic or abstract form. Of the 57 works selected to exhibit, Perrell singled out eight artists for awards of excellence and honorable mentions. The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) presents a complimentary half-day Plan Fiduciary Training Program at Queens College, Student Center (4th Floor ,Ballroom West) 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367. on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. This half-day program covers essential topics pertaining to retirement plan leadership and welcomes human resource managers/directors, benefit specialists, controllers, retirement plan committees, and CFOs who serve in any of the following capacities for their company retirement plan (401k and 403b) Plan Fiduciaries, Plan Trustees and Plan Administrators. To Register: Online: and Proceed to the Program Schedule TAB, and Select your Program By Phone: Call 855-755-4015 and Select Option 2.

OTHER NEWS & HAPPENINGS Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP represented Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN) in the negotiation of an agreement with textile manufacturer Himatsingka America, Inc. to incorporate the company’s molecular tag technology, SigNature® T, in products sold to retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Costco where source-traceable product is now available nationwide and online. Applied DNA Sciences provides DNA-based supply chain, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping, and product authentication

solutions. SigNature T is a molecular tag that attaches to cotton fiber at the gin, ensuring reliable traceability and verification throughout an entire supply chain. SigNature T enables verification that Pimacott®-branded products sold to consumers, including comforters, pillow cases, and shams, are made from pure Pima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley, California. It also powers the Himatsingka-branded “HomeGrown™ – Cotton Proudly Grown in the USA” cotton products verifying traceability to gins in Arkansas, Texas, and California. Laura Rittenberg, president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage on Long Island and Queens, N.Y. is pleased to announce The Lenard Team has affiliated with the Smithtown office. The group of eight sales associates has a collective 115 years of real estate sales experience in the region. “The Lenard Team has amassed an outstanding resume, which includes numerous sales and community service awards. They provide a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of the local real estate market.” said Rittenberg. “We are very excited to have a team of their caliber affiliating with our Smithtown office.” Patient safety group Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (Pulse CPSEA) is pleased to announce receipt of a $15,000 grant from the Long Island Community Foundation supporting its ASK For Your Life Campaign, which aims to promote racial equality in healthcare on Long Island. The campaign will run educational workshops in Long Island’s the African-American communities, and will conduct follow up of participants after health care visits to measure the effectiveness of the program. According to the Joint Commission, Division of Healthcare Improvement, “There is extensive evidence and research that finds unconscious biases can lead to differential treatment of patients by race, gender, weight, age, language, income, and insurance status… bias in clinical decision-making does result in problems that can directly lead to patient harm.” On July 10th, 2017, USGBC informed Stott Architecture that the 8 additional motel units of Stott’s design, recently completed at the Hampton Maid Motel, at 259 E. Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays qualified for a LEED Gold Rating, the 2nd highest rating available for sustainable design. Tagged as “Sustainable Suites” by the architect, these 8 units, were added to the 3rd generation of this family run business that includes 50 existing motel units and one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in the Hamptons. Steve and Sharon Poulakis, the owners of the Hampton Maid asked Stott Architecture and Araiys Design, a Southampton Landscape Architecture Firm to design a series of new units to be added on adjacent property to the existing complex. The units are the 2nd phase of the planned additions, the first, a residence and maintenance building was completed a number of years ago, the 8 new units were just completed in May 2017, and 10 more units are planned for the future.


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Brian Sackstein, CPA, joined CPA and Advisory firm Berdon LLP as an Audit Principal advising healthcare and not-for-profit organizations effective June 30, 2017. Mr. Sackstein brings more than 20 years of experience as an advisor to a diverse array of organizations, including social services, adoption services, residential group care programs, services for the developmentally disabled, community/migrant health centers, residential drug treatment centers, behavioral healthcare, substance abuse and prevention programs, and prepaid health service plans. Prior to joining Berdon, he was a director with a national accounting firm.His experience includes planning, coordinating, and reviewing accounting and auditing projects; preparing and reviewing financial statements; coordinating audits in accordance with the Uniform Guidance; and presenting audited financial statements and other operational reports to management and boards of directors.

Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP, a premier law firm with offices in Ronkonkoma and Bridgehampton, is pleased to welcome Melissa Sidor to the firm as Counsel, enhancing the firm’s comprehensive offerings in the areas of estate planning and administration, commercial and residential real estate, commercial contracts, business transactions, and not-for-profit organizations.Sidor brings nearly two decades of experience to the firm, helping families, including high-net-worth clients, plan for their future through individualized estate planning techniques, life insurance planning, and business succession planning. She also works with clients to administer loved ones’ estates and helps them navigate estate litigation when disputes arise.

Experience banking where even the smallest saver is treated like a VIP.

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

We Put People First, Even In Our Name!

PAFCU’s Back to School Loan offered August 1 - September 30, 2017.

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Qualified borrowers can receive a maximum of $5,000 for up to two years with annual percentage rates as low as 7.99%.*

To apply visit or contact us at (631) 434-3500, option 1. *Annual percentage rate is the lowest rate offered to applicants with direct deposit of net pay and a checking account. Applicants who are not approved at this rate may be offered credit at a higher rate. All loan requests and rates are subject to credit approval. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

125 Wireless Blvd. • Hauppauge, NY 11788 • • (631) 434-3500 Brooklyn, NY • Brooklyn, NY (718) 643-4506

(718) 797-2988

• Jamaica, NY • Jamaica, NY • (718) 656-1774

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