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Avails Workbook 101 As our valued Demand partner, we are pleased to have provided you with the Avails Workbook, which gives you extensive information about the publisher inventory available to you through Rubicon Project. We have put together this Avails Workbook 101 to assist you in maximizing your use of the Workbook by offering suggestions on use, information about how the document is structured, and some tips on navigating the multiple tabs and columns.

HOW YOU MIGHT USE THE AVAILS WORKBOOK VOLUME BY GEOGRAPHY TOTAL VOLUME AVAILABLE The most common request from our Demand Partners is for information on the amount of volume (i.e. the number of impressions) available across Rubicon’s inventory. Each individual publisher’s monthly impressions are listed and totaled in each of the Data Tabs 3 - 5.6 (see page 3), in the “Avg Monthly Impressions” column (see page 3).

Impression numbers vary in each Tab (i.e. 3. PUBLISHER AVAILS ALL is the total of all Rubicon Publishers, while 5.3 ENTERTAINMENT ONLY is a subset of publishers from the entertainment vertical).


When you have a campaign with specific geographic targeting needs, the Workbook has impressions broken out by many of our most popular geographies, including all continents and many European countries. If you want details by site, there are individual country columns on 3. PUBLISHER AVAILS ALL, and on each of the Subset Tabs 5.1 - 5.6.

4. GEOGRAPHY & SIZE ALL presents ad impressions, ad types, ad sizes, and other format data by geographical region.

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Avails Workbook 101 NEW PUBLISHERS/SITES


Perhaps you just want to see what new inventory has become available through Rubicon. Filter the data by the “Sites New This Period” to see what has been added since the last version of the Workbook was released.

Mobile and Tablet advertising is a major growth area and the Avails Workbook gives you overall availability on major devices and operating systems.

The “Sites New this Period” is found on 3. PUBLISHER AVAILS ALL, and each of the Subset Tabs 5.1 - 5.6.

VOLUME BY FUNCTION AND LOCATION Other useful information is also included in the Avails Workbook

VOLUME BY AD SIZE Looking for available inventory of a particular ad size? 4. GEOGRAPHY & SIZE ALL, provides the impressions served across the standard IAB ad sizes.

• Which sites allow expandables - and which rich media companies do they use | TAB 3.*/COL: Allows Expandable & Eligible Expandable

• How many expandable impressions are available | TAB 4./COL: Eligible Expandable Imps

• Which sites have available inventory within a FaceBook app | TAB 3.*/COL: Facebook App • Which sites offer Above the Fold inventory, and how much volume is available | TAB 3.*/COL: Above the Fold Imps and TAB 4./COL: Above the Fold Imps

• Which sites are RTB enabled | TAB 3.*/COL: RTB Enabled • Which sites auto-refresh and what are their refresh rates | TAB 3.*/COL: Auto Refresh & Auto Refresh Time (sec)

• How many eligible in-banner video impressions are available | TAB 4./COL: Eligible In-Banner Video Imps * All information in TAB 3. is also in Tabs 5.1-5.6


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Avails Workbook 101 WHAT IS IN THE AVAILS WORKBOOK As you have just seen, there is a wealth of information in the Avails Workbook. It can look a bit daunting on first glance, here is information about the structure of the document so you can easily navigate and effectively use the information.



The avails information is broken out into multiple Tabs so you can quickly find, and easily analyze, various opportunities by publisher/site, comScore rankings, verticals, geo regions, ad sizes, video and mobile.

Column Headers are the same in each of the Data Tabs.

TABLE OF CONTENTS You will find a list of all the Tabs plus additional information. 1. PREMIUM PUBLISHERS We have provided logos of some our top publishers for easy reference. 2. DEFINITIONS Detailed explanations are provided for many column headers. 3. PUBLISHER AVAILS ALL A detailed list of all sites currently live on the Rubicon platform 4. GEOGRAPHY & SIZE ALL Information on all sites currently live on the Rubicon platform broken down by geo region (rather than by site) 5.1-5.7 Avails by Verticals Each of the Subset Tabs contains the same columns as the 3. PUBLISHER AVAILS ALL, but these tabs only include the sites in the particular vertical. 5.1. COMSCORE 500 ONLY 5.2. NEWS ONLY 5.3. ENTERTAINMENT ONLY 5.4. BUSINESS AND FINANCE ONLY 5.6. SPORTS ONLY 5.7. EVERYTHING ELSE


• Site • Site URL • Site ID • Avg Mthly Impressions • Site Channel (Primary) • Site Channel (Secondary) • comScore 500 Site • comScore (US) Rank • Allows Expandable • Eligible Expandable Imps • Site New This Period • Facebook App • Above the Fold Imps • RTB Enabled • Avg RTB Clearing Price • Auto Refresh • Auto Refresh Time (sec) • Mthly Imps USA

• Mthly Imps Canada • Mthly Imps UK • Mthly Imps Europe • Mthly Imps Asia • Mthly Imps Latin Amer. • Mthly Imps Middle East • Mthly Imps Africa • Mthly Imps Australia • Mthly Imps Austria • Mthly Imps Denmark • Mthly Imps Finland • Mthly Imps France • Mthly Imps Germany • Mthly Imps Italy • Mthly Imps Netherlands • Mthly Imps Norway • Mthly Imps Spain • Mthly Imps Sweden

Except 4. GEOGRAPHY & SIZE ALL, which has these columns • Geo Region • Total Mthly Impressions • Avg RTB Clearing Price • Above the Fold Imps • Eligible Expandable Imps • IAB 300x250 Imps • IAB 728x90 Imps • IAB 160x600 Imps • IAB 300x600 Imps

• Eligible In-Banner Video Imps • Mobile Web Imps Total • Mobile Web Imps Android Only • Mobile Web Imps iPad Only • Mobile Web Imps iOS Only

COLUMN HEADINGS In addition to the column headers there are percentages and totals when applicable.

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Avails Workbook 101 NAVIGATING THE DOCUMENT Here are a few friendly tips to make navigating the Avails Workbook a little easier



With so many tabs, not all of them can be visible at any one time for you to click on. There are two methods to help with this.

Viewing Size

Decreasing The Size Of The Bottom Slider Bar Roll your mouse over the bar just left of the farthest scroll bar position until your cursor changes

The column headings and totals are done in a large font size, so you can reduce the viewing size quite low and they are still clearly readable. This allows you to see more columns simultaneously, If you are unfamiliar, the size slider is at the bottom right of the screen.

Viewing Multiple Tabs Simultaneously Then holding down the mouse, pull the scroll bar to the right until it is about one inch wide. This will still allow you to easily navigate the wide document while making several more tabs visible.

Using The Tab Manager

In the Excel ribbon | VIEW tab | WINDOW group | click NEW WINDOW (repeat for each additional tab you want to view) then click View Side by Side. On the VIEW tab | WINDOW group |click Side by Side

In the document window, click the tabs you want to compare.

You will find the tab manager at the lower left corner of the document. The first symbol |◀ will make the first tab visible in the bottom line, the last symbol ▶| will make the last tab visible, making them clickable. The two middle symbols ◀ ▶ cause the bottom list of tabs to move one tab at a time to the left or the right.

SORTING All the tabs are fully sortable. Be careful to select the entire data field before sorting. If you sort incorrectly causing the rows and column to no longer correctly match, and you can’t fix it, you can always download the file again from the provided link. The example is a comparison of 5.2 NEWS ONLY and 5.3 ENTERTAINMENT ONLY


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