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South-West Houses · by Colin F. MacDonald and Carl ..... The 1928 Excavations of Carl · Blegen at a Neolithic to ...... McGee and Alan M. Stahl. Michael's book ...
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Autumn Bargain Catalogue 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of the Oxbow Bargain Catalogue, featuring a magnificent array of titles at the very best prices - with reductions ranging from 50 to over 90 per cent! From wide-ranging overviews to site-specific reports and from early hominids to the archaeology of modern conflict, we are sure that there will be something (hopefully many things!) here to tempt you. Many of the bargains are new to this catalogue, with great new prices on books from publishers such as the Society for Libyan Studies, the Getty Trust, the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Spire Publications, the Society of Antiquaries (including an amazing deal on their corpus of the Roman Mosaics of Britain – see page 51) and many, many more. For an even bigger selection of bargain books, with new titles being added all the time, be sure to check the dedicated bargain section of our website - www. As ever stocks are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do get your orders in quickly to avoid disappointment, and feel free to phone us on 01865 241249 to check availability. With best wishes

General Interest and Method and Theory

2 Glass of Four Millennia by Martine Newby.

This book charts the development of Glass over four millennia, from 18th Dynasty Egypt, through to the present day, illustrated by 56 examples from the collections held by the Ashmolean Museum. 80p col illus (Ashmolean Museum 2000) Hb was £11.95 now £4.95

English Ruins

by Jeremy Musson.

A beautiful coffee-table style reflection on the many ruined buildings which dot the English landscape and their place in the national psyche. Jeremy Musson selects twenty-four of his favourite ruins, taking in abbeys and churches, castles and forts, country houses, industrial ruins, villages and townhouses. Each is illustrated through a short summary of its history and a wealth of glorious photography. 191p col illus (Merrell 2011) Hb was £30.00 now £9.95

The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Maritime History edited by John B. Hattendor.

Here is an encyclopedia of maritime history that, in scope and depth, rivals the expansiveness of the sea itself. The Encyclopedia covers the entire history of seafaring, from ancient Egyptian shipbuilders to Viking sea-raiders, from Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars to the voyages of Cheng Ho, from the European conquerors of the New World to the nuclear submarines and supertankers of today. 4 vols, 2912p, b/w illus (Oxford UP 2007) Hb was £370.00 now £99.95


How Societies Overwhelm Others by David Day.

Rather than take a chronological approach to the phenomenon David Day attempts to identify common facets of conquest - how it is justified, and enforced, mechanisms of cultural subjugation, land seizures, population transfer, and the manipulation of history. Examples are drawn from all over the world and from Alexander the Great to the present day. 288p b/w pls (Oxford UP 2008, Pb 2012) Pb was £13.99 now £5.95

Conceptions of Cosmos: From Myths to the Accelerating Universe A History of Cosmology by Helge S. Kragh.

This book is a historical account of how natural philosophers and scientists have endeavoured to understand the universe at large, first in a mythical and later in a scientific context. Starting with the creation stories of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the book covers all the major events in theoretical and observational cosmology, from Aristotle’s cosmos over the Copernican revolution to the discovery of the accelerating universe in the late 1990s. 288p (Oxford UP 2013) Pb was £22.99 now £7.95

Ornaments from the Past Bead Studies After Beck

edited by Ian Glover, Jualian Henderson and Helen HughesBrock.

The subtitle ably describes this as `A book on glass and semiprecious stone beads in history and archaeology for