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Timer+ is a free app that allows you to set a visual time limit and countdown for activities as well as running in the background while you use other apps on your ...
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Autism & Technology Apps that may help Organisation Timer+ (Free iTunes) Timer+ is a free app that allows you to set a visual time limit and countdown for activities as well as running in the background while you use other apps on your device. This can be particularly useful in a classroom setting to allow children to transition between activities.

First Then Visual Schedule HD (£6.99 iTunes) Another issue facing children with autism is that they require a clear, set schedule to help prevent them from acting out as a result of something unexpected. First Then Visual Schedule HD lets you create a pictogram-based schedule, with a timer for each event, that the child can then check off as each task is completed.

Autism Tracker Pro (£6.99 iTunes) Autism Tracker can be life changing for families with an autistic child. Explore Autism. Track what matters to your child and your family. Use the visual calendar and multi-item graphs to view and discuss patterns. Share with your team using email, iCloud, Dropbox, or Twitter (Twitter lets you set up closed groups). Fully customizable, but already set up to get you started: Mood items (Happiness, Stress, Activity Level, Hyperactivity, Weather), Behaviour items (Bolting, Self-injurious, Property Destruction, Tantrum), Food items (Casein, Lactose, Gluten, Colorants, Caffeine), Health items (Sleep, Bowel Movements, BM Texture).

Communication TouchChat HD(£99.99 – with wordpower £199.99) AAC is not one size fits all, and no two people with autism are the same or have precisely the same needs. However, one communication app that comes highly recommended is TouchChat. This app has combined the ease of use and functionality of dedicated Speech Generating Devices, making them more accessible by making them available on the iPad. TouchChat is highly flexible and comes pre-loaded with 4 vocabularies and, with the WordPower add-on, another seven are available. TouchChat can serve a young child with no literacy skills and severely impaired communication up to a fully literate adult who simply lacks the physical ability to speak.

Proloquo2Go (£149.99 iTunes) Proloquo2Go® is an award-winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all. Providing a “voice” to over 50,000 individuals around the world, Proloquo2Go enables people to talk using symbols or typed text in a natural-sounding voice that suits their age and character. Proloquo2Go can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of users with varying literacy levels. Featuring naturalsounding voices, speech can be generated by tapping buttons with symbols, selecting buttons using an adaptive switch or typing using the on-screen keyboard with word prediction. Proloquo2Go continues to revolutionize the world of mobile AAC, allowing individuals to communicate at home, in school, at work, in the community, anywhere, anytime.

AutisMate (£99.99 iTunes; LITE version - free) AutisMate offers an all-inclusive, comprehensive solution. The AutisMate app extends far beyond typical AAC iPad apps for autism by integrating communication with life skill learning. The technology is unique by allowing users to completely customize everything within the app. The technology enables the user to not only personalize the content, but also apply this content to relevant skills and life experiences they need to learn. AutisMate provides a progressive approach that helps the user transition from one developmental stage to the next. This includes transitioning from visual scenes to choices boards to an advanced grid-display and sentence building. The hybrid approach of grid-based and visual scene display technology offers just-in-time programming that allows you to capture your assistive technology needs in life as life is happening.

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